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Kwame Brown is going to have some extra work (at least) the next two days. Rasheed Wallace will still be unavailable for The Pistons Texas swing and with the big bodies in Dallas and Houston, we are going to see more of Kwame.

That prompted me to show you the video I took of Kwame working. Well, I guess you can call it working.
Before the season began the Pistons pumped gas for their fans and Kwame had a one of a kind job that involved a gas cap. I must tell you that Kwame was quite the character and was hamming it up for me the entire time we were out there on that very cold October day.  It was so cold, warm beverages had to be consumed, and that’s when I truly appreciated Kwame.

Kwame Brown Working

Kwame Brown Video

So, I attended The Pistons free gas giveaway at Meijers and not only do I have tons of great footage from the experience, I learned two very very important things.

Kwame Brown is quite a character and Walter Herrmann has a new Nickname.

There is quite a great deal of back and forth between Kwame and myself that I caught on tape, but I had to get this clip out as quick as I could because of how much I loved the new nickname. Let me tell you it really did fit. It was 40 degrees outside with freezing rain and Mr. Herrmann was decked out from head to toe in a black suede Pistons warm up suit with matching sneakers, no gloves or coat and some killer sunglasses

What an experience, classics to come Pistons fans.