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The Pistons will (hopefully) kick off the New Years Eve festivities at the Palace with a win against the Pacers.

  • The good: Moose Monroe. Charlie V back to help him down low.
  • The bad: The Pacers pummeled the Pistons in the season opener.
  • The unknown: Will it be as bad as last time..or last night for that matter.

The Game Day Report via

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Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from

(sorry for the bad shtick headline, I couldn’t resist)

Will Bynum, who was recently benched in favor of Tracy McGrady, got a chance to remind us of why Joe Dumars viewed him as a key re-signing this past offseason. Bynum, who was able to see significant minutes in this game due to Richard Hamilton (upset stomach) and Rodney Stuckey (toe) both missing the game, scored 21 points off the bench on 8-10 shooting to go along with 9 assists.

With Stuckey and Hamilton on the bench, we got a chance to see Ben Gordon and Tracy McGrady in the starting lineup and in the revolving door that is the Pistons’ starting Power Forward position, we got to see Charlie Villanueva start as well. It was a nice sight to see after 27 games of inconsistent play by the starters. Let’s look at some of the highlights, shall we:

  • Tayshaun Prince with an impressive stat line on the night (28 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists) – but even more impressive was his weak side block on a Chris Paul shot to help send the game to overtime.
  • How awesome was Jason Maxiell’s play to close out the game in overtime?  Sure, he could’ve dribbled out the clock but… to play devil’s advocate here, Maxiell works so hard to get this loose ball he deserves to flush the ball with authority like he did.

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Video Courtesy of NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • Tracy McGrady left the game early with a sore groin – yeah, he’s healthy.
  • DaJuan Summers played 9 minutes and was 3-4 from the field (including 2-2 from 3) for 8 points.
  • I’d like to thank New Orleans’ coach Monty Williams for playing Marco Belinelli over dynamic 2nd year guard Marcus Thornton.  Thornton, to me, would’ve been a perfect candidate for the “Player no one has ever heard of that the Pistons make look like an All-Star”.
  • David West scored 32 points and had 9 rebounds – he usually plays the Pistons tough.
  • Chris Paul knows how to make the most out of playing with the least, doesn’t he?  He scored 23 to go along with 10 assists.
  • Natalie wanted to receive “Chicago Bulls Ben Gordon” for christmas, and she got him tonight.  25 points and 7 rebounds with back to back 3s at the beginning of the 3rd quarter to help cut into a 10 point lead.
  • Ben Gordon is Back

    Photo/Getty Images editing

  • Detroit outrebounded 37-27, but they made the extra pass tonight by getting 26 assists compared to the Hornets 18.
  • Ben Wallace only played 19 minutes tonight.  Is it time to give Big Ben a rest?
  • Jason Maxiell didn’t do much to fill up the stat sheet, but in 21 minutes he ended up with a +7 +/-, good for highest among all bench players.
  • Fantastic Highlights of the game Via The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
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    Video Courtesy of NBA and The Detroit Pistons

Up next, the Pistons travel to Toronto to face the Raptors in a rematch of what has been one of the most embarrassing losses in team history.  Are the Pistons going to be able to string back to back wins together, or are we looking at another embarrassing loss on the horizon?  They get a couple of days off between now and then, so hopefully the ailments that kept Stuckey and Hamilton out are healed up, so we can see how Kuester deals with them both after Bynum and Gordon’s good game tonight.

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Maxiell saves the day and the game.

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Video Courtesy of NBA and The Detroit Pistons

Seriously…did you see that look on his face after the dunk? Terrifying and awesome at the same time.
I’ve watched this about 20 times already.

I’m not going to give the the long and short of the Pistons loss last night to the Hornet.  I’ll forgo the “Pistons got stung last night in New Orleans” headline when EDT said all you need to know in the comment section of the game thread:

EDT: The Pistons packed it in and gave up on this game about 5 minutes in during the 1st quarter, and decided to start jacking up threes.  Chris Paul by himself had 14 assists.  the entire pistons team had 15 assists.  Must be nice to have a power forward, a center, and a point guard, instead of a team consisting entirely of wing players.  Pistons didn’t make the Hornets work too hard.

