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The 10-21 Pistons will host the 24-5 Celtics Wednesday night at the Palace. The first thing people are going to take notice of is any bad blood between Kevin Garnett and Charlie Villanueva. Villanueva called attention to Garnett’s trash talk calling him a “cancer patient” the last time the two teams took the court.   It’s drama in the making.

Will this be another dud for Detroit?  Or will they come out strong with the absence of Rajon Rondo, who’s missed the last five games with a sprained ankle.

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The Pistons, who had an awful 2nd quarter and were down by as much as 23 had the game within reach with seconds left on the clock. Ben Gordon fell short on two 3-point attempts that would have tied the game. Yet another back to back game loss and a comeback left on floor.

Key Points:

  • I’m really starting to question what the heck Kuester is doing or not doing. First he sits Ben Gordon with the hot hand in the third quarter of Sundays game when he gets his fourth foul and never brings him back in. Then against the Bobcats with Charlie V on fire and hitting almost everything he fails to get him the ball when the Pistons need baskets. I’m the coach I’m giving Charlie the ball for the 3…not Gordon who missed it twice. Charlie finished with a team high 25 points, a blocked shot, 2 assists and 3 boards in 31 minutes. He was 10-for-14 and 5-for-5 from downtown…why Kuester? I want answers!
  • Ben Gordon with 17 points on 6-for-16 shooting in 36 minutes with 4 assists and 3 steals. I still give the ball to Charlie for the last shot.
  • D.J. Augustin leads all scorers with 27…yep that’s right the Pistons got schooled by Augustin, who averages 12 points per game.
  • Ben Wallace just looks tired.
  • The Pistons outscore the Bobcats 31 to 20 in the fourth.
  • Are the Pistons now having second quarter collapses? Bobcats outscore Detroit 30 to 14 in the 2nd.
  • Shocking lineup of Bynum, Gordon, Hamilton, Wilcox and Charlie V to end the game.
  • Is T-mac hurt? He played just 10 minutes
Chris Wilcox

Photo/AP editing

  • Someone please tell Chris Wilcox that I thought he was going to play like this when the Pistons signed him. Wilcox with 15 points, 3 blocked shots, and 8 boards in 22 minutes off the bench. And one of the loudest dunks I have heard in a while.

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Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • You know I love me some Will Bynum, but he his two horrible plays in the closing minutes really hurt Detroit. He finished with 6 points and 7 assists.
  • Block Party! Bobcats with 13 on the night.
  • Solid night for Tayshaun, 17 points in 29 minutes.
  • Off night for Rip 9 points on 4-10 shooting.
    What’s up with Stuckey? The incredible shrinking point guard. Can you really have a PG that gets less assists than most anyone else on the team?
  • How many valiant efforts that fall short can we watch?
  • I’m almost afraid of what’s going to happen when the Celtics come to the Palace on Wednesday night.
  • At least you can win a T-Shirt.

The 9-19 Pistons are in Toronto to take on the 10-18 Raptors Wednesday night. Will Detroit seek revenge on the Raptors after their last meeting, when Detroit squandered a 25 point lead and lost the game in the final minute of regulation? Or will the Rip drama distract the team from taking care of business?

Congrats to Big Ben Wallace who will be playing his 1000th NBA game tonight.

Injury Update:
Stuckey, Daye and T-Mac all probable.

Ben Gordon and Charlie V likely to start.

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Tip off is at 7:00 pm and will be broadcast on FS Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at WWJ 950 AM.
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The 8-18 Pistons will host the 5-21 Los Angeles Clippers Friday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The struggling Clippers need a victory to avoid their 12th straight road loss, which is something they haven’t done in a single season in 11 years.

Having a struggling team in the building, could be just what Detroit needs to add to their last win against the Hawks.

Look for possibility of a similar rotation the we saw from Kuester in the Hawks game.

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on FS Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at WWJ 950 AM.
Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.

The Pistons washed away whatever was left of the awful loss to Toronto by taking down the Atlanta Hawks at the Palace 80-103.

Key Points:

  • Lineup Shakeup! Greg Monroe in the starting lineup alongside Ben Wallace in the front court. The Rookie didn’t disappoint starting the game off solid on defense. Monroe played 20 minutes grabbing 7 boards with a blocked shot and 5 points. I like it.

Greg Monroe: On starting “We got the win, that’s all that matters.”

