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Pistons fans know that Detroit has a way to go to get back to their Championship ways. Not only do we have hope, and the upcoming draft, we have a new Pistons Anthem to help us along the way.

Local Detroit band Slight Return celebrate everything from the 2004 Championship to the Bad Boys in their new song The Pistons.
Slight Return

As an extra added bonus they play homage to the man himself, Chuck Daly.

Chuck Daly

Take a listen to The Pistons by Slight Return feat. Omar Binno.

Head on over to com to check out the band and Download the Song.

And the legend of Rasheed Wallace keeps growing. When I found out a local rapper and diehard Pistons fan had as much passion for Sheed as we do, I had to share.

“Rasheed Wallace,” by Royal Oak rapper ALLiTiZ, is not about Rasheed Wallace as a person, or a basketball player. It’s about Rasheed Wallace as a mentality. That on-the-brink, take-no-prisoners, everyone’s-out-to-get-me mentality that the Piston’s outspoken big man carries like a badge of honor.

Everyone’s got a lil’ Sheed in them, so listen to the track and let out some aggression!

Rasheed Wallace is on ALLiTiZ’s third CD “Get Broke” released in 2008.

For more info you can check out his Website.

Front page, back page, middle of the page……it’s all Sheed.