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If you follow my twitter feed (shameless plug here), you would see that I was counting down the minutes until Orlando started hitting their 3 point shots.  Orlando struggled with their 3 point shooting for the better part of the game, shooting 5-15 from 3 until early in the 4th quarter.  Orlando, behind the strong shooting of JJ Redick and Mickael Pietrus, finished the game by hitting 5 of their final 9 attempts from 3, to finish overall 10-24 from behind the long line.

I really have a deep dis-like for Dwight Howard, almost as deep as my dis-like for LeBron James, so when he gets a technical foul while playing against Detroit it makes my night.  I don’t know why I dis-like Howard, to be honest.  I think it’s because he’s begged and pleaded for respect from the officials, on top of stealing Shaquille O’Neal’s nickname and overall just being a clown.  My friend, Brian Spaeth, calls him “Sillycape” because of his antics at the NBA Dunk Contest the last 2 seasons.  Anyway, enough whining about superstars that aren’t on our roster:

  • Congratulations to Ben Wallace, who became the 3rd 4th active player in the NBA to grab 10,000 rebounds. We all know Ben’s story, so there’s no reason to re-hash here. Ben didn’t start off his career with the pomp and circumstance of Shaq or Tim Duncan (or Kevin Garnett) – so for him to finally get to 10,000 rebounds really shows the effort he has put into his game night in and night out. Well done, Mr. Wallace.
  • Doesn’t it seem like Jameer Nelson always struggles against the Pistons?  Tonight he scored 9 points on 4-12 shooting and 9 assists.  (He averages just over 12 points a game against Detroit in his career, on 45% shooting)
  • Jason Maxiell starts again, and plays 22 minutes but only has 1 rebound.. oh and, speaking of rebounds…
  • Detroit outrebounded again, 41-36.
  • Greg Monroe played about as well as you can expect a rookie that received his first extended playing time of his short career.  In 24 minutes on the floor, Monroe played Dwight Howard tough in the paint while scoring 4 points and pulling down 4 rebounds.  Monroe also blocked 2 shots, including a fast break block on a layup attempt by Jameer Nelson after he had just laid out on the floor for a loose ball the previous possession.
  • Redick and Pietrus were 5-11 from behind the long line.
  • The game was close for 3 and a half quarters.  Poor rotation on D killed the Pistons in the end.
  • No Austin Daye?
  • Tayshaun Prince continues his solid streak of play as of late – 16 points on 7-12 shooting and a couple of dagger 3′s after some good ball movement during the possessions.
Tayshaun Prince

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  • Dwight Howard was virtually invisible on the offensive end.  He put up 8 shots, and score 9 total points.  Monroe and Ben Wallace locked him down pretty good.
  • One of the best Pistons plays all season via

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Tough way to lose, if you ask me.  The ball movement was crisp, the defensive rotations were on point it’s just… it wasn’t enough to overcome the Magic and their ability to shoot the 3 ball tonight.  I think Austin Daye could’ve helped the team tonight, in a matchup against Rashard Lewis.  I believe Ben Gordon couldn’t get comfortable out on the court with the taller defenders leaning on him all night.  The screens weren’t real crisp, Hamilton and Gordon got hung up in their man while waiting for a screen to be set or their man jumped in front of the screener before they could curl.

The Pistons don’t have a chance to sit back and think about this loss though, because tomorrow night they’re going to go up against Joel Anthony and the Miami Heat.  Miami is coming off of some pretty bad losses recently and are no longer really on pace to be the best team in the history of the NBA (not to mention the players are pushing the coaches around now too). It’ll be a tough game for the Pistons but, with the Heat’s recent struggles and the much overhyped “Homecoming” for LeBrick LeTravel LeCrabDribble LeWhine LeJerk LeBron James, Detroit is in prime position to squeak one out.


Final Score:
Pistons103 Magic 110

Due to a lack of time and technical difficulties I’m not recapping this one but after reading Patrick Hayes over at MLive I would have to say I agree with him for the most part.  Good to see Charlie V finally put it together and impressed with Day and Jerebko.  Also just like Patrick, waiting on Chris Wilcox to prove me right on my X-Factor pick of the season.

Oh, and let’s talk about giving up 40 first quarter points to the Magic…that was a mess I didn’t think they were going to pull themselves out of.

Highlights from the game:

The Orlando Magic will try to avenge their loss to the Pistons 80-85 loss to the Pistons Tuesday night at the Palace. I’m sure Dwight Howard would like to play more than 17 minutes without fouling out, but hopefully Detroit gets him into foul again in Orlando.

A win for Detroit tonight would make it six in a row against the Magic.

With all the success Dwight had in Detroit he decided to sponsor Need4Sheed by promoting his new business venture on the website.
Listen to the commercial for

Dwight Howard’s 17 minute Chicken Shack.

Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton will not play again for Detroit and Vince Carter may not play for Orlando. John Kuester’s starting lineup will likely be Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon in the backcourt, with Jonas Jerebko, Charlie Villanueva and Ben Wallace up front.

