Video: Andre Drummond gets a 90’s History Lesson

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Just in case you missed it, Andre Drummond appeared in another episode of Hooper’s World over on Being is that I remember the 90’s very well I got a big chuckle out of it. [flashvideo file= /] I still however love Andre in the Star Wars episode.

The Pistons vs. The Cavaliers

Home Opener – The Pistons vs. The Cavaliers

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The Pistons take on the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight at the Palace for thier first offical home game this season. It’s also the first official home game with new owner Tom Gores at the helm. The Pistons didn’t “wow” thier fans on Monday in Indiana, in fact they threw up a stinker and plenty of you […]

If The Scent is Locker Room I’ll Pass

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If you didn’t already know I scour the Palace Locker Room Store and the internet for original and exciting Pistons merchandise all the time. So when I found THIS, I though OK, but if it’s Player scented as it is Clearly Marked on the package as PRO SCENT…I’m going to have to pass on this […]

Stuckey and Iverson all in one Day!

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It seems as though our Austrian friends Vladan and Martin are truly making the best of their time in Detroit.  Not only did they talk to Rodney Stuckey yesterday but they got a glimpse of Allen Iverson at the Casino… Oh, and they met Hooper! They even took in a Wings game on Monday. Their […]

Around The Way

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Chris McCosky of The Detroit News tells a take of a locker room divided and chemistry issues. And it looks like as each day passes and the losses mount things are getting worse. Detroit Bad Boys makes you really think about the position Allen Iverson has been put in amongst other things that are going […]

Around The Way

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The Michael Curry Edition: All is a buzz (not like it hasn’t been here for quite some time) about Michael Curry. Chris McCosky thinks Curry is over coaching and it’s hard to disagree with him. DBB’s and some of his readers make a point that MC was put in a really tough spot, but doesn’t […]