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It was a very special night at the Palace of Auburn Hills Friday. The Bad Boys were reunited and honored at the halftime of the #Pistons vs. Heat game to commemorate the 25 year anniversary of their championship.

I’ve been to some very special nights at the Palace, so it was nice to have that special feeling in that building again.

Video Courtesy of Fox Sports Detroit

Dennis Rodman didn’t make it, but when you get to even say Fennis Dembo, let alone see him in person it’s like your birthday and Christmas rolled up in one.

Andre Drummond is in the Drivers Seat with Greg Monroe

Like it or not, (I love it) Andre Drummond is the Detroit Pistons franchise player. Joe Dumars and company may have wanted to build around Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight when they were drafted, but it’s clear to anyone who watches basketball that Andre Drummond falling into the Detroit Pistons lap at the #9 in 2012, was like hitting the lottery, literally. For non sports followers it’s like the Duck Dynasty crew being millionaires and having a show that has captured America.

That #@$% just doesn’t happen every day.

He’s as big as the Jolly Green Giant, as old as a freshman in college, has the body of a football player and the hands of great players past. To top it off he’s even got more to help him take it to the next level.

  • Rasheed Wallace as his big man coach.
  • Greg Monroe as his wing man.
  • Brandon Jennings to feed him the ball.
  • Chauncey Billups to show him how to win.
  • Josh Smith to knock down baskets and help him defend.
  • A sharp shooter from Italy.
  • A rookie that sounds like a Greek God.
  • And a franchise rooting for him.

I asked you who you thought would be the difference maker this season and you made it close, but Andre Drummond was the winner.

How can you not think he’s the guy if you’re a Pistons fan after watching him last season. He can easily shut down a defender.  Make someone look silly while defending him. Put up a double-double like it’s a walk in the park.  Or rally his team from a deficit just with his presence.

Sure, he needs to get his free throw numbers up, but if that’s his only fault go talk to Shaquille O’Neal how that worked out for him.

As a suffering long time Pistons fan I’m ready to hand this thing over to Dre and see what he can do with it.

I said in this post that whoever won the vote, was the cover boy of the November Schedule Wallpaper here at as well as a special T-shirt I’m giving away.  Now we know that guy is a deserving Andre Drummond.

I’ll give you the details of how to win the shirt in my next post, so stay tuned.

By Rashid S. Umar

It’s common knowledge, at least on this site, that I’ve been a fan of the Detroit Pistons since I as seven years old, dating back to the 1983-84 season.

Over the years, I’ve found myself becoming more and more emotionally involved with the team, as well as, all of the others who represent Motor City, and I’ve noticed some things.

Detroit Bad Boys
As a teen, I used to watch each game with a grey and blue Pistons t-shirt in my lap, I would wake up to my Isiah Thomas autographed basketball and said wished it “good morning” (if you laugh I will hunt you down and eat your soul, this is hard for me as is), heck even during the 2004-2005 seasons, when the team would be on the verge of losing a series I would wear my red, white, and blue shirt, in hopes that they would stave off elimination – it actually worked until the game seven loss in the ’05 Finals to the Spurs.

Now has come a new wrinkle in my “fanatic” lifestyle, I find myself deleting players from my social media i.e. Facebook friends once they leave.

Ohhhhh… serious… I know.

It started with Grant Hill back in 2000.  I was a fan of his website and would receive e-mail updates of his newsletter.  Once he left for Orlando, I deactivated my account with the enclosed message “Burn in Hell, Grant!!”  Harsh?  Yeah, I know.

Years later, once Ben Wallace decided to leave for Chicago in 2006, Rasheed leaving for Boston in 2009, and Rip Hamilton this past off-season, I deleted them all from my Facebook account in an attempt to mask the disappointment of them moving on with their careers.
One of my good friends said, “I understand what you’re saying, but I keep them as ‘friends’ because I still root for them.”

I respect your thoughts, sir.

Now, I know that this is a business, and I know that we as die-hard fans tend to go overboard, but don’t try to talk sense into us at the time of these events happening.

I guess, in a way, at least for me, when someone decides to leave it’s like they’re dissin’ our much maligned city.

Or, perhaps it’s just a case of a die-hard fan being a fan.

What crazy thing do you as a fan sometimes?

