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A season high 33 from Dwight Howard pretty much tells the story in this one. Though Detroit fought through three quarteres against the Magic, they fell apart in the fourth as the Magic pulled away with a 116-91 victory over the Pistons.

Key Points:

  • Detroit started off slow, but dug deep, got back in it and were within one at the half 56-55.
  • Monster game from Dwight Howard, who is just plain fun to watch.  Howard put up 33 with 17 boards and 7 blocked shots.  He had almost as many Dunks as the Pistons did last night against Minnesota.
  • Did Charlie Villanueva get his minutes taken away?  Three minutes and 16 seconds for CV31.
  • Ben Gordon was ejected after he got clocked in the face by Redick.  The refs, who were extra bad last night, of course missed it and when Ben challenged the non call he was tossed.  He finished with 6 points in 21 minutes. He is slowly getting his game back.
  • Will Bynum with 5 assist and zero points and an assist.  Was it me, or did Will look extra slow?
  • Putback jam from Ben Wallace, who finished with 5 points, 6 boards and a steal.
Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • As always I’m impressed with the hustle of Jonas Jerebko, but when he set a screen and took a football tackle from Matt Barnes (flagrant one) and got up smirking, I appreciated him just a little more. Jonas with 13, 2 steals, a blocked shot and 3 boards in 34 minutes.
  • Win or lose, I love it how Detroit always brings it when it comes to the Magic.
  • Rodney Stuckey scored 11 points on 4-for-13 shooting with 6 boards and 7 assists. So what if his shot didn’t fall, he was doing whatever he could when he was out there.
  • Rip Hamilton with his most impressive game since he was injured. Game high 36 from Rip on 12-for-18 shooting with 3 assists, and 5 boards. It was nice to see everything going right for Rip, while playing the way we are used to seeing him play.
Rip HamiltonPhoto/Getty Images
  • Anyone catch how upset George Blaha was with the Refs?  It was hilarious.
  • Detroit stepped up their Defense to get back in the game in the second quarter, but lost their way after the half.
  • Tayshaun Prince keeps looking better, not perfect, but it will do. Prince scored 13 on 5-for-14 shooting with 8 boards and 3 assists.
  • 42% shooting on the night for Detroit and 51% for the Magic.
  • Outrebounded by just one 39-40.
  • In my book it doesn’t count as a “no look pass” if you turn away an pose dramatically Jason.

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  • We have until 3PM Thursday to see if the Pistons make a move.