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The #Pistons couldn’t hold on late in the game giving up 33 points in the fourth quarter to the Houston Rockets to put them 0-1 on the season. James Harden, acquired in a trade with Oklahoma City over the weekend, more than impressed in his Houston debut with 37 points and 12 assists as the Rockets defeated the Detroit Pistons 105-96 Wednesday at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Key Points:

  • Don’t give all of the credit for the victory for the Rockets to Harden. Former Piston Carlos Delfino was a spark plug for Houston coming off the bench. Delfino, made 5-of-6 3-point attempts and grabbed 7 rebounds.
  • The Pistons guards didn’t show up at the Palace Wednesday night.
  • Rodney Stuckey was just 1-for-10 from the floor for 9 points and 6 assists.
  • Brandon Knight waited till later in the game to get going. He shot just 5-for-15 from the floor for 15 points on the night with 4 assists and 2 turnovers.
  • Andre Durmmond with his first two and only two NBA points of the game. He looked a bit nervous, but you can bet we’ll see some double-double’s from him soon.

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  • Kim English can shoot! He knocked down two consecutive high pressure three’s to add to the Pistons lead in the third quarter. He finished with 8 points on 3-for-6 shooting with 3 assists and 2 steals in just 13:47 minutes on the floor.
  • Kyle Singler can shoot too! Singler with 10 points on 4-for-5 shooting in 15 minutes on floor. He may be this year’s Need4Sweede.
  • Austin Day may want to start packing for Europe, he’s not going to play a minute for this team unless everyone else gets kidnapped and held for ransom.
  • Jason Maxiell as active as he’s been in a few seasons. He was solid on both ends of the floor showing everyone why he’s starting for this team. Jason with 10 points, 8 boards and 2 blocked shots on the night. The Baby Eater is back.
  • Highlights of the game via

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  • Greg Monroe led the Pistons with 14 points on 7-for-13 shooting with 8 boards, 4 assists and 4 steals. He know that he’s a big part of the team and if he’s playing well, the team does well.
  • Bynumite in the rotation. Will played well and was a solid spark for the Pistons when they were trying to mount a lead. Bynum finished with 9 points, 2 assists and a steal in 13 minutes on the floor.

Will Bymum against the Rockets
Photo Getty Images/Editing

  • A 20 point fourth quarter swing in the fourth quarter doesn’t translate into wins.  Everything that was going right started going wrong for Detroit as the defense broke down and Houston stepped up.
  • Kravtsov and Maggette were both inactive for the game. Why not put CV31 on the inactive list since that’s what he is when he’s on court. The only way that Charlie Villanueva is going to get playing time with this organization is with the Mad Ants.

Tom Gores toonTom Gores: “I came here to win. I’m a now person,” he said. “Last year, we said we’re going to get into the playoffs (this season) and I meant it. We need to get into the playoffs.”

  • After just one game, this team look like it’s on the rise. You can see the team has changes and the youth can really take them places. They may not be vying for championships just yet, but mark my words this team is going to be really fun to watch.
  • Don’t forget about the 2012-2012 Detroit Pistons Intros.
  • Next up: On the road in Phoenix to take on the Suns Friday night.

I didn’t even know Michael Redd was still alive.  Wow.  Let me be a little selfish here, tell me what kind of a night you think I’m having:

  1. Gores buys Pistons
  2. Pistons win 110 – 100 over Bucks
  3. JoannePistonFan got her Jonas Jerebko jersey from Jonas himself
  4. No Government shutdown (I work for government)

If you said “great”, “fantastic”, “happy”, etc – I circle all of the above.  Should I play the lottery?  Anywho…

Chris Wilcox, have a game why don’t ya?  27 points and 13 boards in only 24 minutes!  Wilcox flashed reminders to us tonight of why he was a lottery pick coming out Maryland a few years ago. If you were to tell me it was Chris that was going to single handily handle the point spread in this one I would have bet against it.  He’s an athletic big, it’s just a shame that he is so inconsistent.  Rodney Stuckey followed up his big game against the Nets with another big game tonight.

