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The Detroit Pistons
Last Year’s Record: 27-55
Key Losses: Do Chucky Atkins and Kwame Brown count?
Key Additions: Tracy McGrady, Greg Monroe and Terrico White

Since we are lucky enough to have Danny on board this season, we are going to do a double preview this year.  We will go through the same questions and both Danny and I will answer them.  The last question will be one each of us created and will answer.

What Significant Moves were made during the off-season?

Natalie Sitto: If you can call having a horrible season and finally getting a lottery pick a move then Greg Monroe is it.  Finally the Pistons draft the Big Man they so dearly need. You can’t pin all your hopes on Monroe until he proves himself in the NBA.  Monroe, a skilled rebounder and passer at Georgetown will have to show up every  night and contribute to be live up to Detroit’s expectations.

Detroit also picked up a what may turn out to be a draft steal in the second round.  Terrico White had a strong showing in the Summer League and turned heads with his dunking abilities during the rookie photo shoot.  He may have a really hard time getting time considering the log jam at his position, but his potential is more than interesting.

Lastly and many would say the biggest pick-up of the offseason was the signing of Tracy McGrady to a one year contract.  With McGrady well past his prime and injury plagued for quite some time, one can only think he’s likely to play a small roll on this team.  If T-Mac is willing put his pride aside and accept the role the Pistons need him to play, he just might rejuvenate his career in Motown.

Greg Monrow and Terrico WhitePhoto Getty Images

Danny Bohnlein: No real “significant” moves were made because Detroit was obviously not a major player during the free agency period this offseason.  The only move I’d call “significant” was the selection of Greg Monroe with the 7th pick in the NBA Draft.  It was the first time Detroit has had a lottery pick since the 2003 NBA Draft in which they chose, well, you know who they chose.  That’s not to disrespect Monroe or Terrico White but, let’s be honest, there is no baseline established for them yet.  I have a feeling Monroe will turn out to be a solid NBA player and who knows what White will provide?

I’d consider the re-signing of Will Bynum and Ben Wallace to be more significant than the acquisition of Monroe and free agent signing of Tracy McGrady.  Bynum has provided a spark off the bench as the backup point guard and Ben Wallace continues to be the anchor of the defense while also providing veteran leadership for players like Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell and Greg Monroe.

What are the team’s biggest strengths?

Natalie Sitto: Yes the Pistons have 456 guards on the roster, but it just might help them in the long run.  First off If they have  injury problems like they did last season, they will always have a solid backup.  When you have 8 guys competing  to be in the daily rotation it should promote competitiveness with the likelihood that someone will stand out and step up to stay on court.  Which in turn may just lead to a standout (or two) for a team that could really use one.

Danny Bohnlein: The Pistons’ biggest strength is their depth at the wing positions.  Rodney Stuckey, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye, Tracy McGrady, Ben Gordon and Jonas Jerebko will all see time this season at the SG or SF position.  None of them individually pop off the paper at you with their abilities, but they all can provide a consistent scoring punch needed from these primary scoring positions.

Rodney Stuckey Ben GordonPhoto Getty Images

What are the team’s biggest weaknesses?

Natalie Sitto: Ben Wallace is the only thing solid down low.   How much longer can we ask Ben to put up “Ben like” numbers?  The man should be sipping margarita’s with Sheed, but he’ll be out there every night anchoring the defense and trying to teach Greg Monroe a thing or two.  This team is severely undersized, I mean Tattoo undersized, so if they really want to compete Joe knows he’s got to fine a legitimate big man to help down low.

Danny Bohnlein: The frontcourt is the biggest weakness of the team.  Ever since Rasheed Wallace decided to enjoy life outside the 3 point line, Detroit has lacked the interior scoring presence that all contending teams possess.  Not only does the team lack an inside scoring presence, they lack strong post defense.  Charlie Villanueva is not known as a defensive stopper and neither is Chris Wilcox.  Greg Monroe comes into the league labeled as “soft”.  Jason Maxiell and Ben Wallace are the only strong defenders of the paint and with Wallace getting another year older, and Maxiell often matching up against much larger opposing players, they’ll need 1 of the other big men to step up their defensive game otherwise the Pistons will once again be near the top of the league in “paint points allowed”.