Rashid Umar is a guest writer for  He can be contacted via Facebook or email at, or visit his website at

Despite playing well for the past couple of weeks, the Pistons flaws were put on display Friday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  The Heat glided to a 106-92 victory over the Pistons in what looked an extremely easy game for Miami.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons starting lineup was outscored by the Heat’s by 36 points.
  • All Miami’s startes scored in double figures.
  • Stuckey and T-Mac were a combined 6-18 with 6 turnover between them.
  • Tay was the only starter in double figures with 11.
  • The first Miami dunk resulted in heavy applause at the Palace (not cool).
  • I was told to ask any of the Miami Heat fans bandwagoners if they knew who Ronnie Seikaly (did you know he was a DJ now?) was…needles to say they all looked at me like I was crazy and one even thought I was looking for a Detroit area restaurant.
  • Not fun to watch…even more sad to be there.
  • The Heat’s 12-2 run in the second quarter really just deflated the Pistons chances of even being in this one. They almost looked like they had given up late in the first quarter.
  • Did Maxiell go from eating babies to being the janitor?
  • D Wade had a free pass right to the rim all game long.
  • Miami looked like they were just toying with Detroit all game long.
  • Jesse Jackson in the house with Aretha Franklin. And now staple at the Palace Ndamukong Suh was in the house.
  • 30 fast break poins for Miami.
  • Biggest lead for the head 25, but quite honestly if felt like 50.
  • Lowlights via

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  • The Pistons were led by Austin Day with 18 points on 6-for-13 shooting with 3 from downtown.
  • T-Mac with 5 turnovers.
  • The Pistons never led in this one.
  • Another DNP for Rip.
  • Unfortunately the best part of the game was a BYNUMite putback dunk from Will that didn’t count.
  • Monore with 8 points and just 4 boards.
  • Ben Gordon with 16 off the bench (where he really does belong until he gets his game together).

Kuester: “That second group came in and got good shots,” John Kuester said. “Unfortunately, they got lost in transition and they made us pay every possession. Their ability to get momentum plays … sucks the wind out of the crowd. That period where we were 1 for 9, that hurt. Having four turnovers in our first seven possessions, those are things that bite you in the butt against a team of that quality.”

  • Let’s just hope the next two (Portland and Atlanta) don’t look anything like this game.

First it was Jonas Jerbeko and not it’s Austin Daye.

“The league announced that Detroit Pistons forward Austin Daye will be suspended for the season opener after a skirmish on Wednesday between him and Milwaukee’s Carlos Delfino.

According the the league, Daye is being suspended for striking Delfino in the face and Delfino, a former Pistons draft pick, is being suspended one game for retaliating.” Via MLive

Let’s hope DaJuan Summers doesn’t follow the rest of the Rookies. Who needs Laimbeer and Mahorn….we have our own Bad Boys now.

“Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg posted on his Twitter account that former Hokies standout Deron Washington has signed a guaranteed contract with the Detroit Pistons, who selected him 59th overall (second round) in the 2008 NBA draft.” Via Daily

Now there is more….. Our guru Dave Dial gives us the juice.

“Moves like that(signing players like Washington to guaranteed contracts) are often made when one team has to send back a certain amount of money back in a trade. For example, if Detroit is $4 million under the cap after signing Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva and were to get involved with the Hornets in a trade for Tyson Chandler, the Pistons would have to send back a certain amount of salaries in order to make it work.

Chandler makes $12.2 million dollars, and the Pistons might be $4 million under the cap so a straight salary dump couldn’t work. Stay tuned…

{Update: I’ve been informed that there is a 30 day waiting period when you sign a second-round pick before that player can be traded.}”

Detroit Bad Boys adds even more….suggesting Rip could be on his way out.

Now with the quickness in which this is all happening a girls’ head is spinning. I can’t even sleep without waking up to some rumors or possible trades.  I have been locked to Twitter for the past few days to send out the info as quickly as I get it no matter where I am, so do some following.

  • A beautiful day in Michigan, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and Orlando took down Cleveland at home.
  • Terrance Williams works out with Detroit and Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys interviews the possible Piston.
  • Our good friend Matt Dery of WXYT is reporting that the Pistons are working out Gonzaga’s Jeremy Pargo.
  • How many Mock Drafts can you really read? SI thinks Detroit will use their #15 pick to snatch Ohio State Center B.J. Mullens. All for a big man, but is Mullens proven after just one year in college?
  • Possibly a PG with the pick?
  • I wouldn’t mind TY Lawson.
  • Will Rodney Stuckey have a breakout season?
  • I’m so close it hurts.
  • I need Pistons fans help with this one! I got an email from an Old Schooler like myself who needed a hand with some Bad Boys Pistons trivia. “There is a song from back in the day when the bad boys won the 89-90.  It is not One Mission, but it was a Rap song that had Laimbeer, Thomas, Mahorn’s name in it.” Now I remember the song vaguely but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you who did it or what the name of it was. Here is where you guys help us out if you can.  It’s going to bother me until we get the answer!
  • Don’t forget about the Kimmel Show Friday night…someone has to win the limited edition EMINEM shirt.
  • FYI, I added a feature in the comment section of the site. You can now directly reply to a specific comment in the section and it will appear right below it.
  • Great YouTube Tribute to Daddy Rich.


A small snippet from Slam made quite a splash and as we know the “close personal friend” route can never be confirmed.

“SLAM contributor J. Gamble [making his debut with us next issue] hears from a close personal friend of Rasheed Wallace’s that unless Sheed gets $8 million to play next year, he’s going to retire. If that’s true, we’ve probably seen the last of Sheed in the NBA.”

