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Another game against Chicago with the same outcome. Pistons come out strong, play well, have the lead at half time (55-43) and collapse in the third quarter. The Bulls grabbed the lead midway through the third quarter and no matter how the Pistons tried, they fell short 82-95 losing to the Bulls for the 10th straight time.

Key Points:

  • I was surprised by all the Pistons based trade talk on the broadcast. They usually keep things like this hush hush, but I guess with the magnitude of it and the saturation by the media they had to put it front and center.
  • The Pistons were 11 for 40 (27.5 percent) from the field in the second half.  Scoring just 27 points after the break.
  • This is the Austin Daye we want to see. Another great night for Austin, who was 6-for-6 in the fist half with 14 points. I’m guessing his shot to save the game against the Sixers gave him a huge boost of confidence. This tomahawk dunk just made me smile.

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Video courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • What I was a little annoyed with was the fact that Austin’s hot hand sat for most of the second half.
  • Not sure what happened to Charlie Villanueva who gobbled up 6 boards before the first quarter was over but didn’t play much more after that. He finished with 7 boards, and 3 points in 16 minutes on the floor.
  • Ben Wallace fell the wrong way on the opening jump ball. He played the first two minutes and didn’t return. No updates as of yet.
  • With no Ben, Greg Monroe logged the most time on the floor for any Piston with 43 minutes. With each game this kid is improving. Monroe recorded his third consecutive double-double with 10 points, 11 boards, 2 assists and 2 steals.
  • Highlights of the Game via

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  • Ben Gordon just can’t put a game together against his former team. Another sub par night for Ben who went for just 5 points on 2-10 shooting.
  • Rip Hamilton didn’t fair much better, going 0-for-5 for 2 points. He may just have a New Jersey state of mind right now.
  • Kuester…where are the adjustments?

Kuester: “It was a tale of two halves. We did a nice job offensively in the first half. We also forced missed shots and got the rebounds. In the 3rd quarter, they went on a spurt and we just couldn’t control it. If we could have generated anything offensively, we would have been in this. We had a a good pace and took advantage of their mistakes but in the 2nd half we couldn’t get anything from that. Their team capitalized on our mistakes.”

  • Surprised by the MVP chats for Rose in Chicago, but his climb the latter dunk was ridiculous.
  • Stuckey continues to struggle against quality point guards no matter how hard he tries. Now he didn’t play horribly…in fact he shot 5-for-9 for 11 points with 4 assists in 19 minutes on the floor. He just couldn’t keep up with Rose (29), but really who can.
  • Tayshaun Prince led the Pistons with 15 points on 6-for-16 shooting in 33 minutes.
Tayshaun Prince

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • Nine points with 2 assists, and 2 boards for McGrady who seems to be at the 30 minute mark playing time constantly now.
  • Maxiell and Bynum DNP’s.
  • Huge game from who I always thought was going to be the X-Factor of this team when they signed him. Chris Wilcox played solid with 13 points and 9 boards in 21 minutes. He may have been the reason Villanueva played limited minutes.
  • At this point it’s just a wait and see for this team as we wait for the trade and new ownership. Until both happen we are sort of in limbo until this team and organization has a plan.
  • Make sure you Follow Danny and myself on Twitter for any updates on the Pistons. Especially the Rip Hamilton trade.

The deal to send Rip Hamilton out of Detroit could be finished soon.

“A three-team deal involving the Detroit Pistons that would include at least 15 players — with Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups winding up in New Jersey with Anthony — could be completed as soon as this week, sources said.

The primary elements of the scenario currently on the table, sources said, call for New Jersey to acquire Anthony, Billups and Hamilton; Denver to land Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow and at least two first-round picks; and Detroit to acquire Troy Murphy and Johan Petro.

Other players with smaller contracts would have to be included to make the salary-cap math work. Via ESPN

With Denver playing Carmel and Billlups (Sunday night), no deal will be completed until later tonight, at the earliest. And it looks like the odd man out that could go along with Rip to make things work could be either DaJuan Summers or Terrico White.

The trade rumor that really isnt a rumor, but a deal that the Nets are trying to get through just go a little more interesting.  We know that the Pistons would love to trade Rip and the 25 million dollars left on his contract.

We know that Detroit didn’t want to give up their first round pick in 2011, nor did they want to take on Petro.

Now it’s looking like we are just waiting on a counter offer from the Nets to get this done because Carmelo really wants Rip with him in New Jersey.

Carmelo Anthony demands the New Jersey Nets surround him with veteran talent as a condition for him to commit to a contract extension, his agent has been the driving force behind bringing Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton into multiteam trade talks.

Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose, also represents Hamilton, and sources said he pushed Nets general manager Billy King to bring the Pistons into trade talks with New Jersey and the Denver Nuggets.

As part of a package that would bring them Anthony and Billups for Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and multiple first-round picks, New Jersey proposed sending the Pistons Troy Murphy and Johan Petro for Hamilton and Detroit’s 2011 first-round draft pick.