Ben Wallace

What are the goals for this team?

Natalie Sitto: I feel like I have answered this same question the same way last season.  The Pistons NEED to play better than 500 basketball.  They don’t need to set their sights too high, but asking them to just compete and maybe make the playoffs would be enough for this proud franchise to help them to build on the future.  Anything past the first round in the playoffs would be a delightful bonus.

Danny Bohnlein: I hate to be plain and simple with my answer here but, the Pistons’ goals should be to get better.  They have a decent mix of young talent to go with veteran leadership.  Guys like Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince appear to be the odd men out because they’re not quite at the end of their careers but they’re also not the kind of guys rebuilding teams pay $10m+ per season.  It is assumed Tay or Rip will not be on the team at the end of February, it’s up to Joe Dumars to pull some strings and improve the team while also getting young talent in return if possible.
Fire in the Palace
Who is this year’s breakout player?

Danny Bohnlein: Rodney Stuckey.  Like Natalie says below, this team is going through some major restructuring from top to bottom.  This is a team in need of a star that they have developed in house, and that they can promote.  Stuckey played well at times last season, but he has struggled setting up his teammates for success.  If he is going to be this team’s point guard, he needs to be a better distributor.  Why do I think he’ll have a breakout year?  Here’s why:

In each of Stuckey’s first 3 seasons, he has had 3 different head coaches.  It’s not Stuckey’s fault that he’s not Chauncey Billups.  It’s also not his fault that the front office has made some of the decisions they’ve made with the coaching staff.

This year the game will start to slow down for Stuck, he will be able to see Rip and Ben Gordon’s cuts before they happen.  His biggest issue has been that he forces the drive and instead of dishing off to the open big in the paint when doubled, and he goes up for the layup and forces a bad shot.  This is a problem that’s easily remedied, and having a coach like Coach Kuester able to show tape of Stuckey’s decisions all the while running the same plays for a 2nd year in a row, he should only improve.  I see Stuckey having a season where he averages 19 points a night with 7 assists.  If he put up shots like he says he did this offseason, his shooting percentage should jump a couple of points and improve his point output.  If you remember, Richard Hamilton used to shoot poorly just like Stuckey early in his career and then he changed his training regiment once he was traded to the Pistons and he instantly became one of the game’s best mid-range scorers.  So it’s not unheard of for a player to drastically improve his shooting percentage from 1 year to the next, if he’s put in the work during the offseason.

Who or what could be a big surprise to this team?

Natalie Sitto: The Pistons have more than a couple of bad seasons looming over their heads.  The whole franchise is going through restructuring,  from inside the locker room to in the front offices.  The solid ownership rock of Bill Davidson is no more, and new ownership is inevitable.  No one knows what a new ownership will bring other than uncertainty.   Will they pull in the reigns with Dumars, will it still be Dumars?  Will the threat of a move cease?  Will it instill hope for the return of Deeetroit Basketball?

The structure of things behind the scenes sometimes matters more than the 5 guys that step on the court every night.  That might be the Pistons biggest surprise, not whether Tay or Rip will be traded before the deadline.

Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton

Overall record

Natalie Sitto: 39-43 – I may be looking through rose colored glasses, but with the talent on this team they should be able to pull off close to 40 wins.  I can’t possibly see this team being as injury plagued as last season and I’m quite sure all Pistons fans believe that this team won’t look the same after the trade deadline.  Let’s hope the changes will help this season, and for the future.

Danny Bohnlein: 37-45 – The Pistons had the worst inter-division record in the Eastern Conference last season (2-14).  While Chicago and Milwaukee certainly improved this offseason, the Pistons should be able to get a few more division wins from the now LeBron-less Cleveland Cavaliers.  Hopefully they will remain healthy enough this year to put up a fight until the end.

