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Looks like Joe Dumars was making good use of his Blackberry today trying to work deals that involved Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince.

First the Tayshaun Prince deal.

Early Thursday the Pistons turned down a deal that would have sent Tayshaun Prince to Dallas for the expiring contract of injured Caron Butler and a late 2011 first-round draft pick.

So the Pistons swap expiring deals and get a first round draft pick out of it. Why didn’t Joe D pull the trigger? Tayshaun Prince is worth more to them as a sign and trade if he’s not in a Pistons uniform next season.

This is the one that hurts:

Rip HamiltonHamilton, who is owed $25 million for two more years after the current season, and who hasn’t played more than a few minutes since Laimbeer was wearing short shorts, would have been shipped to Cleveland for a future protected draft pick.

Sounds like the Pistons really don’t get a thing, but the fact is they are getting nothing from Rip and his contract at the moment no matter who you want to blame in this whole mess.

“We worked very hard through the trade deadline, but at the end of the day, there simply wasn’t a good deal for us to make,” Pistons president Joe Dumars wrote in an email to The Detroit News. If Hamilton would have been cut free, he would have become a free agent, free to sign with any team, most likely the Boston Celtics, who expressed interest in signing Hamilton.” via The Detroit News

So my initial reaction that I shared with twitter follower was:

Am I supposed to be pissed at Rip right now?….cause I think I am

Then the storm of tweets back at me followed and a good 95% of them were yes (that’s the G rated answer).

Pistons fans are upset and would have loved to see some of this mess resolved by seeing the whole Rip situation go away.

We can look at it from both sides.

I’m Rip, I don’t want to play for the worst team in the league and if I’m going to get bought out the money needs to be right.  So that’s Rip’s side right?

Right now we don’t know the final number he was offered, but he did have a choice.  He could have taken the money and played for a championship tomorrow with the Celtics who were drooling to pick him up.

So how do about 95% of the fans I have been in contact with feel?  Upset, betrayed and held hostage by a player who they once loved and respected.  In times when things are as bleak as they have been since the Pistons had horses on their jersey they wanted to see this thing settled in the any way possible.

Now for most it just looks like selfishness on Rip’s part.  Add in anger towards Kuester, and displeasure that this sale hasn’t gone through.

Pistons fans…this is limbo.

Blurb from The News-Herald out of Ohio claims Rasheed Wallace asked for a buyout before this season to go to the Cavs.

“Sources say Pistons forward/center Rasheed Wallace asked for a buyout this year, but management declined. Some observers think the possible buyout would have been to join the Cavs. He’s an unrestricted free agent this summer and could be someone the Cavs covet — at the right price. He seems totally disinterested in this current series, but the 6-foot-11, 230-pounder still has something left in his tank.”

Dave Dial over at MLive did a little digging and can’t find any real proof of the rumor.

I don’t really know what to take from this. True or not, why are we hearing about it after the season? Someone is going to have a Need4Sheed but odds are it’s not going to be Detroit again.

UPDATE: Chris McCosky of the Detroit News sets things straight about this rumor.

Contrary to published reports out of Cleveland, Rasheed Wallace never approached Joe Dumars about a buyout.

Could you imagine? Here’s Wallace, struggling most of the season, missing 11 games with a calf injury, coming into Dumars’ office and saying, “Joe, I need you to buy me out so I can finish the season with the Cavs. You know, help LeBron get that ‘ship.”

Sure, anything you want.

Wallace, as Dumars confirmed through e-mail Tuesday, wouldn’t be that bold, or stupid.

That said, one of Wallace’s running bits in the locker room was to wish out loud for a buyout. It started when the Pistons signed Chris Webber a couple years ago after he’d been bought out by Philadelphia.

Wallace would always say, “Damn, I wish somebody would buy me out.”

It was a joke. He was envious of Webber getting all his money from the 76ers and another check from the Pistons on top of it.

Now, the other part of the Cleveland report — that the Cavaliers will consider signing Wallace this summer — is true.

Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry loves big men who can shoot from the perimeter. He would love to have Wallace spotted up when LeBron James draws double- and triple-teams.

We know the McDyess situation. Antonio left a ton of money on the table when he was bought out by the Nuggets.

To be exact, no NBA player has ever left so much money on the table in a contract buyout.

SI’s Ian Thomsen:

“League sources believe the three bidders to be Cleveland, San Antonio and Boston. The team offering the most money to McDyess is the Cavaliers, according to one league source. They could offer McDyess multiple years starting at more than $5 million this season.”

I think like many of you, if McDyess goes to the Cavs that would be a huge blow. Please come home Antonio!