Chris Wilcox

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • One of my favoritest non-Pistons player ever, Michael Redd, played in his 7th straight game back from multiple catastrophic knee injuries that have basically reduced him to role player status, if he’s worthy of any status at all.
  • You can tell the Bucks are coached by Scott Skiles.  Look at the names on the bench that would/could be starting on most teams in the league: Maggette (5 minutes), Drew Gooden (29 minutes), Ilyasova, and former VCU Ram great, Larry Sanders.  I believe Skiles may have coached his way out of Milwaukee this season and the problem with that is, this team was built to his specification.
  • Charlie V hit a few nice shots tonight in his limited time on the floor.  Looks like he didn’t lose his rhythm in the time he missed with a back
  • One of my other favorite players, Earl Boykins, is reduced to single digit minutes for the Bucks – 4 points in 9 minutes
  • Greg Monroe with another solid night: 11 points, 8 boards and solid defense
  • Carlos Defino had a bad night – 0 for everything from the field and 0 points
  • What a match up of young guards – Brandon Jennings got whatever he wanted from the field (13-21 shooting) and Rodney Stuckey got just about everything he wanted as well, only off the bench
  • Detroit dominated the glass: 49 rebounds to 32 for Milwaukee
  • Only downside to tonight’s win: 14 turnovers
  • No conspiracy here:  Pistons benefit from 23 fouls called against Bucks
  • No Ben Wallace – this, friends, is the beginning of the end.  We’ll be hanging his jersey in the rafters one day just like Rodman
  • Don’t look now but, the Pistons are 2 games above .500 at home and will finish the year with a winning home record

Up next for the Detroit Gores Tom Pistons Pistons, they travel to Charlotte to take on former Duke Blue Devil Gerald Henderson and the Charlotte Bobcats.

If you have twitter you should follow JoannePistonFan (link) and congratulate her on winning the Jonas jersey from Jonas himself.  Otherwise, have a good weekend and we’ll see you on Sunday for the Bobcats preview.


In a battle over 2 teams that are a combined 31 games back of the Central Division standings, the Pistons came out on top 89-78.

The night belonged to Richard Hamilton who, for all intents and purposes, had been virtually dismissed from the team that he helped win the 2004 NBA Finals.  Hamilton scored 15 points on 7-14 shooting in 20 minutes off the bench for the visiting Pistons.  A night after it was reported he admitted that he may never set foot on the floor for the Detroit Pistons, Hamilton said about his check-in:

“I thought it was a joke. Like I said, I had no idea. No idea. Just yesterday I was inactive. Like I said I thought that was a sign that was my last time ever playing in a Piston uniform, you know?”

It can be argued that the Pistons needed his help to overcome the struggling Bucks on the road – Hamilton tied for team high +9 and was the second leading scorer.  If not for Tayshaun Prince’s 12 points and 11 rebounds, Hamilton could’ve easily won “Player of the night”.  Let’s look at the highlights:

  • Greg Monroadwarrior Monrobocop Monroe continued his solid play in the post for the Pistons – he finished with 7 points and 7 rebounds
  • For all the talk last year about how good the now second year point guard Brandon Jennings was, he sure has come back down to earth in a major way
  • Every Pistons player that played finished on the plus side of the +/- statistic
  • Austin Daye with 28 solid minutes off the bench, most on either team
  • A lot of people had the Bucks as their “sleeper” coming into this season after the acquisitions of Corey Maggette, Drew Gooden, and John Salmons – maybe we shouldn’t be giving former Piston executive John Hammond as much credit as he has been getting for building the Pistons.  The Bucks are loaded with bad contracts now
  • Chris Wilcox only played 7 minutes  - his lowest total in 14 games since coming back from injury
  • CV scored 6 points against his former team off the bench
  • I’d like to think the Bucks are what the Pistons would be if they had a scoring center – but then I remember that the backcourt of the Pistons is better and the bench is deeper
  • Mr. McGrady is steadily giving the Pistons minutes at the point – 30 minutes and 20 points for McGrady
  • Former Piston great Carlos Delfino had an off night – well, it’s a night that Pistons fans are used to seeing out of him (2-11 shooting and 8 points)
  • Tonight’s loss for the Bucks was their 14th out of the last 21 games

The Pistons get to spend Superbowl Sunday at home with their families before they gear up for their next game on Tuesday when Antonio McDyess and the 42-8 San Antonio Spurs come to the Palace to face off against the Pistons.  The Spurs have been by far the league’s hottest team and they’re being lead by Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.

For the second consecutive night the Pistons controlled the first half and came out lifeless after the break. That’s two giveaways,  as Detroit lost to the Bucks in Milwaukee’s season opener 85-96.

Key Points:

  • If you missed this game and caught the Pistons home opener then just check this off the list.  Saturday night’s loss was almost identical to what went wrong at the Palace against the Thunder.
  • Ben said it best: “We can’t afford to come out and take off the first five minutes,” said Ben Wallace, who finished with eight points and 10 rebounds. “We got ourselves into a dogfight and they took advantage of it.” Via The Detroit News
  • Pistons aside, go pick up Brandon Jennings in your fantasy teams.  Not only did this rookie almost put up a triple-double the other night he pretty much  single-handedly turned a 49-38 halftime deficit into a 74-63 lead going into the fourth. He scored 14 points during a 19-4 run, and he had 16 points in the quarter. This likely rookie of the year dropped 24 total on Detroit and was fun to watch.  He put Stuckey to shame a couple times down the floor, specifically in the third when Rodney went in for a floater that missed and Jennings picked up his rebound, took it to the other end and put up a left handed floater right back in Stuck’s face.
  • “I’m very pleased with our defensive effort,” Kuester said. “We’ll get better offensively before it’s all over.” Via The Detroit Free Press.
  • Second half failure on offense and defense.  The Pistons allowed the Bucks a free reign  to score 36 points and shoot 68.4% in the third quarter.
  • Why the Bucks crowd felt the need to boo Charlie Villanueva is beyond me.  He didn’t leave and go to a rival for more money, the Bucks never offered him a contract.  Give the guy a break .  Charlie scored 12 points on 4-8 shooting with 6 boards in 23 minutes on the floor.  He helped spark the listless Pistons in the fourth quarter.  Charlie V foul watch – 5 on the night.

Photo/Getty Images
  • No Blaha on the broadcast, they didn’t tell us why, but he was likely filling his MSU responsibilities.  Mark Champion did a fine job on the call.
  • I’m wondering if  Charlie V a good three point shooter, because he sure is taking a ton of them.
  • Say what you will about Kwame Brown, he puts so much effort out every game that it’s refreshing. He finished with 4 boards and a steal.
  • Burn for Jonas Jerebko, who I have noticed at the home games is the girls replacement for Goldie Locks himself Walter Herrmann.  His first name is Jonas but he’s got some fans in Detroit that would rival the Jonas Brothers. Jonas played six minutes and picked up 2 fouls and 2 boards.
  • I always get a kick out of watching Carlos Delfino playing against Detroit no matter what team he’s on.  He always has something to prove and does whatever he can to make his point, good or bad.  He’s starting for the Bucks and I wish him well, but the Pistons usually get the best of him. Delfino finished with 5 points on 2-for-7 shooting.
  • Jason Maxiell had the Milwaukee crowd wowed with a thunder dunk.  Remember when Maxie would come in and spark the team with making plays?  Maybe it came back against the Bucks.  Two ridiculous back to back blocks at end of the first half for Jason.
  • They mentioned on the broadcast that the Guards are carrying the scoring load.  Isn’t that what we expected?  Or are we going to rely on Kwame and Ben?  Tayshaun and Charlie have to help the little guys out.
  • Stuckey scored 13 points on 6-for-19 shooting, looked good in the first half as you can tell from the nice effort and and one below but had difficulties with Jennings and poor shot selection after the break.  Give him credit for 8 assists, something Pistons fans were worried about.  I am a fan of Rodney but sometimes his decisions to drive the lane in the crowd and get stuffed by the big men wears me down.
Video Courtesy of The NBA and The Detroit Pistons
  • Big Ben Wallace had another great night for the Pistons, just 2 points shy of a double-double with 10 boards and 8 points on the night.
  • NO Wilcox or Daye?  I think we needed Chris to give us some inside presence, especially since the front court want really able to do much.
  • You can see how everything just stopped in the second half by the assist stat.  Detroit had 12 at the half and 17 on the night.
  • Outrebounded 26-29.
  • Ben Gordon led the Pistons again with 26 points on 8-for-15 shooting with 3 assists and 2 boards.  Who says the guy plays no D, Gordon statch the ball 3 times against Milwaukee and has been looking like he’s trying to fit into Detroit’s (used to be) defensive mold.

Photo/Getty Images
  • Will Bynum 10 points, 2 assists and a board in 20 minutes.
  • We need a bit more from Tayshaun, especially with Rip out.  He scored 12 on 6-for-12 shooting with 3 assists and 2 boards.  I’m not asking him to put up 20 a night, though I know he can, he just needs to spark the team when he’s on the floor.
  • It’s like a Jekyll and Hyde thing, fun to watch in the first half and a nightmare in the second.
  • Hopefully the two days of “rest” will help Detroit straighten things out before they host Dwight Howard and the Magic Tuesday night.
  • Even if you don’t want to, watch the highlights simply to enjoy the talent that rookie Brandon Jennings displayed Saturday night. Still waiting on the NBA to post them, but here are the first half highlights.

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As I was catching up on my Tweeting, I noticed this from Charlie Villanueva “feeling like crap today, I’m so sick right now.” That was twittered today at 11 AM, hopefully that’s the reason for his woes on court. Feel better @CV31, we need you.

First it was Jonas Jerbeko and not it’s Austin Daye.

“The league announced that Detroit Pistons forward Austin Daye will be suspended for the season opener after a skirmish on Wednesday between him and Milwaukee’s Carlos Delfino.

According the the league, Daye is being suspended for striking Delfino in the face and Delfino, a former Pistons draft pick, is being suspended one game for retaliating.” Via MLive

Let’s hope DaJuan Summers doesn’t follow the rest of the Rookies. Who needs Laimbeer and Mahorn….we have our own Bad Boys now.

The Pistons 113-104 victory last night over the Bucks last night at the Palace was a little interesting.  Not only does the box score show you Gordon, Stuckey and Bynum had great games but the recap at show that the players need to help out the replacement refs.

“The replacement referees caused confusion in the first quarter. Ersan Ilyasova was fouled while shooting a jumper and awarded two free throws. During the next timeout, more than 90 seconds later, the officials decided he had been taking a 3-pointer, and gave him another shot.

He made it, but Prince pointed out that the error was only correctable within 24 seconds, so the point was taken away from Milwaukee.”   Via Dave Hogg at

More from the Free Press on the issues with Replacement refs.

“The refs called a whopping 19 fouls in the first quarter — including 12 on the Pistons. The two teams combined for 68 fouls in the game. Add those to the 59 that were called in Monday’s exhibition opener and it’s apparent these guys have quick whistles.

For the second game in a row, a Pistons rookie was ejected during the waning minutes of the game. Austin Daye got tangled with former Piston Carlos Delfino when Delfino appeared to hit Daye in the chest. Daye swung his arms and the officials tossed both. Fellow rookie Jonas Jerebko was ejected Monday night against the Heat.”

Let’s hope the lockout gets settled soon, you know how we like to get on the officials. Imagine if we have to go into the regular season with the replacements. Heck, I look good in stripes, it may as well be me out there.

Nice Dunk by Gordon who led the way with 24 points.


Thanks to Need4Sheed reader Jay for the video.

Feel free to comment on the game, especially if you happened to be there since it wasn’t televised.

Remember, Jason Maxiell will be at Meijer in Waterford (4200 Highland Road) on Thursday, October 8 from 4:30-5:30 p.m., along with the Year-Round Hoops Truck, where you can get a voucher for a free ticket to a preseason game at The Palace.

And… Open Practice is this Saturday.