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I have two versions of the 2010-2011 Detroit Pistons intro’s for you. The first is the one form the broadcast. The second, is one that I took from my HD FlipVideo live from the game.

Detroit Pistons Intros

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

For my version, I cut out the Kid Rock video before the intros started.

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In my opinion nothing compares to the intros of the ( 2007 and 2008 )past, but it’s always nice to see something fresh for the new season.  If you missed last season…I have that one too.

I’m not that great with my Pistons themed Flip Video just yet, but I did catch Jonas Jerebko double dribbling  along with Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers working on their jumpers.

Summers, Daye and Jerebko were really working hard for about an hour before tip, which they do before every game.  One would think someone (BG) should be out there as long as the rooks are to get his flow back……just saying.

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I’m taking a break from the Piston news, losses and injuries to share with you something that actually made me smile more than the Pistons did all season.   Well, that may be exaggerating things a bit, but  when I opened the box the delivery man/woman left for me today I could hardly contain myself.
Detroit Pistons Flip VideoMy brand new Pistons Flip video is more than I thought it was going to be.  Imagine the fun I’m going to have with this thing.

It’s a really cool HD Video camera that makes it beyond easy to share and upload you videos like a pro.  You can get the Flip themed with other NBA teams, but what’s fun about that.

With this in hand, I almost feel sorry for Sheed, Scalabrine and the rest of the Celtics bench Wednesday night.