Of course we want your input  what the 2010-2011 season holds for the Pistons, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

To quickly re-hash what has happened this offseason:

In other site news, we will be participating in the 2010-2011 NBA Season Preview that is run by Jeff Clark at, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.  Natalie and I have also briefly exchanged ideas for more contests and giveaways for you guys for the upcoming season as well.

If you’re like me, at this point you just want training camp to open and the NBA season to start.  This has been an extremely busy offseason for just about every NBA team, and it’ll be interesting to see how the new faces in new places pan out for their respective organizations.  Aside from Miami, who do you guys think were the biggest winners of the offseason in the NBA?  Are you excited with the moves the Pistons have made?  If you were coach of the Pistons, what would your starting lineup be?  Have any of you been paying attention to the USA Basketball team this summer?  Does USA Basketball “do it” for you as a substitute for the NBA regular season or playoffs?  Do you see any trades, involving major players like Carmelo Anthony or Detroit’s own Tayshaun Prince, happening this season?

Those are just some short, easy topics to think about and discuss.  Let’s fire up the old comments section again, and get ready for the season.

Ok, I know I told you guys that in the coming days (weeks) that I’d give some prospective on the current players on the roster and their contract status.  I will list them in order of the regular rotation position from last season.

Rodney Stuckey (PG) – 1 yr remaining at $2.7m, with an option to bring him back on a qualifying offer for $3.8m*
Richard Hamilton (SG) – 3 yrs remaining at $37.95m, with the 3rd yr being only partially guaranteed
Tayshaun Prince (SF) – 1 yr remaining at $11.1m, no player or team option for 2011-2012.**
Jonas Jerebko (SF/PF) – 1 yr remaining (non-guaranteed) at $762k, no player or team option for 2011-2012.***
Ben Wallace (C) – 2 yrs remaining at $3.8m, no player or team option for 2013-2014

Ben Gordon (SG) – 4 yrs remaining at $48m.  Gordon has a player option that will pay him $13.2m in 2013-2014 should he exercise it
Charlie Villanueva (PF) – 4 yrs remaining at $31.2m.  Villanueva holds a player option that will pay him $8.58m in 2013-2014 should he exercise it
Jason Maxiell (PF) – 3 yrs remaining at $15m.  Maxiell holds a player option that will pay him $5m for 2012-2013 should he exercise it
Austin Daye (SF) – 3 yrs remaining at $6.6m (roughly).  Daye’s rookie contract expires after 2010-2011 w/ 2 team option 2011-2012, 2012-2013
DaJuan Summers (SF) – 1 yr remaining at $762k, no player or team option for 2011-2012.***
Greg Monroe (PF) – 2 yrs remaining at $5.08m, with 2 team option years (2012-2013, 2013-2014) and a qualifying offer year (2014-2015)
Chris Wilcox (PF/C) – 1 yr remaining at $3.0m, no player or team option for 2011-2012.**

Kwame Brown (C) – Detroit holds Kwame’s “bird rights” meaning they can pay more than any other team for him, but he is free to go anywhere.  He is an unrestricted free agent.
Will Bynum (PG) – Bynum is a restricted free agent, and Detroit can match any offer made to him.

Terrico White (SG) – likely to receive 1 yr guaranteed contract with a team option for a 2nd yr.

