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Here is a great YouTube video of Charlie Villanuava’s Top 10 plays of the 2008-2009 Season.


What prompted the @CV31 video?  This tweet he posted last night of this delightful video

“For those of ya that listen to reggaeton, check me out doing the Pepe dance: — LOL too funny!!!”

and ….it’s a hint to what the Sheedburgler is giving away over on my twitter accout.

This had to be done…

And don’t think I won’t be sporting this T-Shirt the first time Boston comes into the Palace.

You can get one HERE.

And as a Bonus!!!! I’m going to give one of these away. All you have to do to win is Follow me on Twitter and Tweet this exact phrase (you can copy and paste it).

No Need4Sheed in the D T-Shirt #need4sheed @Need4Sheed_com Reppin the D Regardless of Sheed

I will be picking the winner next week, so get to tweeting!

UPDATE I announced the Winner via Twitter…and Ryan’s T-Shirt is on the way.

I told you I had a surprise for Pistons today and I wasn’t kidding.

To kick off the release of EMINEM’S eagerly anticipated CD Relapse today Need4Sheed readers are getting a chance to win a Limited Edition EMINEM Undrcrwn T-Shirt.

What proud Detroiter, Pistons Fan, EMINEM Fan wouldn’t want to have this one of a kind T with the Shady one clad in an old school set of Bad Boys Pistons warmups?

You can’t get this one in stores but Need4Sheed is give one away today! By no means do I consider my Toons works of art, so in comparison to this Undrcrwn shirt it puts my Eminem Toon to shame.

How do you win?

You have to be quick on the E-MAIL!

Not only will EMINEM be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, he will also be performing on the show Friday May 22nd.

Be the first person to email me with the name of the song Eminem performs on Jimmy Kimmel Friday 22nd and you get the Limited Edition Undrcrwn Eminem T-Shirt.

And don’t worry if you’re not the first to shoot me an email, a few runners up will receive a copy of EMINEM’S new CD Relapse.

Send your entry with the subject line – EMINEM to:

With your

    • Name
    • Age
    • And most importantly your Correct Shipping address.

    And for those of you headed to the EMINEM show tonight Tonight and at The Motor City Casino, it should be a good one.


    As you may or may not know by now, I’m giving away some Arron Afflalo autographed goodies from my trip to see him at his appearance at ABC Warehouse.  As I mentioned yesterday, if you follow me on Twitter winning may be a lot easier than it has to be.

    What do you win…..

    First Prize – his sweet Autographed Arron Afflalo Pistons thermal shirt.

    Arron Afflalo Autographed Pistons Shirt

    Second Prize – an Autographed Arron Afflalo picture.

    Arron Afflalo Autographed Picture

    You can see him sign both things for me in the this video I took. Funny thing about me and my videos, I have been know to cause a bit of trouble wherever I go, just ask the good folks at the Palace.  So when I headed over to ABC Warehouse I decided to be on my best behavior.

    Arron seems to be a quite guy so I figured I would tell him what I was doing and wish him well.  So I walk up and ask him if he knows me.  Who does that? Why would he know me? I meant to say do you know the site, but it came out me first….what an idiot.  I didn’t even realize how stupid I sounded until I watched the tape.  Maybe I was thrown off because of this.

    More playing time would be nice Arron!  And by the way Thanks!

    Arron was great, and now I’m handing the stuff over to you.

    I will be randomly picking a winner from the CORRECT entries.  Just answer two questions correctly and you could be a winner.

    What was Arron Afflalo’s high school teams nickname?

    What is the name of the outstanding defensive player award Arron won while at UCLA?

    Send the answers to me at

    • Subject Line:  Showtime at the AFFLALO
    • Your Name
    • Correct Shipping Address
    • And your Email Address

    If you follow me on twitter this should be easy!

    I will annonce the Winners on Tuesday March 10th!

    Yesterday by chance I opened up an ABC Warehouse sales paper that was sitting on top of my kitchen table for days and noticed that in an hour Arron Afflalo would be appearing not 3 miles away from me signing autographs.

    So what did I do?

    First I made sure everyone who follows me on Twitter know where Aaron would be and then I took my camera, and a brand new Pistons shirt and headed over to ABC.

    Waiting in line I found out not only is Arron quite a nice young man but he’ll sign your baby if you ask him nicely. (Video)

    Arron Afflalo Signs Babies Video

    So Arron Signed a coupe of things for me and I will be giving them away on Want to know how to win?

    Just start following me on Twitter and I will give you clues on how to win a Arron Afflalo Signed Pistons Shirt and Arron Afflalo Signed Photo.

    The Winner of the Autographed Sheed Jersey that Miguel Gonzalez was so kindly giving away here at Need4Sheed is….

    Well, I will let Miguel tell you.

    My dear SHEED fans,

    After reading 115 emails from all of you crazy, funny, passionate, and outstanding Pistons fans…I am absolutely in awe with how much NEED4SHEED there is across the WORLD! I received emails from Poland, Puerto Rico, Germany, Canada, and all across the USA! I truly want to thank everyone who has taken the time to express their NEED4SHEED.

    I must say, I did not expect such a huge response and it was very difficult selecting only ONE recipient for Rasheed’s autographed jersey. It was really a challenge. I read every email and I laughed, chuckled, and was truly impressed by everyone’s unique form of expression. However, when I finished reading my 115th email, there was no doubt who I felt should be the proud owner of the jersey.

    Soooooo….. Thank you CHRIS MOUSSA (Poway, CA) for your heart felt email. It was awesome! It’s nice to see you have an eye for more than the obvious. I hope the jersey will be treasured as much as you expressed and I simply ask that you NEVER…NEVER…EVER give up your NEED4SHEED! Based on what you wrote and how you wrote it, I know you’ll represent SHEED and the PISTONS well in Laker country. Do not succumb to the Purple and Yellow!! Always bleed RED, WHITE and BLUE! Thanks again for your email but most of all CONGRATULATIONS!

    For everyone else, again, I thank you for your emails, thoughts, and passion. Keep it up, and never let go of your NEED4SHEED!

    Regards, MiGueL

    Thought you missed out on Need4Sheed’s last Suite Night at The Palace Contest? Don’t worry, I have another chance for you to win the ultimate Pistons fan experience!

    In honor of George Blaha’s induction into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame on Monday, February 9, 2009, I’m dedicating this Pistons ticket giveaway to him.

    One of the most recognizable sports personalities in Detroit and the NBA, George Blaha will begin his 33rd consecutive season as the television and radio play-by-play voice of the Pistons in 2008-09.

    The “Voice of the Pistons” is now the longest tenured play-by-play broadcaster in the state of Michigan.

    If you know Pistons basketball, you know George Blaha.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much I adore the man, that’s why I would like you to honor the him for his knowledge, entertainment and the love for the Pistons he displays with every word he utters.

    To win a pair of tickets to The Suite and an Ultimate Pistons Experience on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 when the Pistons face Dwyane Wade and The Miami Heat, you have to do your best to pay tribute to George Blaha.

    Do whatever it takes to honor George. You might win a pair of tickets to the game and maybe even meet the man himself.

    Do your best Blaha play-by-play, write a poem about him, tell me why you appreciate him, or just surprise me.

    Send your entries in by Sunday January 25th to –

    All entries must have your submission with the following:

    • Subject Line – George Blaha HOF
    • Your Full Name
    • Address
    • Age
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address

    Simple, right?

    Thank You to The Pistons again for giving Pistons fans a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

    *If you have won a Need4Sheed Suite Night contest before, you are not eligible for this one.