  • Another rare combination, Charlie V and Chris Wilcox teaming up off the bench, they too didn’t disappoint.
  • Rip Hamilton led the Pistons with 24 tearing it up with 20 of his points in the first half.
Rip Hamilton scores 24 against The Hawks

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • Looks like Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell are out of the lineup again.
  • Rip may have scored two dozen, but Charlie Villanueva shined like a star off the bench. Defense, offense, rebounds, hustle…he did it all. Charlie finished with 23 points in 28 minutes with 11 boards, 3 steals and a blocked shot. To top things off he hit a three at the buzzer to top off the win for Detroit. I challenge you to find another game that Charlie played better while in a Pistons uniform.

Charlie Villanueva: “I think we’re a lot better than our record shows, but I desperately wanted to get a win especially after how we played in that Toronto game. I think we did a good job and responded well. I’d say this is what Pistons basketball is all about. We did a little bit of everything, we passed the ball, we rebounded well, we defended and we scored. The way we played today is what I envisioned us to be.”

  • Shades of things to remember…the Tayshaun Prince chase down block.

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Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons

  • Get this, five Pistons with huge +/- stat lines and they Stuckey +20, Villanueva +29, T-Mac +23, Gordon +25, and Wilcox +20. Yes that’s Chris to you.
  • The Pistons had their third quarter collapse early when the Hawks went on a 10-0 run to almost erase the Pistons half time lead, but Q took a time out and the team never looked back. Detroit led from start to finish.
  • Ben Wallace turned an ankle early in the third quarter and didn’t return.
  • Rebound war won 43-31
  • Great ball movement and with it 26 assists on the night for Detroit.
  • The big snow storm made for one of the smallest Pistons crowds I have ever seen. Couldn’t have been more than 4 thousand people in the building.
  • Stuckey showing off his point guard skills again with 10 assists adding 16 points, 3 boards and 2 steals.
  • Was that T-Mac I saw adding gasoline to the Palace floor in the fourth quarter and lighting the match to whatever chances the Hawks had to take the game. Four fourth quarter three’s from McGrady to quickly pad to Detroit lead late in the game. I like to see him do well and be out there in crunch time. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember him being out on the floor to finish a game for the Pistons yet. Tracy finished with 16 in 25 minutes with 6 rebounds, 3 assists, a steal and a block.
Tracey McGrady 4 fourth quarter 3's

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • Chris Wilcox the X-Factor.
  • Ben Gordon…not. Ben was 1-6 for 2 points with 3 assists and a board.
  • Premature firing of the confetti streamers on the court… the crew had to clean them up and add seconds on the clock to put the game officially in the book.
  • Can I just bask in the glow of this victory for now?

It’s always tough when one of your players go down, but for the Pistons who were riddled with injuries last season the loss of their spark plug Jonas Jerebko with what looks to be a season ending injury in the starting minutes of their first Pre-Season game hurt.  What it also doses is put holes in the rotation and the starting lineup.

Sure the Pistons are stacked at the position, but who’s ready to be the guy that Jonas was.  Believe it or not Jerebko was a difference maker last season for Detroit.  How do you replace an unknown viking from Sweden who decided to wow us with his hard work, determination and fearlessness?

You don’t…

So here it comes.

Regardless of the fact that Jonas went down, it’s time for Charlie Villanuava to prove to this team and the NBA that he’s a player.

He said he was going to make a point of working all summer to prove it.  So now we want to see it.

The Pistons don’t need for him to lead the team in scoring, though I’ll bet that’s what he would like to do.  He needs to be the big man that Joe Dumars is paying over 7 million dollars a season.  We don’t need sulking on the floor or from a twitter account.  We don’t need 30 plus points a game.  We don’t need another big man that should be banging down low, but who hovers around the three point line.

Charlie VillanuevaPhoto/Getty Images editing

What we do need is someone who Charlie can be…just ask Jonas.

Grab a board or two, or three, or four.

  • Post up sometime.
  • Play a little D.
  • Be happy with  whatever time you have on the floor and make the best of it.
  • Be a man…not The Man (that goes form Tracy McGrady too).

I’m not trying to be hard on the guy, he seems like a really nice person. We don’t need much in the “D”, hard work is what we ask for no matter what the result.

Just think of Pistons past who did so much when no one really expected it from them.

Remember the Worm Dennis Rodman, how about Rick Mahorn or Bill Laimbeer.  And noone will ever surpass expectation like  Ben Wallace.  You could ask them what it takes and I’m sure one of the first things that come out of their mouths is hard work and determination.

It’s time Charlie…you have Austin Day, Greg Monroe, DaJuan Summers, Jason Maxiell, Chris Wilcox and possibly Ike Diogou ready to send you to the bench.

