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The Pistons are back home to take on the Boston Celtics Tuesday night at The Palace.  After losing their first three in (in disastrous fashion), Detroit would like to get their first win of the season.  Their 0-3 start is their worst since the 1999-2000 season.

Injury Update:

Will Bynum – Out
Charlie Villanueva – Game time decision
Rip Hamilton – Questionable
Chris Wilcox – Doubtful
Shaquille O’Neal – Doubtful

The Scouting Report via

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on FSN Detroit.  If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 9.71 The Ticket.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.

Will Bynum is ready to return and Charlie Villanueva should be good to go tonight. With the team a full strength for the first time in ages and the fact the Pistons are play the Nets, I GuaranSWEDE a victory.

At this point most of us don’t want to rehash Detroit’s 12th loss in a row. A loss to one of the few teams in the league that had a worse record than they did. A team that the Pistons could and should have beaten on their home court to try to get at lease a semblance of what they can be back.

After the 104-94 loss to the Sixers at the Palace, where the Pistons were down by 29 at one point, you have to wonder what exactly is happening.

  • Yes all the injuries happened, but when the Pistons were down Rip, Tay, and Gordon we managed to put together a nice winning streak.
  • How do you go from being totally in 2 games with elite teams like Dallas and the Spurs and then get blown out by the Sixers?
  • Where do we place the blame? Can we point fingers?
Photo/Getty Images
  • This is not Michael Curry madness, but at times you have to wonder how Kuester is handling things.  Is he having a hard time getting things straight with most of his lineup back?  I would say that’s a big part.
  • Would we be calling for Curry’s head if he coached this team into their worst losing streak since the early 90′s?  I think we would have after about 6 losses.
  • Will Bynum hasn’t played in a while, resting his sore ankles.  Tayshaun Prince, played only 10 first quarter minutes because of left knee soreness, and Rodney Stuckey also failed to make it out of the first half, bothered by right knee soreness.  That’s never good, but even without those three, the Pistons still had the talent to at least win one of the last 12.
  • Why aren’t they gelling?
  • They keep digging themselves in a hole in the first quarter, that’s got to tell you something about the starting lineup right?
  • Rotation, rotation, it’s all about rotation and it looks like Kuester’s is in turmoil.
  • Ben Wallace can’t be the only one who can anchor the defense and it clearly looks like he is.  So if they have no D, they have to be an offensive juggernaut….and they clearly are not that either.
  • Is it point guard issues?  That’s part of it.
  • They clearly have stopped playing as a team, it seems that everyone is trying to unsuccessfully take over games by themselves. I don’t even think I need mention name here, because most of the players have been guilty of it.
  • We can go on and on, we can come up with all the trade scenarios that we want, but a trade at this point isn’t going to fix a team that should be winning to win.
  • They have to fix it now before they can move forward.
  • As always, I would like to know what you think.  So leave what you will in the comments.

Something little to make some of you smile…

As I sat in my seat before tip off of the Sixers game Mason announced on the PA system that Allen Iverson was injured and didn’t travel with his team.  And even though he wasn’t in the building, the Palace crowd let him have it.  I was part of the boos and that’s probably the only thing I smiled about all night.

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The Knicks handed the Pistons their eight straight loss Tuesday night at the Palace led by a season high 30 points from David Lee. The 104-87 to the Knicks now puts the Pistons 11-20 with just one game left this year.

Key Points:

  • Will Bynum sat this one out for Detroit, resting his sore ankles.
  • Rip, Tay and Ben took the floor and though he missed practice the day before with stomach flu like symptoms, Charlie Villanueva also played Tuesday night.
  • Rip doesn’t have it back just yet going 5-for-21 on the night for 16 points.
  • Ben Gordon led the Pistons with 17 points of the bench on 6-for-9 shooting.
  • This is the best thing that happened all of Tuesday alley opp from Ben Gordon to Chris Wilcox.
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Video courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA
  • Outrebounded 33-44.
  • The Pistons made the Knicks look like a playoff team.
  • Gallinari can shoot, the 7 footer was 4-for-9 from downtown, and when he made them, they were impressive.
  • Frustrating.
  • Did they forget how to play D?
  • This stopped being fun about 5 losses ago.
  • George Blaha and Special K giving you the low, low….really low down on the game.
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Video courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA
  • Audio from Coach Kuester after the loss.

Audio courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA
  • Someone was happy at the Palace….

Photo/Getty Images
  • I’ll leave the rest to you in the comments, Santa clearly didn’t give me what I asked for and now I have endure all the T-Mac nonsense.  If you are a Pistons fan and you actually want him in a Pistons uniform after the Allen Iverson debacle …..then maybe you’re not a Pistons fan.   We can get cap space elsewhere if that’s why you’re after him.

