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Looks like Charlie V is pain free and wants to return to the lineup for against the Hawks Friday night.

Do Pistons fans want to see the return of Villanueva who’s played a whopping six minutes this season?

Not so much.

“Frank was noncommittal about Villanueva’s availability against the Hawks or Saturday night’s game, against the Toronto Raptors. ” Via The Free Press

I personally don’t think Charles is in Charge, just because he says he’s ready to play doesn’t mean he will.

And if for some reason we see him playing, we may just see this Lawrence Frank.

Angry Cartoon Lawrence Frank

With all the new Pistons acquisitions I have been a tooning fool lately. I had the most difficult time with the Charlie V toon and didn’t really like how it turned out even though @CV31 told me he liked I made another one…which I’m not too happy with either.

I figured I would get your input…
Charlie V 1.0
Cartoon Charlie Villanueva

Charlie V 2.0

Cartoon Charlie Villanueva

Ultimately I think I have to give Charlie the final decision.

UPDATE Charlie V has SPOKEN…the Winner is!

Charlie V 1.5

Cartoon Charlie Villanueva

Our newest Pistons and Twitterholic Charlie Villanueva has a little running bet going with Chris Bosh.  First to 50 thousand Twitter Followers wins. The loser has to be in the others next YouTube video, as ANY character the winner wants!

Go help our newest Piston Following Him @CV31… You can tell him Need4Sheed sent you and we Rep the D for Charlie V!

The Official Video from Charlie V


Count as of 11:00 A.M. Friday July 10th

Charlie V – 43,690

Chris Bosh – 42,132

Count as of 1:50 PM Friday July 10th

Charlie V – 43,737

Chris Bosh – 42,234

Count as of 7:17 PM EST Friday July 10th

Charlie V – 44,133

Chris Bosh – 43,098

Count as of 10:00 AM EST Saturday July 11th

Charlie V – 44,480

Chris Bosh – 44,214

Count as of 11:30 AM EST Sunday July 12th

Charlie V – 45,004

Chris Bosh – 45,230


UPDATE: Sadly Chris Bosh won the contest….