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The Pistons Andre Drummond helps Hooper in his new video to Emeinem’s Berzerk. They played this one on the big screen at The Palace, but when you look closely at about 41 seconds in,  you can see Dre is clearly lip “rapping” a bunch of random words to the song.

It just goes to show you that Andre clearly has fun with this stuff.

The Star Wars Hopper video is my clear  favorite though.

Just in case you missed it, Andre Drummond appeared in another episode of Hooper’s World over on Being is that I remember the 90′s very well I got a big chuckle out of it.

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I still however love Andre in the Star Wars episode.

The Pistons take on the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight at the Palace for thier first offical home game this season. It’s also the first official home game with new owner Tom Gores at the helm.

The Pistons didn’t “wow” thier fans on Monday in Indiana, in fact they threw up a stinker and plenty of you are ready to give up. As I mentioned before, it’s just one game and I have a feeling we are going to see something marginally better from Detroit tonight.

I for one am really excited to head out to the Palace for the game. I know the new managament team at the Palace has a bunch of different things in store to kick off the season.

This will be the first time the Pistons Officially step on court representing new ownership and I for one am excited to see the changes.

May the Gores be with you!

  • The good: Jonas Jerebko’s hustle.  Playing at the Palace for the first time this season. Greg Monroe not getting into any foul trouble and no #buffoonery.
  • The bad :  The Indiana game.
  • The unknown: What lineup “Larry” is going to throw on court.


Tom even checked out Practice via

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Make sure you follow me on Twitter for Live Game tweets from The Palace of Auburn Hills Tonight.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

GO Pistons!

If you didn’t already know I scour the Palace Locker Room Store and the internet for original and exciting Pistons merchandise all the time. So when I found THIS, I though OK, but if it’s Player scented
as it is Clearly Marked on the package as PRO SCENT…I’m going to have to pass on this one.

Does that mean it smells like Rip Hamilton after he ran around screens all game long?

Since it is the number 00 it could also smell Like Hooper…who wears 00. As much as I love you Hooper, I’m not totally set on my car smelling like a horse or a man after he’s been in a horse costume for hours. Especially after I saw this!

A nice Vanilla would be just fine thanks, I would just hate for my car to smell like the Will Robinson Locker Room of Champions.

It seems as though our Austrian friends Vladan and Martin are truly making the best of their time in Detroit.  Not only did they talk to Rodney Stuckey yesterday but they got a glimpse of Allen Iverson at the Casino…

Oh, and they met Hooper!

They even took in a Wings game on Monday.

Their last game will be tonight against the Heat, where I will be lucky enough to enjoy it with them. I suggest you go to their site Dunk on U and read their chronicles of Detroit. If anything they will make you smile, and for Pistons fans those are hard to come by lately.

  • Chris McCosky of The Detroit News tells a take of a locker room divided and chemistry issues. And it looks like as each day passes and the losses mount things are getting worse.
  • Detroit Bad Boys makes you really think about the position Allen Iverson has been put in amongst other things that are going wrong in the D. “Everyone talks about how Curry has been put into a difficult situation, but Iverson’s situation is 10 times worse. Not only is he a future Hall of Famer forced to swallow his pride, he’s also had to do it while auditioning for a contract. Before being traded, he figured to be one of next summer’s most highly-sought after free agents. Now, can you even picture a team giving him the full mid-level exception? He’s due a $15 million pay-cut in a few months”
  • “My confidence is at an all-time high, honestly, because I still feel good about the guys I play with and our coaching staff.” Iverson still has hope.
  • Tayshaun on the other hand is no so happy “It’s frustrating for every single individual, especially for guys like (Richard Hamilton), Rasheed (Wallace) and myself, who have had the success we’ve had here,”
  • Is Rasheed unhappy with Michael Curry?
  • Our friends from Austria are still in Detroit and having a good time. They actually saw a Detroit team win last night. No The Pistons didn’t play….they went to The Red Wings game.
  • I heart Hooper just a little more. He’s doing his best to take out Cavs fans!


The Michael Curry Edition:

All is a buzz (not like it hasn’t been here for quite some time) about Michael Curry.

  • Chris McCosky thinks Curry is over coaching and it’s hard to disagree with him.
  • DBB’s and some of his readers make a point that MC was put in a really tough spot, but doesn’t think he deserves a free pass.
  • I essentially said the same thing the other day when Jim Kushlan invited me to talk Pistons for his show The Benchwarmers. They asked me to grad MC’s job as a coach….I gave him a D and I thought that was being nice. I did also state all the reasons why he was pretty much set up for failure with everything that has happened this season. Doesn’t mean Larry Brown isn’t looking that bad either right now though.
  • Like it or not, the Pistons really are running out of time to salvage this mess.
  • John Hollinger of ESPN may have the answer: “If there’s good news for the Pistons, it’s that some of the answers appear to be available in-house. By benching Kwame, promoting Maxiell and reducing Johnson’s role, the Pistons could start a very effective Wallace-Maxiell combo, bring McDyess in off the pine and then use Johnson in a bench energizer role where his high-wire act can thrive and the fouls aren’t as big a problem.”
  • Midseason grades don’t look that good, nor should they.
  • The not so reliable Trade Rumor.
  • 18 in the Power rankings. The cruel reality….The Bobcats are a spot above us.
  • Should Joe Dumars take ALL the blame?
  • I mentioned the other day that I was the guest of Matt Watson and his readers for DBB’s Suite Night. What I didn’t tell you is that one of the winners, Garrett Elliot is top notch Wedding Photographer so the pictures he took were fantastic. He even got a couple of me trying to look important and doing my best Joe Dumars impression. But what’s even better….was his T-Shirt. I don’t think I need to explain what it means either. If that doesn’t make you smile on a day you found out the Bobcats are better than the Pistons…..I don’t know what will.
  • And then there is this…(Thanks to TJ for making sure I didn’t miss this) I saw it at the Palace and was waiting for it to appear. It’s also over at Detroit flavored TWOI.