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The RoundBall Revolution comes directly to you!

Need4Sheed PodcastYes…we’re talking about PRACTICE! And not showing up for it.

You’re in for a special treat for this hour long Podcast.  Joining Danny and I is Dave Hogg, who if you don’t know covers the Pistons (and most of the Detroit sports teams) for the Associated Press.

We talked at length with Dave, who gives us the inside scoop on the term he coined as The RoundBall Revolution by the Pistons players.

I’m not going to spoil anything, take some time and listen to this one. This is by far the best podcast we’ve done to date thanks to Dave, who gave us  the lowdown on the whole mess that is Detroit Pistons basketball right now.

We even went into length about Rip and his buyout and why Cleveland wanted to do it.  We also covered what’s happening, or not, with the sale of the team.

Don’t think it’s all doom and gloom…Dave gave us something to look forward to as Pistons fans.

Dave Hogg  @StareagleYou know I push myself and Danny on Twitter, but seriously if you’re not following Dave @Stareagle then you’re not a Detroit Sports fan!

Take a listen and by all means give us your feedback and questions.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Roundball Revolution

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Ben Wallace CollegeBen Wallace, the kid from rural Alabama,  went from being  roadside barber to make money, to counting his NBA defensive player of the year awards and polishing his Championship ring.

Before Wallace returned to Detroit, plenty of Pistons fans had the debate on whether his Jersey would be up in the Palace rafters one day.   I was always hoping that one day it would, but thought it would be a long time coming.  He did leave to play for the enemy and the organization was quick to hand his number over to Rodney Stuckey and transform the new number three into the face of the franchise.

Now that he’s returned….to glory, for less than a price of a Bean Burrito, I have no doubt that one day the #3 will be hanging in the rafters at the Palace.

Here is a little video special on the man before the Fro, well and a little after, just check out the teal and maroon.

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSD

Despite a season high 31 Points from Rodney Stuckey in Friday nights 98-109 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder John Kuester’s comments and body language may be telling an underlying story.

First look at his face while he decides how to answer Eli Zarets’ first question about Rodney’s play.

And then comes the answer.

After it seemed like something was bothering him another reporter decided to delve into what seemed to be Kuester’s discontent with Rodney’s play.

Is he upset? You be the judge.

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Video courtesy of The Detroit Pistons

  • Bynumite impressed coach Kuester “I went after him specifically to say how much I was impressed with him,” Kuester said. “He changed the complexion of the game with his energy and scoring.” This season, Kuester sees a similar role for Bynum, a “spark plug” type of player off the bench who can change the flow of a game. “A person that’s not going to sit and let the offense come to him but he’ll attack offensively and defensively,” Kuester said.
  • Bynum looking to breakout in his contract year. I see good things to come from Will, who’s been such a pleasant surprise in the D.
  • Kwame Brown on Ben Wallace “Anybody that can play defense like that, I’m going with the mind-set that I can learn from him and take something from his game and add it to my game.”
  • More Allen Iverson Drama over at ESPN “They told me, straight up, ‘Allen we would never disrespect you or your career like that’ by making me come off the bench,” You know Allen, Pistons fans seem to recall a promise you made when you TOOK Chauncey’s spot and his number that you would do whatever it took to win a championship in Detroit.  If that’s skipping practice, bitching about playing time, and tanking your season when things didn’t go your way…..good luck to you in Memphis, you’re dead to us in Motown.
  • Laimbeer getting used to being an NBA Coach. “It’s a good feeling to see the guys respond to what I’m saying,” Laimbeer said. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do. A lot has changed since I played, but it’s still basketball, and it’s still about responsibilities.”
  • Dumars latest moves fall flat according to SI. Still talking about the cap space and 2010, did any of you think these moves would put us in Championship contention without another move made? Frankly I see it as a considerable upgrade to the mess last season.
  • Kuester starts camp in the D with D.
  • Daye, Summers and Jerebko fighting for playing time.
  • Does anyone else get the feeling Rip is not happy to still be wearing a Pistons uni?  Did you see his face in the Media Day photo’s? That’s not a happy camper. Plus I have update his toon with the new fauhawk.
Photo/Getty Images

And just so you know…I’m heading off to the Palace for the Villanueva/Gordon presser…video camera in tow.

Presser cancelled for today…probably tomorrow, my guess is they are waiting for the Kuester deal to be locked up and have one big party for them all. I will keep you posted…and FYI if you follow me on Twitter you will know my plans.