It was a buzz on local sports radio yesterday as well as chatter I heard from Sheed fans via email. I’m with Detroit Bad Boys on this one, if 8 million is the true price tag you have seen the last of Sheed in a Pistons uniform (although I didn’t see him coming back either way).

Dave Dial with his expertise of the Salary Cap over at MLive also weighs in:

“As for the $8 million dollar price tag, that will be tough for Rasheed to get next season. The Mid-Level Exception was set at $5.585 million for the 2008-2009 season and is expected to decrease next season. So teams that are over the salary cap can’t offer Rasheed the $8 million he wants, even if they wanted to pay him that much.

There will only be a handful of teams that have cap space this summer. OKC, Memphis, Portland, Detroit, Atlanta and Minnesota will all have significant monies under the salary cap.

I think you can rule out Portland and Detroit, for obvious reasons. I doubt Rasheed would want to spend his last year or two playing for Memphis, OKC or Minnesota. The losing and having no chance at winning a Title would get to him too much. That would leave only Atlanta, which would only have the cap space required if they renounce Mike Bibby and let Marvin Williams and Zaza Pachulia walk.

Which leads back to Rasheed deciding to just retire, or maybe the Pistons would include Wallace in a sign and trade deal with a team that is over the cap. The Spurs, Mavericks, Cavaliers, Bobcats and Celtics have all been rumored to be interested in Wallace. If Rasheed wants a one or two year deal at $8 million per year, it probably wouldn’t scare off all of those teams. With the summer fast approaching, we will know for sure if this rumor is true or not.”

  • Chris McCosky of The Detroit News tells a take of a locker room divided and chemistry issues. And it looks like as each day passes and the losses mount things are getting worse.
  • Detroit Bad Boys makes you really think about the position Allen Iverson has been put in amongst other things that are going wrong in the D. “Everyone talks about how Curry has been put into a difficult situation, but Iverson’s situation is 10 times worse. Not only is he a future Hall of Famer forced to swallow his pride, he’s also had to do it while auditioning for a contract. Before being traded, he figured to be one of next summer’s most highly-sought after free agents. Now, can you even picture a team giving him the full mid-level exception? He’s due a $15 million pay-cut in a few months”
  • “My confidence is at an all-time high, honestly, because I still feel good about the guys I play with and our coaching staff.” Iverson still has hope.
  • Tayshaun on the other hand is no so happy “It’s frustrating for every single individual, especially for guys like (Richard Hamilton), Rasheed (Wallace) and myself, who have had the success we’ve had here,”
  • Is Rasheed unhappy with Michael Curry?
  • Our friends from Austria are still in Detroit and having a good time. They actually saw a Detroit team win last night. No The Pistons didn’t play….they went to The Red Wings game.
  • I heart Hooper just a little more. He’s doing his best to take out Cavs fans!


The Michael Curry Edition:

All is a buzz (not like it hasn’t been here for quite some time) about Michael Curry.

  • Chris McCosky thinks Curry is over coaching and it’s hard to disagree with him.
  • DBB’s and some of his readers make a point that MC was put in a really tough spot, but doesn’t think he deserves a free pass.
  • I essentially said the same thing the other day when Jim Kushlan invited me to talk Pistons for his show The Benchwarmers. They asked me to grad MC’s job as a coach….I gave him a D and I thought that was being nice. I did also state all the reasons why he was pretty much set up for failure with everything that has happened this season. Doesn’t mean Larry Brown isn’t looking that bad either right now though.
  • Like it or not, the Pistons really are running out of time to salvage this mess.
  • John Hollinger of ESPN may have the answer: “If there’s good news for the Pistons, it’s that some of the answers appear to be available in-house. By benching Kwame, promoting Maxiell and reducing Johnson’s role, the Pistons could start a very effective Wallace-Maxiell combo, bring McDyess in off the pine and then use Johnson in a bench energizer role where his high-wire act can thrive and the fouls aren’t as big a problem.”
  • Midseason grades don’t look that good, nor should they.
  • The not so reliable Trade Rumor.
  • 18 in the Power rankings. The cruel reality….The Bobcats are a spot above us.
  • Should Joe Dumars take ALL the blame?
  • I mentioned the other day that I was the guest of Matt Watson and his readers for DBB’s Suite Night. What I didn’t tell you is that one of the winners, Garrett Elliot is top notch Wedding Photographer so the pictures he took were fantastic. He even got a couple of me trying to look important and doing my best Joe Dumars impression. But what’s even better….was his T-Shirt. I don’t think I need to explain what it means either. If that doesn’t make you smile on a day you found out the Bobcats are better than the Pistons…..I don’t know what will.
  • And then there is this…(Thanks to TJ for making sure I didn’t miss this) I saw it at the Palace and was waiting for it to appear. It’s also over at Detroit flavored TWOI.