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The 15-26 Pistons are in Boston to take on the 31-9 Celtics.  Both teams will be going for their 4th straight win Wednesday night.  Though that’s not a big deal to the Celtics, the Pistons are looking for their first four-game winning streak since a five-game run Dec. 4-12, 2009.

Besides the Rip ‘DNP” drama that the Pistons can’t seem to get away from there is one question that still needs answering. Will the Kevin Garnett vs. Charlie Villanueva drama unfold or will it turn out to be a lot of nothing. My money is on at least something happening, since Charlie got away with an uncontested shove when he walked off the court in their last meeting. Garnett didn’t get to retaliate because he left with an injury and never returned. I wonder if Sports Betting sites are taking odds? If they have a bet on backpedaling or cheap shots put your money on KG.

Make us proud Charlie V.

If you’re unaware of KG’s antics please take a look at this YouTube video appropriately titled Kevin Garnett the Vanilla Ice of Big Men.

Looks like the Pistons again won’t have Ben Wallace, who’s still nurturing his ankle.

The Scouting Report via

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If you’re looking to catch a game, the Pistons will be back home Saturday the 22nd.  Get tickets for as low as $6 to see Detroit take on Phoenix.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.

I don’t know why people actually want to have me on their shows,  I do nothing but harrass, degrade and cause trouble.  You would think Dave and JP of The Palace/Garden would have learned their lesson the last time they asked me to join them on their podcast, but I’m sure they feel different now.

Head over to the Palace/Garden to listen to the podcast, where we talk about the Pistons issues, their strengths, their weaknesses, a little Charlie V and my inside connections at the Palace.  Dave and JP probably won’t way this, but I sure had fun on their show.

Need4Sheed InterviewThe Pistons will be in Boston for the first time this season to play the Celtics and observe Rasheed in his natural habitat. What does that mean for Pistons fans? A lot of green, a lot of red, blue and white, the possibility of seeing Brian Scalabrine’s transparent mug pretending like he can play basketball, the possibility of Big Baby being a big baby and me co-hosting Celtics Late Night Show post game.

I don’t know why they keep subjecting themselves to my Pistons nonsense, but this is your chance to talk live with Nick and I about the game, the rivalry, the green hate, Larry Bird’s mustache, Rasheed’s allergies to the paint or whatever your heart desires.

I will co-hosting this one  live with Nick from North Station Sports immediately following the game.  So head on over and pick up the phone and call in.  I want to hear from my fellow Pistons fans.

That means you need to give us a Call.  Let’s take this show over, if you don’t call I may to get Will Bynum to dunk on you.

347-215-7771Celtics Live Late Night


Things have really changed around here when we are celebrating a two game winning streak. The Pistons closed out their tough five game road trip with a solid win in Boston against the World Champion Celtics. The Celtics were without Kevin Garnett, but Detroit’s 105-95 road victory was impressive regardless of the former league’s MVP absence (2004). Remember, the Pistons were without their former MVP Allen Iverson (2001).

Key Points:

  • Detroit started the game off strong and went on plenty of runs throughout the game.  What changed in this game was Detroit didn’t let the runs that Boston went on get out of hand.
  • Remember when we used the word poised when describing the way Detroit played? Well this is the first I’ve seen of it all season long.
  • Detroit had lost five straight regular season games to the Celtics and 9-of-11 including a six-game Eastern Conference final.
  • Detroit is back to playing .500 ball and has the same record as the Sixers. They are currently holding on to the 7th playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Get this….16.5 games back of Cleveland.
  • Detroit played a solid 48 minutes.
  • Rip Hamilton once again led this team to victory with 25 points, an assist away from a double-double. He added six boards in 39 minutes, while shooting 50% from the floor and went 11-for-12 from the line.  Is he trying to emphasize the fact that he should have never lost his starting job?  If he is, and this is the outcome we get…..keep it up Rip.