I know it’s bad when I resorted to cracking  jokes last night on Twitter during the game. Like I said last night  ales of Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac increase in the Detroit Metro area days following Pistons games.

I’m pretty sure at this point…Detroit wants Darko back.

Yes it’s that bad.

I’ll never waiver on my allegiance to this team, but it tends to be disheartening at times.  Let’s hope new ownership gets this train back on its tracks.

I know you have you’re thoughts, but feel free to vent in the comments.

The 7-15 Pistons are on a second game of a back to back in New Orleans to face the 13-7 Hornets.

The Pistons aren’t the only ones with issues, the league announced Monday it was purchasing the team from owner George Shinn. After another potential deal fell through, the NBA is hoping get them stable financially and attract a local buyer who will keep the team in New Orleans.

David West, the Hornets’ leading scorer, who’s averaging 18.5 points per game, called the situation a “mess.”

Chris Paul is averaging 14.4 points over the last nine games after getting 17.5 during the previous 11. Despite his drop in scoring, he’s among the league leaders in assists with 10.4 per game.

On the Pistons side of the ball, it’s a homecoming for rookie Greg Monroe.

The Scouting Report via

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Tip off is at 8:00 pm and will be broadcast on FS Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at WWJ 950 AM.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.

It seems a little over the top to be celebrating a two game winning streak, but after last night’s 104-110 OT victory over the Hornets  that is exactly what I’m doing.


Key Points:

  • Still not Will Bynum, Tayshaun Prince or Ben Gordon.  Gordon sat dressed in his uniform on the bench, but did not enter the game.
  • The Pistons started like gangbusters, outscoring the Hornets 31 to 16 in the first quarter, but Chris Paul started heating up and with him his team.
  • Team work was evident, Detroit finished with 27 assists on the night.
  • 42 minutes from Jonas Jerebko who seems to have a clone on the court when he’s out there. Jonas is  everywhere all the time.  J.J. finished with 13 points, 8 boards a blocked shot with 2 assists.  I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that when he’s in the starting lineup good things happen.
  • Though Chris Wilcox played just 12 minutes, scoring 3 points, it was this assist to Ben Wallace for the reverse jam that was really impressive.

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • Oh my goodness,  Ben Wallace with 21 boards on the night, surpassing his season high while adding 13 points.  Another double-double for Ben, who’s constant control of the glass and the defensive end helped the Pistons control the game.   At this point in the season, it’s hard not to put Ben at the top of the list for team MVP.
  • Charlie Villanueva with 13 points, 7 boards and 2 steals.  I know he’s been hot and cold all season long, but I’m hoping the Pistons current play will help him out of whatever funk he was in.
  • Austin Day was great in his 14 minutes on the court.  Daye finished with 12 points and assist and a rebound.  He’s not afraid to take the big shot, and it always seems like he’s hitting them.  Is he our new 3 point go to guy?  Day was 2-for-2 from downtown.
  • Rip Hamilton led all scorers with 32 points, 10 assists, 3 steals and 3 boards. If Detroit ever needed a double-double from Rip it was last night. Rip, stepped up and helped control the flow of the game with Rodney feeling far from 100%.

Rip Hamilton

Photo/Getty Images
  • It may have been upsetting to watch Detroit let their lead slip away in the fourth, but this time they didn’t fold when their back where against the wall.  Had they not have broken their losing streak before this game, their spirit may not have willed them to fight for this one.
  • Detroit had the ball for the last shot in regulation, but couldn’t convert on a Rip Hamilton jumper. Nothing to knock Rip’s fantastic night, but he took the ball up for the last shot and fell short. That’s where we miss Chauncey most of all. I wanted the ball in Rip’s hand, but not that way. Coming off a screen and getting the ball for the last shot is where Rip is money.
  • With Rodney not feeling well and not having a great game, it was most likely that we would have seen more of Chucky Atkins down the stretch, but Atkins fouled out and back came a hurt and very tired looking Rodney Stuckey. I don’t know what got into Stuck, but he put his team on his back in OT converting two three point plays, helping Detroit secure the win. Check out Rodney’s fire.

