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For the first time in what seems like forever Detroit, took control of a game from the tip and kept it. The Pistons ran off to a quick start and controlled the tempo in their 106 – 95 victory over the Lakers from the tip. The Lakers took the lead just once during the game and made the game a little tight at the finish but the game was all Detroit.

Key Points:

  • Kwame Brown played through the boos and put up his best game as a Piston. Kwame put up a double-double with 10 points, 10 boards, a blocked shot and a steal in 28 minutes on the floor. Not huge numbers but all his numbers really came when it counted.
  • “It was better to get booed this way … I was excited to play all day. I was antsy. I couldn’t sleep. It was just real good to get a win against a team that traded you.” Kwame Brown via The Detroit News
  • Kobe put up 29 (took him 30 shots to do it) very quiet points, most of which came late when he was trying to get his team back into the game singlehandedly. He did have a couple of huge highlight dunks.
  • Arron Afflalo once again stepped up and played well, this time in front of his hometown crowd. Arron scored 7 and played a key role on defense. He knocked down a three at the end of the third that took the life out of the crowd.
  • Sheedtastic is an understatement for the game Mr. Wallace put up against The Lakers. Another double-double with 25 points and 13 boards while blocking 2 shots on the night. He’s playing better with Kwame at center, no doubt about it. He even seems to be into the games more, throwing down convincing dunks and jawing it up on court.

Rasheed Wallace


  • And how about his off glass three with the shot clock running out. He couldn’t stop laughing when it went down.
  • Too many points in the paint for the Lakers. Detroit let them inside for 52 while scoring 30 themselves.
  • Detroit started the game knocking down just about everything. They finished the night shooting 50.7% from the floor.
  • The Pistons led by as much as 20.
  • Highlights of the Game.
  • Another solid night for Tayshaun Prince. Tay scored 18 with 6 assists and 4 boards in front of his mother who was interviewed during the game. If this isn’t an in-your-face highlight I don’t know what is.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • “But our bigs were the players of the game. Because they were able to play Gasol and Bynum straight up, that allowed Arron Afflalo, myself and Allen (Iverson) to play their perimeter guys straight up. We didn’t have to leave our guys to double down or help.” Tayshaun Prince via The Detroit News
  • Iverson’s play of the game was quite nice.
  • DNP for Amir Johnson, I believe some of that had to do with the way Kwame was playing and how big Gasol and Bynum are out there on the court. I know plenty of LA fans that are disappointed they didn’t get to see anything Amrizing.
  • Pistons were outrebounded 42-43.
  • Richard Hamilton is still struggling, 12 points on 3 for 10 shooting. It will come.
  • Are you voting for your Pistons yet? And don’t forget Dyess….he’s coming home, isn’t he?
  • Impressive game, it was nice to see domination from the tip and to get it in a game you’re playing against the unbeaten Lakers makes it that much better.
  • Maxiell showed us a thing or two.
  • Stuckey put in 17 minutes and scored 5 points. It’s nice to see him back on the court.
  • How nice is it to have a few guys on the team that can break down the defense and penetrate the lane?
  • No will Bynum, but they did a nice piece on him at the half. I will get it up for you soon.
  • It’s still a bit weird to see Iverson on the court for Detroit, but with the way he’s playing I’m getting used to it quickly.
  • AI, along with Sheed, put up 25 points for Detroit. He’s also getting used to where his teammates are on court. His turnovers are going down, but unfortunately the team’s aren’t. 18 turns for Detroit on the night.