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Jimi Hendrix Rasheed WallaceWhat will we do without a little Rasheed Wallace when the 2010-2011 basketball season is upon us?

Now that Rasheed will be doing other things with his time while we are busy keeping up with the NBA I couldn’t help but reminisce about his memorable times in a Pistons uniform.  So I decided to start a recurring segment here on Need4Sheed called Nostalgia SheedStalgia.

Before I start bringing you ridiculous quotes or amazing shots he called glass on, I decided to bring back something that pretty much made this website what it is.

Sheed Vs. StewieSheed vs. Stewie

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Video Courtesy of Fox’s The Family Guy – Editing by

If you’re following Charlie Villanueva on Twitter you would know that he’s running a contest for the best photo of him with hair.

There are really some awesome entries that you must check out by following @CV31.  This one doesn’t even compete with them but in the tradition of Need4Sheed I decided to do my own little take on the contest using the Toons I made of Charlie.

Pistons Guy

Click the Picture for a larger version of Pistons Guy.

Though Sheed is gone, I still get a kick out of the video I made of Sheed vs. Stewie.

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We have to keep ourselves busy with something while Joe D is working on what this team is going to look like.