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Rip HamiltonWith Rip Hamilton possibly returning to the Bulls lineup for the #Pistons game Friday night, for some reason I remembered this commercial.   If you don’t remember it, it was a good one.

Come on, how do you not get a chuckle out of Richard Hamilton as a funeral director?


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You can tell just how old this commercial is by looking at the phone at the end of the clip!

I’ve been digging through my vast #Pistons video archives when I found two of my favorite people in one clip.  I’m a big fan of 30 Rock and of the Pistons as you know, so when I saw this commercial I had from back in the day for ESPN NBA Basketball I had to unearth it again.

Anyone that can call Big Ben Wallace brah…is alright with me.

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Good Times!

Because nobody wants to relive that mess that was last night’s 94-64 loss to Toronto, in which the Pistons tied their lowest point total of 64. I give you the only thing that made Pistons fans smile last night at the Palace.

When this went up on the big screen it had fans and players cracking up.


Especially the Raptors.

Thankfully found this one on YouTube     hat tip:

My favorite may be…Ben Wallace is coming to town, though I love Kwame the Snowman!