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As always, The Detroit Pistons 2009-2010 Detroit Pistons Introductions followed by a very heartfelt dedication to Pistons owner and Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame Bill Davidson.


Ben Wallace with a HUGE ovation and being there I can tell you that he had to have felt the love in the building.  Ben Gordon, who started in place of the injured Richard Hamilton got a nice ovation, but overall I was impressed by the love for Will Bynum….BYNUMITE.

No Sheed, no post intro dance, that I missed.

Straight off their opening night win in Memphis, The Detroit Pistons take the court tonight at The  Palace to take on the Oklahoma Thunder in their first home game of the season.

Forget the fact that Kevin Durant will be in town, Pistons fans have other things to worry about, the 2009-2010 Palace introductions.  We don’t know what they will have in store for us, but you can bet the crowd will go crazy as soon as the lights are dimmed and the fire begins to pulse.

I’m pretty sure they will be a lot different from the 2008-2009 season intros.

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And I’ll bet that Ben Wallace will have a hero’s welcome.

We also don’t know if Mason will be announcing Ben Goooorrrrrrdon (Ba Ba Ben is already reserved for Wallace) during the intos with Rip being questionable after his ankle sprain that occured late in the game on Wednesday night in Memphis.

“That’s the crazy part about it,” Hamilton said. “I think I’ve had three (ankle sprains) my whole life. So I know when I do it, twist my ankle, I know it’s pretty bad.”
After the game, Detroit’s medical officials opted to keep Hamilton’s right ankle taped up in hopes of compressing the swelling.
“I’ve been locked up all night since it happened,” Hamilton said. “We haven’t really taken the tape off to get a good look at it. We’ll see.”
If Hamilton can’t play, the most likely replacement in the starting lineup would be Ben Gordon, who scored 22 points in his Pistons debut Wednesday. Via MLive

Tip off is at 8:00 PM with the festivities starting on FS Detroit at 7:30 with the pre-game show.  If you can’t catch the game on television, tune in on the radio at 9.71 The Ticket or follow the game at

I’ll be in the building for my 10th consecutive home opener for the Pistons (yes I count, and I missed 1998 because of the flu).  You may even get a few game Tweets from me inside the building, so make sure you follow me on Twitter.

The rest I will leave to you in the comments.

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Still the real deal from Park Hill………………Chauncey BA BA BA Billups!

Chauncey Billups’ Palace introductions March 3rd 2009

What a night to be at The Palace!

And what a class act Billups is. Watch his post game comments and then tell me you don’t appreciate and miss his leadership and his attitude.  In red white and blue or light blue and yellow…he’s Ron Burgundy classy.

Chauncey Billups Post Game Comments Video