Tayshaun Prince (expiring contract, still has value, could be contributor for contender)
Chris Wilcox (expiring contract)
Will Bynum (although all signs point to Detroit matching any offer made to him, with him staying)
Austin Daye (rookie contract, could be paired with a “bad” contract like Richard Hamilton to acquire a significant piece)
2011 1st Round Draft Pick (likely to be a late lottery pick or mid-1st rounder depending on where Pistons finish the season)

* if Detroit makes the qualifying offer to Stuckey, he will become a restricted free agent and Detroit can then match any offer made to him
** Detroit holds Tayshaun’s “bird rights” so if he remains on the roster all season, they will have the opportunity to pay him more than anyone else.  He will be an unrestricted free agent.
*** Detroit will hold Summers’ and Jerebko’s “early bird rights” after this 2nd season meaning they will be restricted free agents and Detroit will be able to pay more than anyone else.
**** All numbers are from

The Pistons are currently over the salary cap for the 2010-2011 season.  They have the ability to spend their full MLE (Mid-Level Exception) on any free agents available.  The MLE can be divided into different contracts but those contract values cannot exceed the overall value of the MLE.

All players who remain un-signed for the 2010-2011 season (Kwame Brown, Will Bynum) have a “cap hold” placed on the team’s salary cap for the next year until their rights are re-nounced.  Currently, the Pistons have a hold of $4.8m for Kwame Brown and $990,596 for Will Bynum.  While Kwame may not come back, Will Bynum is expected to see a raise from his current cap hold.

With Luke Ridnour receiving a contract from the Timberwolves of 4 yrs, $16m, I would not be surprised to see Bynum receive something in that same ballpark.  Perhaps a 4 yr, $12m contract is most suitable for him as it will give him a sense of stability and it falls in line with contracts that players of his ability are currently earning in the league.  Whatever he signs for, I believe front loading the contract to be best because as the years go on, they will have more and more salary cap space available for use.  Since they’re already over the cap now, there’s no use in backloading the deal only to hamstring yourself a year down the line.

As I said in the previous post in reply to a comment about Minnesota trading Al Jefferson for draft picks, the Pistons are not in a position to make deals like this.  Detroit would actually need to trade the same value in salaries (or within 125% total values) in order to receive players back.  Since draft picks do not have value until the picks are made, they can’t simply send picks to other teams for players.

I hope this helps a little.  There will be more to come, later.

The Pistons vs. The Timberwolves

The 26-55 Detroit Pistons will be on the road for their final game of the season Wednesday night against the 15-66 Minnesota Timberwolves.

A victory over the Pistons for the Timberwolves would avoid matching the worst record in franchise history.

For the Pistons, their lottery seed will have to wait until the final games play out. The worst the Pistons can do is be the 6th seed, and best case could land in a for the 3rd seed.

Rodney Stuckey will sit out the last game as I assume will Rip Hamilton and Chris Wilcox.

Will Darko have a breakout game against his former team like Amir did?

The Scouting Report via

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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at


Need4Sheed Guest Writer: JOE D

This was a great game for Toronto fans who were hoping to see their team fight their way into the eighth spot in the Eastern conference playoffs. For Pistons fans, it was a feeling all the same, just another reminder of what kind of season it has been in Detroit. Yet another game for the Pistons to fight for the first quarter but cant hold it together for the full 48 minutes.

Final Score

Key Points 111-97

  • No Bosh, Dorsey or Wright for Toronto.
  • Pistons without Rip and Chris Wilcox.
  • Toronto came out firing, hoping to keep their season alive. And everyone on that bench made their presence felt.
  • It was close for the first quarter, until the Raptors outscored Detroit by 14 in the second.
  • Every time The Pistons made a run Toronto made the right plays to push the lead even further.
  • My man Amir Johnson stuck it to his former team tonight, scoring a career-high 26 points adding two rebounds and a blocked shot.

Amir JohnsonPhoto/Getty Images

  • Is it just me, or do the refs favor everyone except The Pistons?
  • The Raptors shot a scorching 61% from the floor, and 64% from behind the long line.
  • Board War tied 34-34
  • Ben Gordon lead the Pistons again with 24 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Nice ruby red slippers by the way Ben.

Ben GordonPhoto/Getty Images

  • The Raptors had 34 assists, and a career high 12 from Jarret Jack.
  • Great block by Will Bynum in the first quarter. This one brought the house down, dare I say Bymumite!

