A Bobcat Beating

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The Pistons did a little more than win Wednesday night at the Palace, they massacred the Bobcats 75-98 in one of the most exciting games at the Palace of Auburn Hills in a while. Not only did Will…thrill, Charlie Villanueva put up 30 points without even playing the fourth quarter. Key Points: Nothing was more […]

The Pistons vs. The Bobcats

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Larry Brown and the 3-4 Charlotte Bobcats are in town to take on The Pistons tonight at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Kuester to meet up with his old friend tonight: “Coach Brown has meant so much to my life,” Kuester said after Tuesday’s practice. “He’s been very special, not only to me, but my […]

Deja Vu? The Dismantling of The Detroit Bad Boys

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As a Pistons fan in what seems like unfamiliar territory watching this seasons’ NBA Playoffs, it took me back to a time when things changed for the Pistons. You can say as fans that we are spoiled, six consecutive ECF appearance with a two Championship showings and one NBA title.  I don’t call it spoiled, […]

All Good Things Must Come To An End

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So it may not have finished the way we would have wanted. It’s hard to watch your team go out like wounded soldiers with no fight left. It’s even harder to watch your enemy celebrate their victory in “Your House,” but you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world. All good things must […]

Pistons vs. Bobcats

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As Pistons fans it’s hard to image that a late season game with the Charlotte Bobcats would weigh so heavily on Detroit’s future, but it does. The Pistons host the Bobcats today at the Palace of Auburn Hills and as much as this game means to a struggling Detroit, Charlotte will be fighting for a […]

Pistons vs. Bobcats

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The Pistons and their old/new small ball lineup will face the 14-24 Charlotte Bobcats tonight at the Palace. Like it or not it’s going to happen, whether it’s successful or not is another thing. The true test of Michael Curry’s coaching abilities will come if this new/old/new starting lineup fails….how long will it take for […]

It almost slipped away in Charlotte

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The Detroit Pistons got out of Charlotte by a hair Saturday night in their 90-86 victory over the Bobcats. Detroit, once again, let a huge 29 point lead slip away in the closing minutes of the game. Up by just one with 34 seconds on the clock it took a crowd silencing Rasheed Wallace three […]

Pistons vs. Bobcats

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Detroit has to rebound quickly after their (closer than we like) fourth quarter victory over the Pacers Friday night. Boris Diaw and Raja Bell will be in the starting lineup for their debuts as The Pistons roll into Charlotte. Larry Brown’s 7-16 squad would love to put their five game losing streak to an end […]