Charlie Villanueva

Photo/Getty Images editing

To quickly re-hash what has happened this offseason:

In other site news, we will be participating in the 2010-2011 NBA Season Preview that is run by Jeff Clark at, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.  Natalie and I have also briefly exchanged ideas for more contests and giveaways for you guys for the upcoming season as well.

If you’re like me, at this point you just want training camp to open and the NBA season to start.  This has been an extremely busy offseason for just about every NBA team, and it’ll be interesting to see how the new faces in new places pan out for their respective organizations.  Aside from Miami, who do you guys think were the biggest winners of the offseason in the NBA?  Are you excited with the moves the Pistons have made?  If you were coach of the Pistons, what would your starting lineup be?  Have any of you been paying attention to the USA Basketball team this summer?  Does USA Basketball “do it” for you as a substitute for the NBA regular season or playoffs?  Do you see any trades, involving major players like Carmelo Anthony or Detroit’s own Tayshaun Prince, happening this season?

Those are just some short, easy topics to think about and discuss.  Let’s fire up the old comments section again, and get ready for the season.

Tracy trainers table

Get used to seeing this, Pistons’ fans.  Let’s see Arnie work some magic on these old knees.

If you thought the Pistons’ roster was loaded with wing players prior to the signing of Tracy McGrady, well, it’s even worse now.  I’ll be the 35,739th Piston fan who has questioned this move since finding out about it, and I’m likely not the only person who has taken the 96 available minutes between the SG and SF positions and tried to find a way for all of our wings to play.

Honestly guys, I can’t find anything positive about this move.  McGrady is a 7 time NBA All Star, he is a scoring champion, he is able to create his own shot, and he has the size to play both the SG and SF positions while also possessing the ball handling abilities to play PG on occasion.  What I also know is the team has used a mid first round pick on a small forward (Austin Daye) and 2 second round picks on small forward/power forward hybrids in Jonas Jerebko and DaJuan Summers.  Let’s say the acquisition of McGrady runs Summers out of town, you’re still left with Tayshaun Prince/McGrady/Daye/Jerebko.  Dumars has also used draft picks on Terrico White while there were other big men available in the draft this year.

(Let’s be honest with ourselves folks, unless Jerebko puts on about 25 lbs. of muscle, he’s not a power forward.  At best he’s a tweener who is better suited for playing power forward because he lacks the overall foot speed to keep up with small forwards on the defensive end of the floor).

I am not pleased at all with this pick up.  So he comes in and plays well?  What happens next?  The Pistons use whatever cap space they have next year to re-sign him?  He has 0 value on the trade market because if he plays above his contract value, he will only return the veteran’s minimum in contract unless we package him with a “bad” contract.  Even then he has limited value because who ever acquires him would not retain his “bird rights” going into the offseason, so they would be stuck paying him a portion of their mid-level exception and/or a significant chunk of their available cap space for a then 32 year old SG/SF who has lost explosion off the dribble and who has a history of injuries.

It’s easy to argue “We gave Chucky Atkins the minimum”, but Chucky Atkins is a veteran point guard who has come off the bench before and who could also, and say what you want about it, serve as a mentor for the younger point guards on the roster.  McGrady started to break down again last season when the Knicks played him heavy minutes after they acquired him.

Right now, this roster has even less balance than it had before.  Without another move in mind, or agreed to in principle, this move makes absolutely 0 sense.  The guy is a talented player, in 2003.  Right now, he’s just going to eat minutes from guys who need them to get experience and/or he’s taking up a roster spot from a big man who the team so desperately needs.

Evidently Joe Dumars’ answer for our post problems is Chris Wilcox and Ben Wallace.  Monroe is there but, if McGrady is coming in and taking minutes from Daye then who’s to say that Wilcox won’t be taking minutes from Monroe?

Ok, I know I told you guys that in the coming days (weeks) that I’d give some prospective on the current players on the roster and their contract status.  I will list them in order of the regular rotation position from last season.

