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Hello, I’m Danny Bohnlein.  Perhaps you remember me from post-game write ups from 3 of the worst losses the Pistons took last year (Knicks, Pacers, and Celtics).  Perhaps you follow me on twitter at @iamboney.  Or perhaps you know me as “Boney”, the lovable yet sometimes antagonistic commenter from your local NBA team’s blogosphere.  I have been told that I am quite possibly the most polarizing figure in Detroit sports right now, and I take that as a compliment.  It means that my point gets across and the majority respects it.  Which is why I’m here today to say…

After much deliberation and discussion, with a handful of talented blogs for various teams (and sports)… geez, this is tough….

I have decided to bring my talents here to work alongside Natalie, at

Now, this is all shtick I’m doing.  It’s not real funny I’m sure but, honestly, with all that has been going on around the NBA lately it’s hard not to latch on to what’s easy when doing a post like this.  I mean that shtick up there would only be better if I were able to type this post in Comic Sans MS font like a guy with whom I share the same first name, right?

Natalie and I have been good friends for a long time.  We’ve shared emails, thoughts, ideas, and tweets about numerous topics and this is a landing place for me that just feels natural.  I do have a tendency to work “blue” in my tweets and likely in comments sections you’ve seen me in but here, I respect the ju-ju and will offer up what I believe to be solid content without going over the top.  If you have suggestions, feel free to email me:

It’s fitting, really… When I sat back (and picked my jaw up off the floor) after talking this over with Natalie I realized… a site that was created because of a love for Rasheed Wallace now has the blogging community’s version of Rasheed, as a contributor.  You love me on your team, you hate me when I’m not on your team.  I’ve been a Detroit fan since 1987ish, when I was 7 and learned what a basketball was.  I’m a fan of all the Detroit teams, so you can find me commenting on blogs about Detroit as well as other blogs where I have relationships with the content providers.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be gathering information about the returning players, and their possible roles with the team.  Also, by working alongside Natalie, I’m sure we’ll come up with some great ideas for some contests and other items to keep all you guys involved as this community continues to evolve and grow throughout the offseason.  You guys are what makes this fun, so by all means email me or hit me up on twitter if you have suggestions and/or thoughts on what I can do to make this as entertaining for you as Natalie does.