Tip off is at 7:00 PM and will be locally broadcast on Fox Sports. Can’t catch the game on television? Tune into the radio at 97.1 The Ticket or follow the game on line of at

The Pistons handed the Orlando Magic their first loss of the season Tuesday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Not only where the Pistons without Richard Hamilton again, Tayshaun Prince finally missed a game after starting 496 straight.  Great guard play all around for Detroit led by the gutsy play off Will Bynum after he returned from a poke in the eye from Marcin Gortat and made some key plays down the stretch to lead Detroit to a 80-85 victory.

Key points:

  • Though the crowd was sparse at the Palace, the Pistons had the crowd rocking from tip to buzzer.
  • 17 minutes from Superman, who finally fouled out on in the fourth on a Bynumite drive.
  • 63 combined points from Gordan, Stuckey and Bynum.
  • When did white chocolate land in Orlando?
  • Jonas Jerebko who became the first Swedish born player to start and NBA took Tayshaun Prince’s spot in the lineup.  Jerebko was 0-for-5 but grabbed 5 boards and was hustling all night long.
  • Things got scrappy in the second half when both teams got physical with their fouls.  Could it have started with the Stuckey throw down on Dwight that sent him to the locker room? Possibly, but how can 50 Cent hurt Superman…really.  Hard fouls back and fourth, especially one  from Jameer Nelson on Will Bynum. Even J.J. Reddick got into the mix.
  • If your counting that’s 4 straight wins against the Magic.
  • It’s getting a little better for Charlie V. Villanueva scored 12 with an assist and grabbed 8 boards.  He’s looking like he’s really getting used to Detroit Basketball.
  • First NBA points  for Austin Daye in his 4 minutes on court.
  • Prince will be sidelined for at least three games before his status is re-evaluated this weekend.
  • I can’t tell you how many times we are going to hear “Rip and Tay or just Tay or just Rip…..should be traded”  just stop now. It’s one game and we are 4 games into the season.
  • Great night for Rodney who was one rebound shy of a double-double. Stuck put up 20 points with 9 boards, 3 assists and a steal.

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  • Don’t worry about Rodneys’ assists… though the ball movement was ok at times, the Pistons only had 8 total all game.  Will this team have assist issues all season long…probably not.
  • Ok, I did read this stat right: Orlando was 10-for-35 from three point land… that’s a ton of threes.  Meanwhile the Pistons were 0-for-6 on the night.
  • No play at all for Jason Maxiell, is he in the doghouse with Kuester too?
  • By far win or lose and despite the absence of Rip and Tay, this was the best the Pistons have played in a long, long time.  I’m talking current or past lineup.  Hard fought, gritty basketball was the key and Detroit did everything they had to do to pull it out.
  • On a night that I thought the bigs would have had to step up, it was the guards who had big nights.  They not only put up big numbers, they got the Magic in foul trouble.
  • Ben Gordon was great again, leading the team with 23 points, 5 boards, 3 assists  and a steal.  He’s stepping up and taking doing what he’s got to do when the Pistons need buckets.  And guess what …he makes ‘em. He was 6-for-10 from the floor and 11-for-11 from the line.

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  • Eight total points from the Piston Bigs on the night.
  • Pistons went to the line 38 times and made 31 to Orlando’s 12-for-16 from the line. Thank the Pistons guards for driving the lane all night long.
  • Great play from Ben Wallace again, who scored just 2 but grabbed 10 boards with 2 steals and 2 blocked shots. Best of all he was fired up…just like old times.
  • I have to say I really like Dwight Howard, but he’s defiantly one of those players who’s face always looks like he never committed a foul in his life.
  • Orlando led 41-38 at the half but the Pistons (finally with a good third quarter) made a game of it the rest of the way.
  • I am not kidding you when I tell you the last few minutes of the game was electrifying at the Palace. When it was clear that we were going to pull it out I was simply WOWed.
  • Not only did Bynum come back, he drove the lane hard on Dwight, sacrificing his already bruised body (eye) and forced Howard to foul out.  With his 20 points on the night he clearly was the player of the game, especially what he had to do to get it.  His basket in the closing minute was the dagger.
Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • Crazy hand for Will Bynum who came back from a horrible poke in the eye from Gortat. He looked like he wasn’t even going to be able to stand up at first, let alone come back in the game. And looking at the replay when I returned from the game it was worse than on Palace Vision. That’s what I call Superman!
  • Oh, and was that a tackle on Will, Jameer?

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  • Rebound war won 44-41.
  • Great win, things came together and the team gave Pistons fans something to cheer about.
  • Thanks go out to my Twitter followers who (in a matter of seconds) let me know why Tayshaun didn’t start last night and what exactly happened to Will Bynum when he went down.  Love going to the games, but when you have no idea what Blaha and Kelser are saying it can be frustrating.  I know you have my back, so thanks.
  • Highlights from the game