Detroit rejected the overture, and New Jersey has yet to counter with a revised offer, sources said. The availability of Hamilton has been known for months, and yet the Nets only now finally reached out about including him in the Anthony deal. This could suggest that Rose is more enthusiastic about adding Hamilton than King and Nets coach Avery Johnson.

The Pistons are determined to trade Hamilton and the $25 million left on his contract, but they refuse to part with the draft pick, sources said. Murphy has a $12 million expiring contract and Petro is in the first season of a three-year, $10 million deal.  Via Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo Sports.

This one could possible get done, and that fact that ‘Melo is pushing for Rip is a good thing. Why? Because unless bullied, no GM in the league wanted to take on Rip’s contract.

Getting this deal done also may be a sign that this whole ownership issues is close to being a done deal.

Get to work Joe!

“A trade rumor flying around the Internet on Friday night involving the Pistons, the Nets and the Denver Nuggets left out a few key components, according to a source close to the situation.

The Record of Bergen, N.J., cited a source in a story Friday evening who said the proposed trade would have sent forward Troy Murphy and his expiring contract to the Pistons in exchange for Richard Hamilton in a three-way trade.

The deal also would have sent Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony to the Nets.

But a source told that the Nets wanted Detroit’s first-round pick in 2011 in addition to Hamilton. The Nets also wanted to give the Pistons center Johan Petro and another yet-to-be determined player in the deal, the source said.

The Pistons are willing to trade Hamilton and his contract, which has two years and $25 million left on it, but the Pistons have no interest in taking back Petro, who has about $7 million and two years left on his deal, and moving a likely lottery pick to the Nets.” Via Chris Iott at MLive

0 and 5.  Zero and Five.  Winless.  Awful.  Outcoached.  Outplayed.

Rodney Stuckey

Photo/Getty Images

Whatever the adjective, this team went from bad to worse in a stretch of 4 games.  Finger pointing from the players and coaches on “who is doing what wrong and why” or “who isn’t doing what they’re supposed to do”, and whatever else that goes on when we try to deflect blame on to another when we fall short as individuals.

Plain and simple:  No one is doing their jobs right now.  Players play, Coaches coach.  The team is getting it’s butt kicked in both aspects of the game and something needs to change.  The talent is there, the coaches have experience, what’s the problem?

The team is hamstrung, and until a change happens, this is what we’re going to be stuck with.  When I say a “change”, I don’t mean necessarily a trade or a new coach, etc.  When I say “change”, I mean the players need to start playing up to their talent level and the coaches need to put the right systems and lineups in place to put the players in the best chance to succeed.

As I’ve said before, this team has talent.  It may be the “sum of it’s parts” talent and not “superstar” talent, but as we’ve seen in the past the “sum of it’s parts” has success when all players buy in.

To review this season so far:

Game 1: Detroit loses to the New Jersey Nets after leading late into the second half, in New Jersey.  You can accept a loss like this occasionally because it is a road game.  What’s unacceptable is that the lane was open all night for penetration.

Game 2: Detroit loses to the Oklahoma City Thunder in their home opener on a last second layup by Jeff Green.  This game was back and forth all night with one of the Western Conference’s upstart teams.  This game was a very winnable game and in my opinion was the best defensive showing on Kevin Durant all season.

Game 3: Detroit loses to the Chicago Bulls in the Bulls home opener after losing a 19 point lead in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  This was the start of the downward trend that has shown for the last 3 games.  Coaches have put players in a situation where they can’t succeed, players aren’t hitting shots, players are hesitant, etc.  This was the worst second half defensive game of the season.

Game 4: Detroit loses to the Boston Celtics in Detroit.  The Celtics dominated the Pistons in all aspect of the game.  At the end of the game Coach Kuester remarks the team needs leaders, Tayshaun Prince says it starts with the Coach and the fingers start to point.

Game 5: Detroit loses to the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta.  Close game throughout, but this game was not without it’s own drama.  Ben Gordon had a big night but Rodney Stuckey was benched after reportedly not responding to Coach Kuester’s calls to him during a stoppage in play.

In Game 6  and 7 the Pistons play the Charlotte Bobcats and Golden State Warriors before hitting the road for their first West Coast swing of the season where it looks like those 4 games (Warriors, Clippers, Kings, and Trail Blazers) are going to be tough for this team to win.  I believe the first win comes against the Bobcats because the Bobcats are a team that is kind of stuck in neutral like the Pistons are.  They’re in between rosters right now, and looking to make a move to improve their team.

Of course, I thought they should’ve won the Thunder, Nets, Bulls and Hawks games this season too.  So Pistons fans… what’s wrong with this team?  Who does the blame fall on?  Coaches?  Joe Dumars?  Players?  All of the above?

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Yes Sir!

John KuesterPhoto/Getty Images

Is it appropriate to be upset that the Pistons just lost to a Nets team that don’t have double digits in the win column?  Yes and no.  At this point in the season, with the injuries the Pistons had, the drama of the team up for sale, the departure of the infrastructure that was Tom Wilson, the free agent signings disappointing year and the Rodney Stuckey scare,  shouldn’t we be able to let this season go as what it is?

Hell, we got through Michael Curry and Allen Iverson didn’t we.

