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Well the first quarter of this one tell nothing of the story of the game.  The Pistons were holding their own against the Jazz until the second quarter happened and they were outscored 35-14.  This was one of those games that makes you think twice about what’s going on in the D, so if you missed it…put a smile on your face.  The final score of the continued Jazz dominance against the Pistons 115-104.

Key Points:

  • Another game without Ben Wallace and another game that shows just how much the man anchored the entire defense.  Besides the Swede, we look as soft at the Pilsbury dough-boy.
  • Nice to see Stuckey on the bench in street clothes.  He’s missed dearly, just hope he really is ok.
  • The Pistons second unit is NOT getting it done.
  • The Utah streak against the Pistons now stands at 10 in a row.
  • At one point during a run, the Jazz were shooting close to 70%, while they held the Pistons to 31%.
  • Yes, it really was that bad Jonas.

Jonas JerebkoPhoto/Getty Images

  • Never noticed this lineup, which Kuester showed in the third. Tay, Daye, Ben Gordon, Charlie V and Jonas.
  • It just has to be in Ben Gordon’s head at this point. He can’t hit a shot for anything. Ben shot 4-for-11 for 11 points…it will come.
  • Utah is a very good team.
  • Charlie Villanueva led Detroit with 19 points on 8-for-18 shooting in 26 minutes on the floor. I know he played ok, but it’s like a Sheed deja-vu ——POST UP CV!
  • Detroit allowed the Jazz a 56% shooting night and seemed to contest absolutely noting in the paint.
  • At this point, more A Daye and DaJuan please.
  • Another start for Will Bynum who wasn’t hitting much either. Will went 4-for-10 and took some ill advised shots. He was clearly outmatched against Deron and he wracked up just 2 assists.
  • Double-double for Jason Maxiell with 11 boards and 10 points. He’s doing what he can to pick up the slack for Wallace.
  • Looked like the Pistons were all playing one on one basketball until they got into trouble and either jacked up a bad shot or passed it away when getting trapped. No semblance of any types of plays or organization offensively or defensively.
  • Jonas Jerebko 13 points, 5 boards and three steals. I’ll not even going out on a limb when I say he’s currently the fan favorite at the Palace and it really shows.
  • Best part of the game, The Need4Sweed putback jam.

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • Oh and BTW, did anyone notice the Need For Sweed custom jersey in the crowd!

So it may not have finished the way we would have wanted. It’s hard to watch your team go out like wounded soldiers with no fight left. It’s even harder to watch your enemy celebrate their victory in “Your House,” but you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

All good things must come to an end and this Pistons era as we know it just has. We saw the signs, we knew it was coming, it’s difficult, but we will be just fine.  Just ask any fans from “Bad Boys” era.

We watched this bunch grow in front of our eyes and accomplish things we most never thought they could. A team with a traveling point guard that never found a home until he landed in Detroit, a ‘Froed defensive menace that couldn’t knock down a free throw to save his life, a masked man who didn’t fulfill his potential until he landed in the Motor City, a skinny undersized small forward who wasn’t supposed to be an “NBA” because of his body and a “technical” big man that wore out his welcome out West.

Rasheed Wallace

Add a coach with a past, a “Memo”, someone Big and Nasty, Elden down low, a Hunter, Mike James (the non lyrical one), and the Human Victory Cigar.

With that….we got this.

Who would have thought?

Pistons Fans!

So maybe they should have won more than just one ring, does that make it any less special?

And so what if those who were left of that special bunch didn’t go out on their best foot, they still made this city proud.

We look forward to new beginnings.

And we feel for those who gave more than their heart.

Photo/Getty Images

Thank you Boys, you have done this city and all its fans proud, whether you get the recognition you deserve as an Easter Conference Powerhouse or not, we appreciate you.

Good Times……

As you know by now the Pistons still haven’t been able to beat the Utah Jazz for yet another season.  This one was all about our old friend Memo, with few of the game Highlights (FSN Highlights by quarter) having to do with anything pertaining to Detroit.

Sad to say that the most exciting thing to come from the 82-99 loss to the Jazz was a missed tomahawk jam from 6 foot Will Bynum.

Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit