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Via Chris McCosky of The Detroit News

“On a day when the Pistons signed all three 2009 draft picks, they also reached an agreement with one of their former all-stars.

Ben Wallace, the four-time defensive player of the year, agreed to terms with the Pistons on a one-year deal worth $1.3 million. Wallace is expected to sign the deal next week.

Wallace’s role in Detroit, however, is expected to be a far reduced one than when he left for Chicago in 2006. He will be the fifth big man and serve as a much-needed leader on a team whose average age is 25.”

I wasn’t really in the market for an older Ben Wallace but him on the roster for 1.3 million…..BAM! I’ll take him.

We are unable to FEAR THE FRO anymore unless Ben’s hair grows really fast.

Question of the Day….Does Stuckey give up the #3 for Ben?

I can’t help but agree with a lot of what Chris McCosky said today:

“It was the utter lack of urgency Detroit showed toward moving out of the eighth spot and avoiding a 66-victory Cleveland team that has come back to doom this team. Two giveaway losses to Chicago, the late meltdowns in Indiana and Philadelphia and the no-show in New Jersey — all in the final month — when they could have easily slid up to No. 7 and played Boston without Kevin Garnett, or even up to No. 6 and played Orlando, a team it has dominated.

Instead, the Pistons are a big underdog tonight in Game 2 against the superior Cavaliers. For whatever reason, avoiding the Cavaliers wasn’t a motivating factor for this team. Talking to the veterans, it was if they had long since resigned themselves to the bottom of the bracket and an early exit.

It was fitting that a coach — probably Michael Curry — wrote “Do we believe?” on the message board inside the Pistons locker room before Game 1. It’s a fair question. And, in truth, the answer would be no. They haven’t believed in a long time. But that’s probably for the best, because now there’s no doubt about charting a new course.” Via The Detroit News

You know as homers we all think the Pistons have a fighting chance, hell the Pistons beat the Lakers and shocked the world in ’04. Sadly this isn’t that team and we all know it. It can happen, but it’s a longshot. We can be the biggest cheerleaders in the world, but when the guys that step on the court aren’t on the same mission as the one the fans are on, then what?

The Pistons are in Miami to play their last game of the regular season against the 42-39 Heat. With Detroit locked in the 8th playoff spot there isn’t much worth playing for other than to save the starters legs for the Cavaliers. Michael Curry plans on siting Rasheed Wallace, Richard Hamilton and Antonio McDyess. Tayshaun will start (because of his consecutive game streak), but he’s doubtful to play more than a handful of minutes.

With this game meaning nothing standing wise, it does mean that Pistons fans will get to see more of the youngsters in tonight’s game. As for the Pistons youth, it seems as though they are taking some heat from local Pistons beat writers Chris McCosky and A. Sherrod Blakely.

Chris McCosky:

“In a season full of disappointment, you probably have to rank the growth stagnation of Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson fairly high on the list.

Johnson was given the starting power-forward role coming out of camp and he couldn’t handle it. Maxiell was a main cog in the rotation last season under Flip Saunders, but has been yo-yoed in and out of Curry’s rotation this year.

The point is, the expectations on Maxiell and Johnson — in their fourth seasons — were just as high as those on Thomas and Noah. Detroit was counting on both to play key roles to lessen the reliance on the aging Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace.

And they didn’t get it done.

Maxiell has played 1,374 minutes, about 400 less than last year, averaging 5.7 points (down from 7.9) and 4.10 rebounds (down from 5.2).

He still struggles on the defensive boards and seems to have been in and out of Curry’s doghouse all season.

Johnson has played a career-high 889 minutes, averaging 3.5 points and 3.8 rebounds — almost exactly his career numbers.

He went from starting to the last man off the bench, other than rookie Walter Sharpe. Not exactly what president Joe Dumars envisioned when he gave him an $11 million extension two years ago.”

A. Sherrod Blakely:

“It’s difficult for players to put into words how a team that has been so dominant in the East for years could become a team that squeaks into the playoffs.

Chalking it up to the changes this season is only part of the problem.

The bigger issue has to do with talent.

All those years of finishing near the top of the Eastern Conference also meant being near the bottom of the NBA draft.

Youngsters such as Amir Johnson, Jason Maxiell and Rodney Stuckey are all better players than they were on draft night. But they would have to be much better much faster to keep Detroit as a perennial title contender.

That hasn’t happened.

Because of that, the Pistons are where they are — a playoff team, barely.”

Not fun to hear when your Pistons team is heading into the most uncertain playoff situation they have been in for years.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM and will be locally broadcast on FSN Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, you can listen to the game over on 1130 AM WDFN or follow through your computer at

And if you are still up for commenting on Detroit’s first round playoff matchup with the Cavs to give a little of your wisdom, the more the merrier.

The Pistons vs. The Miami Heat

The Piston and their  six game losing streak are in Miami to take on the 29-26 Heat.  Of all the games on Pistons’ current road trip, this game against Miami may be the most winnable for a seriously slumping Detroit team.

Miami has currently lost seven of their last 11 games.  Dwyane Wade seems to be the only one putting up number for the Heat. He surpassed his career high by putting up 50 points against the Magic on Sunday.  Stop Wade and maybe Detroit can muster a win.

More from Rip

“There’s been a whole lot of changes this year,” Hamilton said. “We’ve been changing stuff all through the season.

“For one example we just put (Antonio) McDyess back in the starting lineup and things like that. There’s been a lot of different changes. Me coming off the bench, so … there’s something different.”

When asked to clarify his comments Monday, Hamilton said: “I didn’t agree with coming off the bench, but I did it to help the team and to win games. But we haven’t won games with me doing that.” Via The Detroit Free Press

The Good/Bad and More:

Tip off is at 7:30 and locally broadcast on FSN.  If you can’t catch the game on TV, or are gearing up for the Oscars, you can listen locally at WDFN 1130 AM or follow/listen to the game at

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Too bad the Pistons couldn’t pull out the win in last night’s game against the Spurs. The 83-79 home loss marks the Pistons’ fifth in a row and puts them under 500 at The Palace with 15 losses at home, equaling what they had all of last season.

Key Points

  • The crowd at the Palace was great and it was a very entertaining game. The Pistons came to play, starting the game focused and forcing Pop to call an early time out after the Pistons went on a 9-0 run.
  • The trade I would have liked to see before the deadline…..Antonio McDyess shipped to a contender.  He’s got more heart and will in his little finger than that whole team does right now. And I’m pretty sure he helps old ladies cross the street when nobody’s looking.  We are sorry Antonio.  Ice for Dyess seems futile now, doesn’t it?
  • A great first quarter followed by a second quarter where Detroit was outscored 24-16.  They fought the rest of the way.
  • What did Afflalo do to be in his current dog house position? Probably the same thing Maxiell did a while back. Nothing.
  • Second time this season they’ve lost four straight at home.
  • Allen Iverson led the Pistons with 31 points on 13 for 28 shooting.  He added 7 assists, a steal, a blocked shot and was taking it to Tony Parker like he was invincible.  Nothing was as pretty as this reverse.

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  • Chris McCosky of The Detroit News tells a take of a locker room divided and chemistry issues. And it looks like as each day passes and the losses mount things are getting worse.
  • Detroit Bad Boys makes you really think about the position Allen Iverson has been put in amongst other things that are going wrong in the D. “Everyone talks about how Curry has been put into a difficult situation, but Iverson’s situation is 10 times worse. Not only is he a future Hall of Famer forced to swallow his pride, he’s also had to do it while auditioning for a contract. Before being traded, he figured to be one of next summer’s most highly-sought after free agents. Now, can you even picture a team giving him the full mid-level exception? He’s due a $15 million pay-cut in a few months”
  • “My confidence is at an all-time high, honestly, because I still feel good about the guys I play with and our coaching staff.” Iverson still has hope.
  • Tayshaun on the other hand is no so happy “It’s frustrating for every single individual, especially for guys like (Richard Hamilton), Rasheed (Wallace) and myself, who have had the success we’ve had here,”
  • Is Rasheed unhappy with Michael Curry?
  • Our friends from Austria are still in Detroit and having a good time. They actually saw a Detroit team win last night. No The Pistons didn’t play….they went to The Red Wings game.
  • I heart Hooper just a little more. He’s doing his best to take out Cavs fans!


The Michael Curry Edition:

All is a buzz (not like it hasn’t been here for quite some time) about Michael Curry.

  • Chris McCosky thinks Curry is over coaching and it’s hard to disagree with him.
  • DBB’s and some of his readers make a point that MC was put in a really tough spot, but doesn’t think he deserves a free pass.
  • I essentially said the same thing the other day when Jim Kushlan invited me to talk Pistons for his show The Benchwarmers. They asked me to grad MC’s job as a coach….I gave him a D and I thought that was being nice. I did also state all the reasons why he was pretty much set up for failure with everything that has happened this season. Doesn’t mean Larry Brown isn’t looking that bad either right now though.
  • Like it or not, the Pistons really are running out of time to salvage this mess.
  • John Hollinger of ESPN may have the answer: “If there’s good news for the Pistons, it’s that some of the answers appear to be available in-house. By benching Kwame, promoting Maxiell and reducing Johnson’s role, the Pistons could start a very effective Wallace-Maxiell combo, bring McDyess in off the pine and then use Johnson in a bench energizer role where his high-wire act can thrive and the fouls aren’t as big a problem.”
  • Midseason grades don’t look that good, nor should they.
  • The not so reliable Trade Rumor.
  • 18 in the Power rankings. The cruel reality….The Bobcats are a spot above us.
  • Should Joe Dumars take ALL the blame?
  • I mentioned the other day that I was the guest of Matt Watson and his readers for DBB’s Suite Night. What I didn’t tell you is that one of the winners, Garrett Elliot is top notch Wedding Photographer so the pictures he took were fantastic. He even got a couple of me trying to look important and doing my best Joe Dumars impression. But what’s even better….was his T-Shirt. I don’t think I need to explain what it means either. If that doesn’t make you smile on a day you found out the Bobcats are better than the Pistons…..I don’t know what will.
  • And then there is this…(Thanks to TJ for making sure I didn’t miss this) I saw it at the Palace and was waiting for it to appear. It’s also over at Detroit flavored TWOI.