Despite having their team at full strength for the first time all season, the Pistons suffered a 95-102 loss to the Raptors Sunday afternoon in the Toronto.  Rip Hamilton and Ben Gordon each scored 15 points as the losing streak goes to seven games.

Key Points:

  • Losing aside, it was nice to get Ben, Rip and Tayshaun back.  Because of the suspensions to Daye and Jerebko on opening night, this was actually the first game all season long at full strength.
  • Pistons started this one strong in the first few minutes of the game, but Toronto slowly pulled away leading by as much as 20.
  • Fantastic third quarter where the Pistons outscored the Raps 28-13 to give them a chance in the second half.
  • The Pistons still winning the board wars (40-36), and still not winning games.
  • Huge game from Chris Bosh a 16 rebound 25 point double-double in 38 minutes.
  • Chucky Atkins deactivated and the box score listed DaJuan Summers with a strained left knee.
  • The thing that the Pistons have been hanging their hat on has seemed to disappeared in the past few games. It’s not just the pick and roll defense that’s suffering either.
  • After being out 8 weeks with a back injury, Tayshaun Prince looked pretty good.  Prince scored 9 on 4-for-8 shooting with 3 boards and  3 assists in 26 minutes.

Tayshaun Prince

Photo/Getty Images
  • Gordon looked a bit rusty to start, but caught his groove in the second half finishing with 15 on 4-for-15 shooting with 5 boards.  I’m guessing he’s back to his usual self by Tuesday.
  • “We had our chances tonight,” Gordon said. “With all the injuries and guys coming back, I still thought we had a chance to win the game. We just didn’t convert on plays that we needed to.” Via The Detroit News
  • Five Pistons in double figures.
  • A decent 40% shooting percentage compared to the twenty something they put up last time against Toronto. However the thing that may have done the Pistons in was it’s 33% shooting in the third quarter while allowing the Raps to shoot 62%.
  • With BG, Tay and Rip back and “The Swede” starting at PF I was surprised the Pistons didn’t rest Charlie Villanueva.   Charlie scored 8 on 2-for-7 shooting with 2 boards, a blocked shot and 4 turnovers.
  • The Raptors really have the Pistons number this season.  This may be one of the best Raptors teams I can remember in quite some time.
  • The Pistons seem to have trouble getting to the line lately they were 23-for-33, while Toronto was 32-for44.
  • Rodney Stuckey’s high…..high glasser had to be the shot of the night, this thing bounced off the top of the backboard and fell right in.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, FSN and The Detroit Pistons
  • Rodney scored 13 on 5-for14 shooting with 8 boards, 5 assists and a steal. Solid all around game for Rodney.
  • Detroit trailed 74-69 after three thanks to a (as Blaha said) a “man sized third quarter” from Jonas Jerebko. Prince got the Pistons to within 85-84 on a turnaround jumper with 5:47 left in the fourth, but that’s as close as it got.
  • Just 9 turnovers for Detroit.
  • A Bynumite ankle breaker.
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  • Will Bynum finished with just 4 points, 2 boards and an assist in just 14 minutes on the floor.
  • Clearly Jonas Jerebko was the player of the game, enormous hustle all game long and dunks and consecutive three pointers in the third to get the Pistons back in the game.

Video Courtesy of The NBA, FSN and The Detroit Pistons
  • Need4Swede, despite the return of Prince in the starting lineup, started the game at PF. Jonas finished the game with 14 points with 7 boards, 2 steals and a block shot before fouling out on a bogus call in the fourth quarter. I hate to say it, but had Jonas not been called for that last shot, thing may have ended just a bit different.
  • Rip, Ben and Tay back but Jonas was the difference maker.
  • Happy to see Chris Wilcox being the guy I thought he was going to be when he got to Detroit. Six quick points in 12 minutes with 2 boards and a blocked shot. That’s nice production in short minutes.
  • Highlights of the game via
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  • Can they get things together for their next game at home against the Knicks? My guess it that the losing streak ends Tuesday.
  • Apologizing it was a long time coming, but Mr. Atkins is not tooned.  I also have a bit of a surprise with a couple new additions to the header of the site.

The Pistons vs. The Raptors

The 11-18 Pistons are in Toronto to take on the  14-17  Raptors for the second game of a home and home.  The Pistons would like to erase the memory of the miserable game they played on Thursday night in which the Raptors held them to tie their lowest point total as a franchise.
This early afternoon game should bring hope for the Holiday season.  All signs point to Detroit being at full strength for just the second time since the opening game of the season.

Detroit’s injured, including Tayshaun Prince, are game day decisions.

FYI.. If  and when Tayshaun plays, he will start and our Swede will take the roll of backup.


Starting Linup:


Even Charlie V was excited about getting his teammates back:

Santa was good too me, i told him I wanted Tayshaun, RIP and BG back in a Piston uniform, my was has been granted. Via @CV31

They also got a new Roundballl to comfort themselves on their travels.
The Scouting Report via

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Tip is at 1:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 950 AM , or follow the action over at

It’s time for a W Pistons fans.


