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It was a tough way to put an end to the Pistons’ seven game winning streak. Iverson was once again put in the spot to take the last shot, but this time AI’s last-second shot didn’t go down and the Pistons lost to the Portland Trail Blazers 84-83.

Key Points:

  • Exciting game, yes – but you just can’t keep squandering double digit leads (14) and expect to keep winning games.
  • One word……..Turnovers. Thirteen to be exact. It was the ones late in the game that helped Portland go on a run and take this game away from Detroit.
  • Travis Outlaw hit the game winner for the Blazers with 8 seconds on the clock. He’s burned the Pistons before so I wasn’t surprised when he hit that shot.
  • No Rip, no Sheed and foul trouble for Amir.
  • Say what you will about Kwame Brown but he looked as good as we need him to be. Thirty minutes with 9 points on 4-for-5 shooting with 4 boards, a steal and 2 blocked shots.
  • 13 boards for Dyess, who is stunned the Pistons lost this one. “I can’t believe we lost, I am still in disbelief, stunned, the way we played, how well we played on defense — but we just let it slip away.” Via The Detroit News
  • Forget the fan call-in voting that had Rodney Stuckey as the Player of The Game. Tayshaun Prince led the Pistons with 26 points looking so sharp early. Tayshaun played 44 minutes going 13-for-21 with 8 boards, an assist, a steal and a block. Player of the game in my book and solid play from Prince since he was put back in his SF position.

Tayshaun Prince

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  • Tayshaun Prince Highlights.
  • Tayshaun was hot, Allen was not (6-for-19). If I’m the coach, I put the ball in Tay’s hands for the last shot.
  • 32 points in the paint for Detroit to 38 for Portland.
  • Aldridge looked great again for Portland, dropping 26 on the Pistons and making it look easy.
  • Just three Pistons in double figures.
  • Was the game a little too late for you? FSN did a fine job with the quarter by quarter break down of the game.
  • Maybe it was nerves……. He started off just fine and it looked like it was going to be another great night for Stuck, but maybe it was all the family and friends in the crowd that led to Rodney’s (sub par for him) game. Thirteen points on 4-for-12 shooting with 6 turnovers.

Rodney Stuckey

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  • When you win the war of the boards 40-28 and have 2 double digit leads in a game you should win, right?
  • More Maxiell please! Is it me or is Curry not utilizing the Baby Eater?
  • The Pistons need to make their late game free throws. Detroit was 9-for-16 on the night at the stripe.
  • I know we lost, but I’m still impressed with how Detroit has played without Rip and Sheed. And Dyess for that matter. I would think Rip and Sheed would be back by now! Right?
  • Is it me or do you have the feeling something is brewing in the front office?
  • Ben from BlazersEdge got a glimpse of the Carolina AF1 Sheed’s.
  • It’s always nice to hear from Pistons fans at road games, Jennifer Peal was at the game last night and had something nice to report. ” I was at the game tonight and ran into none other than the man himself, George Blaha. He was the nicest most kind person i’ve truly ever met. He signed my t-shirt along with Special K and I also got a picture with him, which I am sending your way. As if that wasn’t great enough, as I am sitting in my seat chatting with fellow pistons fans around me (there were many by the way), I come to find out I am sitting next to Rodney Stuckey’s Jr. High school teacher. She had driven all the way from Seattle to come to Portland to see him play.  And Blazers fans just “loved” my ball don’t lie shirt.”

  • Another Pistons fan, Nicolas King, a Detroiter now living in Portland wasn’t at the game but he did work at the hotel that the Pistons were staying: I’ve run into a few players, McDyess, Stuckey, Tay, even MR BLAHA!! and they are very nice and polite. I thanked McDyess about bringing the energy back to the stones and for just coming back, I told Blaha about how i remember lambs lowdown and Kenny’s Key’s to winning he was loving it, I asked Mr Kelser if he wore any powder blue yet from the Sheed MSU-UNC bet and he said Sheed hadn’t provided him the gear, the list goes on. Another tidbit, I saw Sheed a few times, and we are an art themed hotel so we have to pick our favorite artist for our name tag, naturally i picked “Rasheed Wallace” as mine, I’ve been dying for him to see it here but he’s just too intimidating when he walks by, but nonetheless my Name Tag is Sheedtastic. Rasheed came to the front desk and asked me for another key to the room, so I made one and then showed him my name tag and explained how I had his name on my name tag for my favorite artist, he smiled and thanked me, as that happened the front door man asked me in front of him how long was I reading need4sheed today and Sheed started to crackup.
  • Classic….leave them in the comments, West Coast trips always have me up late, but I just finished watching the replay of this one.
  • PistonsNationBlog gathered Pistons bloggers to ask the question “Rip or Iverson to the Bench?”, I bet you can guess my answer.

It’s no secret that Rasheed Wallace is a Tar Heel for life. He was at Ford Field flying in his Carolina blue and white supporting his team when they took on Michigan State. Sheed even GuaranSheed a win of sorts by making a wager with Spartan Greg Kelser prior to the game.

FSN did took us behind the scenes of the bet.

Sheed was so proud of his school’s victory he broke out his North Carolina Sheed Air Force 1′s at practice.

Rasheed Wallace Carolina Nike AF1s

Note Sheed’s trademark ripped cut up sweats. Let me tell you from personal experience, I have seen Rasheed out and about and he was sporting a similar pair of ripped sweats, but when I saw him he was wearing his old Trail Blazers pair. He’s no tailor, but you gotta love Sheed for his originality.