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • Season sweep for Toronto against the Pistons this year.
  • First time Detroit hasn’t won 30 games since the 1994-’95 season.
  • Largest lead by Toronto was 22 points. 4 for the Pistons.
  • Detroit had 11 offensive rebounds to Toronto’s 4.
  • Toronto ended a four game losing streak.
  • Andrea Bargnani went off tonight scoring 33 points going 5 for 6 from behind the arc. The man barley touched the rim all night.
  • The Pistons shot a dismal 29% from behind the arc, there’s definitely no way to win doing that.
  • Charlie V scored 16 off the bench tonight, nice night tonight out of Charlie we’re starting to see some consistency out of him and Benny G.
  • 37 assists for Toronto tonight, they played some great basketball with their backs against the wall.
  • The Pistons are slashing prices for next seasons tickets, up to 10-50% off all seats!
  • I guess Charlie V couldn’t come through on his guarantee. That’s why there are no guarantees…only Guaransheeds.

The Pistons vs. The Raptors

The 26-54 Pistons host the Toronto Raptors for the last home game of the season. This should actually be competitive considering the Raptors are trying to hold on the the last playoff spot without the services of Chris Bosh.

Rodney Stuckey, Rip Hamilton and Chris Wilcox are all game time decisions.

The Scouting Report via

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This game is a bit bittersweet for me. I know it’s been a long and painful season for Detroit, but this is the first game in a very long time that, I will be going to the game knowing it’s going to be my last of the season. Ah….he good old days.

Tip is at 7:30 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit and NBATV. For the radio broadcast tune in to 950 AM , or follow the action over at


The Pistons lost to the Bobcats in the closing minute of their game Saturday night 95-99. Wins, losses and lottery balls aside, what happened to this team that suddenly got them pointing in the right direction, even though it may be detrimental to their future lottery chances?

Key Points:

  • Seven lead changes in the final five minutes of the game had Detroit right in there to win this one.
  • “There have been a number of games what we have played hard,” Detroit coach John Kuester said. “It’s good for the guys to know that they can compete against any team in the league. Our guys worked extremely hard, so I was proud of them.” Via
  • No Rodney Stuckey, Rip Hamilton or Chris Wilcox.
  • Ben Gordon again led the Pistons with 21 points on 7-for-20 shooting (ouch). He couldn’t hit early, but got in his groove in the second half. He did add 7 assists, a steal, 2 boards and a blocked shot. He’s playing more D than Charlie V.

Ben GordonPhoto/Getty Images

  • Ben Gordon Highlights, check out the 2 pretty behind the back assists.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • I don’t really care at this point to root for them to lose, sadly their three game winning streak did more damage than anything.  The Pistons are now sitting in the 6th spot for worst record in the NBA with just two games left.
  • Wallace with 10 boards, 6 points, a steal and a blocked shot. I sure hope he decides to come back next season. Boy I never thought I would be saying that.
  • Will Bynum with 12 points, 3 boards, 2 steals, 2 assists and a shot to tie the game in the closing seconds. Bynum is the kind of guy with heart, determination and pride that Detroit needs on this team. I have a feeling that some other team will be aware of him and give him that big deal he deserves this off-season. I just hope that team is Detroit. Either way I’m a “Trill” fan for life.
  • If you missed this one, all you need are these highlights of the game.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • 14 points for Maxie, who’s looked so good the second half of the season.
  • Charlie V scored 12 with 7 boards in 25 minutes. Interesting article that I totally agree with on Charlie by Vince Ellis of the Free Press – Villanueva needs to take a good look in the mirror.
  • I can’t believe I will be going to the last game of this season. I can’t remember the last time I knew it was going to be the last home game…ah what a playoff run.

The Pistons vs. The Bobcats

The 26-53  Pistons go in to Charlotte with a three game winning streak to play their second game of a back to back against Larry Brown and the 42-37 playoff bound Bobcats.

