A Rare Knockout – Pistons Pummel The Raptors

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For the first time this season The Detroit Pistons actually put a hurting on the opposing team. In his first game coming off the bench for Detroit, Rip had a hard time getting acclimated to his new role so Tayshaun Prince and Jason Maxiell stole the show in this seldom seen (this season) 95-76 blowout [...]

Buddha at Bad Boys

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I had inside information that Matt over at DBB scored an interview with James Edwards the other night, but didn’t really get a chance to discuss it in detail. I could barely wait until he posted it and let me tell you it was worth the wait. If read just one thing today make sure [...]

Around The Way

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Detroit Bad Boys Style…. DBB has so much content you need to read it to have it’s own Around The Way before tip! Dumars almost traded Tayshaun for Stephen Jackson. Rejecting NBA Storylines. Breaking down who on Flip’s Staff didn’t believe in Amir.

Jason Maxiell Passes on Pistons Offer

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Jason Maxiell’s agent has made it clear that he will test the waters next season and become a restricted free agent. “(The team has) expressed that he is a major contributor to their success,” Maxiell’s agent, Richard Katz, said in a telephone interview on Friday. “What we differ about on, is what that is worth.” [...]

Around The Way

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Thanks to everyone for being patient while Need4Sheed was experiencing technical difficulties. You may see me tweak the layout a bit, but for the most part the move from blogger is behind me. Thus the very lengthy Around The Way for the week or so I wasn’t able to update you Amir will start in [...]