The Piston will gladly take the 94-98 grind out win against their former coach Flip Saunders and his Washington Wizards. Their two game winning streak isn’t something that’s going in the record books, but the battered and bruised Pistons need every win then can get.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons did a great job moving the ball, it was almost like the ghost of Larry Brown was in the building….three passes before they shoot.  The movement, from the bigs and the guards, made for easy shots all night long.
  • A fired up Charlie Villanueva, who still doesn’t seem like he’s used to the mask, scored 18 points on 8-19 shooting with 5 assists, 4 boards in 36 minutes.  His four point play gave the Pistons a boost right when they needed it.
  • Detroit did a better job with the turnovers, just 11 opposed to the 21 they had on Friday night.
  • Another good night in the paint for Detroit with 38 points down low.
  • Board war tied at 41.
  • Great night for Detroit’s bench who outscored the starters 55-44.
  • Earl Boykins always amazes me.  Guy can shoot and with his size I’m so surprised his shot doesn’t get blocked more.  He’s like a Micro Machine basketball player.
  • Need4Swede: Jonas is putting up double-doubles and making circus shots…check it out.
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  • Jerebko finished the game with 10 points, 11 boards, a steal and an assist in 38 minutes on the floor.  Plus a few more fans with every game he plays.  On another note, my SWEEEEEDE chant at games when he’s got the ball isn’t catching on just yet, can you please pass the word to whoever you know is going to the game or if you are yourself, please join me…people are looking at me like I think he’s Sheed.
  • Jason Maxiell’s playing time is odd to me, one night he’s out there a ton and tonight he plays just 9 minutes.
  • Out-blocked again…Pistons with just one block from Ben Wallace all night, while Washington bats the ball away 7 times.
  • I wonder if we can get a stat on how many of Rodney Stuckey’s shots get blocked.  I bet quite a few less than they used to.
Photo/Getty Images
  • As for Stuckey’s game against Washington, he was great.  Hot early and, had he not been in early foul trouble, he would have led the Pistons by more than just 25 points.  Stuck went 9-for-18 with 2 assists, 4 boards a steal, 3 turnovers and some clutch shots down the wire when the Wizards were gaining ground.
  • Stucktaular Highlights via
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  • Ben Gordon played just 11 minutes scoring just 5.  He didn’t play in the second half, nursing his sore ankle on the bench.
  • Say thank you to Austin Daye, who didn’t play in the first half and came out shooting in the second to help the Pistons get on track after leading by just three at the half.  Cool hand Daye finished with 11 points, shooting 100% from the field with 2 boards in just 12 minutes of play.
Photo/Getty Images
  • Auststanding Highlights:
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  • A bit of a slow night for Ben Wallace who didn’t score, but grabbed 8 boards with 5 assists.  Yes, five assists for our very own Defensive Machine.
  • Ok, I know we all were like ….seriously, Joe Dumars just signed Chucky Atkins?  I eat my words, Atkins is really making the most of his time back in Detroit.  Chucky scored 7 with 5 assists in 22 minutes.  He gave the Pistons some life, scoring his points early when they couldn’t hit a shot no matter how hard they tried.
  • Awful first few minutes of the game for both teams.
  • Gotta love holding Gilbert Arenas to just 8 points.
  • Highlights of the game via
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  • Mixed reaction by the crowd who really didn’t realize this was Flip Saunders’ return.
  • Nice passing from Kwame Brown who scored 4 with 2 assists and 5 boards.
  • What’s up with the Thrill, 3-for-12 shooting and he missed some key free throws that the Pistons really needed in the closing minute of the game. Bynum scored 16, but once again isn’t playing like we know he can.  I hope his ankle isn’t getting worse.
  • Funny story, I overhead some guy tell his friend he was at the game with, “Chucky Atkins must have been really hurt, I haven’t seen him play a lot for us since we won the Championship.” His friend answered, “me neither.”
  • Good win for Detroit, who play Allen Iverson in Philadelphia on Wednesday and Chauncey Billups on Thursday at the Palace.  That’s going to be something.
  • Don’t forget, Need4Sheed and viagogo are giving Pistons tickets away!

Need4Sheed PodcastOur good friends Bennie and Jeff talk at length about everything Detroit Pistons.  They talk Charlie Villanueva’s nose, Coach Kue, Ben Wallace, the losses, the win, injuries,  and all things Swedish.  They would also like to know, just like you do, where exactly is Rip Hamilton and why isn’t he sitting on the bench next to Tayshaun Prince.

Like always they answer your questions, and this week they added something new, a Pistons Player of the Week.

This week Team Need4Sheed also has a couple of new sponsors, one of them is truly BYNUMITE!

Don’t forget leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast #28- Injuries, Losses, the new Masked Man and More

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