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Jason Maxiell CartoonJason Maxiell’s agent has made it clear that he will test the waters next season and become a restricted free agent.

“(The team has) expressed that he is a major contributor to their success,” Maxiell’s agent, Richard Katz, said in a telephone interview on Friday. “What we differ about on, is what that is worth.”

Detroit was offering Maxiell a three-year deal worth $15 million, with a team option for a fourth season.

“He loves it in Detroit, and is very comfortable,” Katz said. “We’ll just have to see how all this plays out.”

“I’m not really thinking about (contracts),”Maxiell  said. “I’m just going to play this thing out, and go from there.Via A. Sherrod Blakley at MLive.

I happen to share the opinion of Matt at DBB.

“I think Detroit’s offer is fair, and considering Max has never proven himself as a full-time starter, I don’t think there’s much risk in another team throwing the full mid-level at him. That said, there’s nothing wrong holding out for another guaranteed year or two.”