Rodney Stuckey (PG) – 1 yr remaining at $2.7m, with an option to bring him back on a qualifying offer for $3.8m*
Richard Hamilton (SG) – 3 yrs remaining at $37.95m, with the 3rd yr being only partially guaranteed
Tayshaun Prince (SF) – 1 yr remaining at $11.1m, no player or team option for 2011-2012.**
Jonas Jerebko (SF/PF) – 1 yr remaining (non-guaranteed) at $762k, no player or team option for 2011-2012.***
Ben Wallace (C) – 2 yrs remaining at $3.8m, no player or team option for 2013-2014

Ben Gordon (SG) – 4 yrs remaining at $48m.  Gordon has a player option that will pay him $13.2m in 2013-2014 should he exercise it
Charlie Villanueva (PF) – 4 yrs remaining at $31.2m.  Villanueva holds a player option that will pay him $8.58m in 2013-2014 should he exercise it
Jason Maxiell (PF) – 3 yrs remaining at $15m.  Maxiell holds a player option that will pay him $5m for 2012-2013 should he exercise it
Austin Daye (SF) – 3 yrs remaining at $6.6m (roughly).  Daye’s rookie contract expires after 2010-2011 w/ 2 team option 2011-2012, 2012-2013
DaJuan Summers (SF) – 1 yr remaining at $762k, no player or team option for 2011-2012.***
Greg Monroe (PF) – 2 yrs remaining at $5.08m, with 2 team option years (2012-2013, 2013-2014) and a qualifying offer year (2014-2015)
Chris Wilcox (PF/C) – 1 yr remaining at $3.0m, no player or team option for 2011-2012.**

Kwame Brown (C) – Detroit holds Kwame’s “bird rights” meaning they can pay more than any other team for him, but he is free to go anywhere.  He is an unrestricted free agent.
Will Bynum (PG) – Bynum is a restricted free agent, and Detroit can match any offer made to him.

Terrico White (SG) – likely to receive 1 yr guaranteed contract with a team option for a 2nd yr.

Tayshaun Prince (expiring contract, still has value, could be contributor for contender)
Chris Wilcox (expiring contract)
Will Bynum (although all signs point to Detroit matching any offer made to him, with him staying)
Austin Daye (rookie contract, could be paired with a “bad” contract like Richard Hamilton to acquire a significant piece)
2011 1st Round Draft Pick (likely to be a late lottery pick or mid-1st rounder depending on where Pistons finish the season)

* if Detroit makes the qualifying offer to Stuckey, he will become a restricted free agent and Detroit can then match any offer made to him
** Detroit holds Tayshaun’s “bird rights” so if he remains on the roster all season, they will have the opportunity to pay him more than anyone else.  He will be an unrestricted free agent.
*** Detroit will hold Summers’ and Jerebko’s “early bird rights” after this 2nd season meaning they will be restricted free agents and Detroit will be able to pay more than anyone else.
**** All numbers are from

The Pistons are currently over the salary cap for the 2010-2011 season.  They have the ability to spend their full MLE (Mid-Level Exception) on any free agents available.  The MLE can be divided into different contracts but those contract values cannot exceed the overall value of the MLE.

All players who remain un-signed for the 2010-2011 season (Kwame Brown, Will Bynum) have a “cap hold” placed on the team’s salary cap for the next year until their rights are re-nounced.  Currently, the Pistons have a hold of $4.8m for Kwame Brown and $990,596 for Will Bynum.  While Kwame may not come back, Will Bynum is expected to see a raise from his current cap hold.

With Luke Ridnour receiving a contract from the Timberwolves of 4 yrs, $16m, I would not be surprised to see Bynum receive something in that same ballpark.  Perhaps a 4 yr, $12m contract is most suitable for him as it will give him a sense of stability and it falls in line with contracts that players of his ability are currently earning in the league.  Whatever he signs for, I believe front loading the contract to be best because as the years go on, they will have more and more salary cap space available for use.  Since they’re already over the cap now, there’s no use in backloading the deal only to hamstring yourself a year down the line.

As I said in the previous post in reply to a comment about Minnesota trading Al Jefferson for draft picks, the Pistons are not in a position to make deals like this.  Detroit would actually need to trade the same value in salaries (or within 125% total values) in order to receive players back.  Since draft picks do not have value until the picks are made, they can’t simply send picks to other teams for players.

I hope this helps a little.  There will be more to come, later.

The Pistons vs. The Timberwolves

The 26-55 Detroit Pistons will be on the road for their final game of the season Wednesday night against the 15-66 Minnesota Timberwolves.

A victory over the Pistons for the Timberwolves would avoid matching the worst record in franchise history.

For the Pistons, their lottery seed will have to wait until the final games play out. The worst the Pistons can do is be the 6th seed, and best case could land in a for the 3rd seed.

Rodney Stuckey will sit out the last game as I assume will Rip Hamilton and Chris Wilcox.

Will Darko have a breakout game against his former team like Amir did?

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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at