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So it’s been a while…

Need4Sheed faithfuls know that this is the time I usually take my yearly hiatus.  I reflect on the season, take a break and pan out things to come.

This season it’s a bit different.

We have a new owner, no coach, no real idea of who the Pistons are going to draft Thursday, and no idea who will be returning to the Palace.

I say change is good people! It’s been a tough road with the whole “situation” that went down last season, but it can only get better.  Gores is no Bill Davidson, but he does look
like he’s going to take some interest into make this team a contender.  He’s all about big business and he’s not going to let this investment get the best of him.

The other thing we need to consider is that our beloved Joe D really needs to make this ship right…fast.  He’s made some bad decisions in the past, but I honestly think the ownership situation tied his hands most of last season.  He’s got to have some magic left in that bag, or sadly his bags may be shipped elsewhere.

I don’t know the “sexy” choice for coach is, but I know plenty of Pistons fans would love to see Bill taking the reigns.  We tend to cherish the good old days here in the D.

However I will tell you that I have a feeling if the Pistons hire Lawrence Frank, I’m going to wear out my latest version of Photoshop.

And all I can think about when I hear Kelvin Sampson is the “Sampson” Chapelle character from Half Baked.

Don’t forget a lot is riding on this draft too. Are we going to have the Jonas Brothers playing for us?  Will we have a new crop of Bismack Biyombo jersey’s in the Palace Locker Room store?  If anything…. Biyombo will make for some interesting chatter here at Need4Sheed.

It’s not going to be Jimmer is it?

There is also the second round to think about.  Detroit has two picks  and don’t forget those picks aren’t significant.  You do remember Need4Swede was a second rounder that none of us saw coming.

And lets not forget the possibility of a trade.  We could see someone go, or the possibly moving draft positions.

So…let’s do this.

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I’m Live Tweeting this Draft, like it or not!

I actually feel like this right now….