I’m not happy with the loss, and I hate for Detroit to be labeled as an easy W on anyone’s schedule, but right now it is what it is.

Can’t we just enjoy the last few games as games not a reason to point fingers?

This franchise (hopefully) will always stand for hard work and underdogs, and it’s our job as Pistons fans to ride whatever comes our way.  If you can’t do that….you might as well be a Lakers fan.

I’m not asking you to put on your teal and maroon Jerry Stackhouse jersey, but I am asking you to embrace what will likely be a few seasons of  hard games to watch.  We don’t know what will become of the team this off-season, we don’t know who will be here and who won’t, but we should know which ones of us will be standing by and waiting for the turn around.

I’m not taking some kind of moral high-ground here, I’m just stating the obvious and remember that I have been through this before.  It’s had, but if you love the game it doesn’t matter.  Hell, the Lions still have fans.

It was a loss, a loss to the Nets, it doesn’t feel good but just look at it as more hope for the future.  They will be just fine, but it will take some time.

Tayshaun PrincePhoto/Getty Images

The Pistons vs. The Pacers

The 23-48 Pistons are in New Jersey to take on the 8-63 Nets.  The Pistons may actually win this one so you might want to tune in. But you never know, Detroit has dropped 13 of 15 overall and nine in a row away from home for its worst road skid since 11 straight defeats Dec. 4, 2001-Jan. 11, 2002.

I’m still hoping for more Summers Daye time.

The Scouting Report via

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Will Bynum still has something to prove…that’s why he is still improving. He’s BYNUMITE

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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be broadcast on FS Detroit with the radio broadcast over at WWJ 950 AM or follow the action online over at


Pistons fans can thank The New Jersey Nets for putting some smiles on our faces. After a miserable night in Indiana on Friday, the Pistons bounced back with an impressive 92-99 win Saturday night.

Key Points:

  • A whopping 52% from the floor for the Pistons.
  • Rodney Stuckey with a double-double. A tale of two days for Stuckey who went from zero assists Friday night to 11 on Saturday. He may have went 4-for-13 on the night for 10 points, but when you help you’re teammates get buckets that is good enough.
  • Really, how do you let Kris Humphries put up 21 on you? The Pistons always have the habit of letting role players look like all-starts against them.
  • One of the best crowds at the Palace all season long.
  • Charlie Villanueva 4-for-4 from downtown for 12 points, with 2 boards and 2 blocked shots in 16 minutes.
  • SWEDETASTIC night for Jonas who was a perfect 9-for-9 on the night with 7 boards.  Jonas led the Pistons with 20 points  in just 24 minutes.  Jonas didn’t even play a minute of the fourth quarter thanks to the solid play of Jason Maxiell.  Personally I thought Jonas should have been in the game in the closing minute over Prince with the game he was having.

Photo/Getty Images
  • Ben Wallace with 4 block on the night and it should have been 5 if you count the block on Lopez that was called a foul.  It looked clean to me and Ben was so sure it was good he got a technical foul for it.  Huge night for Ben who really drove this team with 10 boards, 9 points and a steal.
  • 29 Detroit Pistons assists on the night…huge.
  • DNP for Austin Daye.
  • The collision between Harris and Hayes looked horrible in person.  I hope both are ok, it felt like it took them forever to move.
  • “Maxiell had it going at the end,” Pistons head coach John Kuester said. “We sort of rode him and that’s why we didn’t put Jonas back into the game. He had two key rebounds and a dunk.” Via
  • Let me tell you that this Maxiell Dunk shook the ground and the crowd at the Palace.

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Video Courtesy of and the Detroit Pistons

  • Jason has really started to pick his game up the last month.  Maxiell finished with 13 points a blocked shot and 6 boards in 24 minutes.

Photo/Getty Imaes
  • New Jersey scored just two points in the final 2 minutes.
  • Jonas Jerebko just gained a whole lot more fans last night.
  • The Pistons biggest lead was 12, the Nets 2.
  • Rip scored 17 on 5-for-14 shooting with 5 assists. Rip tried to connect with Tay again on an all oop that almost had the crown on their feet.
    Just 4 points for Tay.
  • Ben Gordon 5 points on 1-for-5 shooting. From hot to not.
  • Another great performance from Will Bynum who returned a few games ago after his ankle injuries. Bynum scored 9 with 4 assists in 19 minutes.

Highlights Via

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Video Courtesy of and the Detroit Pistons

  • Loved the guy I saw with a red t-shirt on that he took a permanent magic marker to that said “Devin Harris Loves (it was a heart) Snookie” !
  • Yes it was the Nets, but at least they played defense, were hitting their shots and put forth a lot of effort. Talent aside, win or lose it’s the effort that fans want to see. Thanks for making my drive home from the Palace bearable. Wait, do I thank the Pistons or the Nets?

Just got back from the Pistons 92-99 win against the Nets and I just had to put up the Swedetastic highlights.

Yes, we had a perfect Swede Saturday night – Jonas Jerebko 9-for-9 with 7 boards for 20 points.

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and the NBA

And I witnessed Ben Wallace’s 2002nd, 2003rd, 2004th and his 2005th blocks.