Richard Hamilton Boston

Photo/Getty Images
  • Rip Hamilton’s post game comments. (video)
  • “We played our type of basketball,” Hamilton said. “That’s the thing for me with Tayshaun, Rasheed (Wallace) and (Antonio) McDyess, I always know they’re going to be at all times.” Via
  • Thank you NBA Referees, we bitch when you’re wrong (like when you missed Rip getting mauled at the end of the game) so it’s only right when we thank you for your fine work. That’s just how we roll in Detroit.  Detroit made a season-high 34 free throws, in 40 attempts.
  • Sheed 15 points, 6 boards, 2 blocked shots and a steal. Solid defensive game for Sheed. I still wonder if he thinks he can make some of the crazy threes he jacks up.  Maybe it should be Jack ….instead of Roscoe?
  • Outrebounded 35-31.
  • Iverson still questionable for Tuesday’s game against Denver.
  • Tayshaun Prince again asserted himself in a big game.  Prince scored 15 with 8 boards, 3 assists and 3 steals. How about the kind bounce on the three in the third quarter…nice.

Tayshaun Prince Boston

Photo/Getty Images
  • Pistons vs Celtics Video Recap.
  • God love Hubie Brown and his pronunciations.
  • Pistons led at the half 55-47 and didn’t give the lead up at all until Boston went on a run. Boston led 85-81 when Rasheed hit a tree pointer with 7:04 left to start a 13-4 run that left the Pistons ahead 94-89. They never looked back.
  • Maxiell making clutch free throws with under three minutes left in the game.
  • Rodney Stuckey held his own Sunday afternoon with 10 points, 5 assists, 3 boards, a rebound and just one turnover.
  • Will Bynum made a bigger splash and is making a case for more playing time with 9 points, 2 assists, and 3 steals in just 12 minutes.  The takeaway from Marbury that lead to a layup was a thing of beauty, not to mention hard work.
  • I will never understand the head tattoo.
  • How about Detroit’s determination to come back and regain the lead in the fourth quarter and close the game out?
  • 40 points in the paint for Boston to 18 for Detroit.
  • Can we just say all hail to The Mighty THOR!  Walter Herrmann was a huge boost for Detroit making 4 of his 5 shots for 11 quick points for Detroit.

Original Thor Drawing/Marvel Comics
  • Say what you will, but that inbound pass he tried at the end of the half still has me laughing.  Remember MIGHTY THOR!


  • 15 lead changes and this one was tied 20 times.
  • Defense…the Pistons had 8 steals  and 3 blocked shots
  • 15th technical foul for Rasheed Wallace.
  • Stat line of the night, just 6 turnovers for Detroit.
  • Look I’m usually not one to bash other teams or their fans, (except Varejoke) but I think Celtics fans have it coming. I can’t tell you how many vile comments I deleted all day by the classy people of Boston. So when I saw this picture of Glen “Big Baby” with that look on his face I found it quite amusing that even the fans reacted with the cry big baby dramatics.

Photo/Getty Images
  • Antonio McDyess 10 points, 5 boards and a blocked shot while Jason Maxiell had 8 points in 17 minutes.
  • For the second game in a row the ball movement was flowing and the team looked in sync. Be careful to judge these two games as “the Pistons are back,” in fact it may be more difficult once Allen Iverson is back from injury and the rotation issues become prevalent. The problems haven’t disappeared just because of a big win. If the egos can handle what’s going on and they commit to playing the way they did the last two games then they just may have a chance to become respectable again.
  • 30 Bench points for Detroit.
  • “You can tell they’re playing the system they played before Iverson got there,” said Celtics forward Paul Pierce, who scored 26. “When Iverson is out there they’re still trying to figure out how to use each other, how to all be successful. But that group that’s out there is definitely comfortable because they’ve played together for years.’‘ Via
  • I’m loving the Blind Date comparison in the comments of the game thread. Feel free to keep them coming.