Injury Report:

  • Rip Hamilton, Rodney Stuckey, and Chris Wilcox are game time decisions.

The Scouting Report via
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Tip is at 7:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket, or follow the action over at


The Real Ben Gordon emerged Friday night to lead the Pistons to a 106-99 victory over the Miami Heat.  Gordon, starting in place of the injured Rodney Stuckey, scored 26 of his season high 39 points in the second half.

Key Points:

  • Tayshaun was electric all game long, in fact he scored his first 20 points seemed to come withing minutes of the game.  Tay finished with 28 points, 7 assists, and 6 boards. He knew right when to defer to Gordon when he had the hot hand.  All around great play from Prince for  going on a couple of month now.

Tayshaun PrincePhoto/Getty Images

  • Not surprised by all the empty seats in Miami.   Their team is playing well, Wade is playing well, they are going to the playoffs and they can’t fill their arena.  They have to win a championship or be close to it to get their “fans” in the seats.
  • The Pistons won and snapped the Heat’s 9 have winning streak.
  • I guess Ben Gordon and Tay don’t care what number the Pistons Draft.   Weren’t the Pistons just tied for third worst record a week ago.  With the win last night the Pistons are tied with the Sixers for sixth worst record.  If they keep at this it’s going to cut their lottery balls in half.
  • Tayshaun Highlights. Take not of the Tayriffic Dunk.

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • Ben G was simply electric going 12-for-21 and shooting 7-for-11 from downtown.  Seriously…I know he got hurt, but this game came out of nowhere.  Maybe his insertion in the starting lineup did it?  His line reads like this… 36 minutes 8-for-8 from the line, +11, 0 boards, 3 assists, 2 fouls, 2 steals, 1 turnover, 0 blocks, 1 block against and 39 points.

Ben Gordon 39 for DetroitPhoto/Getty Images

“This year is a tough year for us, so right now we kind of want to spoil everybody’s playoff seeding and things like that and try and respect the game and come out here and compete every night. Via The Detroit Free Press

  • I have seen comments that Gordon “haters” need to take it all back.  Yes he put up 39 and helped the Pistons to victory.  But it doesn’t automatically excuse him from an awful season.  I know that kind of player he is and have not doubt that next season he will be back to playing the way we all know he can, but one game doesn’t erase things.  He has been owning it and so should the fans.
  • Ben Gordon Highlights.

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • Is this called going out like a Lion?
  • In the box score it looks like “The Swede” had an unusually quite game. He finished with 3 points, 6 boards and 4 steals. He’s everywhere!
  • 50% shooting on the night for the Pistons.
  • Will, a quiet leader with 10 points, 5 assists, 3 boards and 2 steals.
  • Charlie Villanueva seems to have recovered from his twitter breakdown with solid games. He scored 11 points and grabbed 3 boards in 19 minutes on the floor.
  • Maxiell saw limited minutes in his first game back since being on the DL. Jason looked good, playing 22 and scoring 6 with 7 boards and an assist.
  • The past three games have been the most competitively played games strung together from Detroit all season.
  • Tayshaun with the NBA  #3 Top play of the night.
  • Another on in Charlotte Saturday night.

The Pistons vs. The Heat

The 25-53 Pistons are  in Miami  to take on the 44-34 Heat Friday night.  Even plagued with injuries  all season long, I think the Pistons still have the talent to beat any team on a given night.  But you will be hard pressed finding anything remotely positive about this team in the eyes of the national media.

Via Pistons – Heat game preview

The Miami Heat are enjoying one of their best runs since their championship season of 2005-06. With no quality opponents remaining, they have a strong chance to carry their winning streak into the playoffs.

It may be deserving with a 25-53 record, but it’s like kicking someone when they are down.

Jason Maxiell, and Rip Hamilton are both game time decisions.

The Scouting report: Via

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Tip is at 7:30 pm EST and will be broadcast on FS Detroit with the radio broadcast over at 950 AM or follow the action online over at