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • Six Pistons in double figures.
  • 30 points in the paint.
  • Board war won 46-34.
  • The Pistons biggest lead was 18 points at one time.
  • Check out the Highlights via with the ridiculous Charlie Villanueva slam.

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  • Another night, another game. Tonight against the Knicks.

The Pistons took every advantage of  the Hornets play in the first half, leading by as much as 16 points and 10 going in to the half.  But New Orleans tightened up their play and  slowly put Detroit away.  It may have looked like it was going to go down to the wire, but the Hornets took control in the closing minutes of the fourth giving Detroit no chance to make up ground in the  87-95 loss.

Key Points:

  • Rip Hamilton, bothered by his hamstring dressed, but sat out this one.
  • No Ben Gordon, or Tayshaun, but Will Bynum came back to contribute.
  • Detroit took advantage of the Hornets sloppy play in the first half by converting on 14 New Orleans turnover for 24 points.
  • It was the third quarter of doom for Detroit who saw their lead dissaper to just three points at the close of the third.
  • David West may be the best NBA player that goes unnoticed by fans. He could not be stopped and lead all scorers with 32 points.
  • Rodney Stuckey led the Pistons with 26 points on 11-for-26 shooting, 5 assists and 2 steals.

Rodney Stuckey

Photo/Getty Images
  • Jonas Jerebko is everywhere all the time and his hustle is being rewarded with easy buckets and dunks.  Jonas had 6 points, 2 assists and 3 boards in 27 minutes.
  • Austin Daye made some big buckets in the first half, knocking down consecutive three pointers like it was nothing.  Most impressive near half court make in the closing seconds of the third quarter went in but was just a millisecond too late.  Austin finished with 9 points, 3 boards and a steal in 25 minutes.
  • Chris Wilcox sighting, 11 minutes with 3 boards and 2 points.
  • Hard loss to take when you are up by 16 at one point and Chris Paul has just 2 points at the half.
  • Board war lost, 41 to 35.
  • Charlie Villanueva has been playing lights out, I’m pretty sure he likes the mask more than he will admit.  Our sixth man scored 18 points with 8 boards, 2 assists and a steal.

Charlie Villanueva

Photo/Getty Images
  • Have you noticed that we get some quality ally-oops almost regularly now?
  • A DNP for Kwame Brown, and DaJuan Summers.
  • Jason Maxiell with just 15 minutes, 3 points and 4 boards.  I’m still quite baffled with the step back he’s taken this season.
  • Tough loss and a hard back-to-back, but the Pistons only have one day to bounce back with a game in OKC on Friday.
  • Do you realize that Ben Wallace is right back up there as one of the league leading rebounders averaging 10 per game.  Ben scored 6 with 3 steals, and 7 boards in 36 minutes in the loss.
  • Despite his ankle still bothering him, Will Bynum got back on court for Detroit and started dishing the ball immediately.  He was part of the surge in the first half that put the Pistons ahead.  Will finished with 9 assists, 4 points, 2 steals and 4 turns in 23 minutes.  Good to have him back.

Will Bynum

Photo/Getty Images
  • Notice Will’s shoe and ankle in the picture?  That doesnt’ look like that suppors a sore ankle.
  • Chucky Atkins started the Pistons off when they couldn’t hit a shot.  Atkins finished with 13 points, 2 assists and 2 boards in 28 mintues.  On a side note, the tattoo on Chucky’s right bicep looks a lot like Vern Troyer…what’s up with that?
  • There were 8 lead changes and 9 ties in this one.
  • The points in the paint stat is still impressive, 44 for Detroit.
  • Highlights of the Game via
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  • The Pistons hope to bounce back with a needed road win in Oklahoma City on Friday.