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So I’m playing around on twitter today, and I see Brandi Maxiell (Jason’s wife) make a comment about having a good time with “hubby” and some friends.  Now, if you know me on twitter, you know that I can be one of the more random twitterers you’ll find.  So I figured, since I was killing time, I’d ask Brandi how she felt about being married to a “baby eater”.

I wasn’t expecting a response, and honestly I think the fact that a tweet asking that question from a person that has a picture of the Spice Girls as a profile picture made it all the more intriguing and/or tempting to respond to.  She responded with this or if you don’t “do” twitter at work or home, she replied “lmao, wth”.

Now this was obviously a lighthearted, and extremely brief moment I shared with her but it got me thinking about nicknames.  I’ve got a whole list of nicknames for players that I like such as: Ken “Junior” Griffey Jr., Nolan “Ryan Express” Ryan, Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson, Isiah “Zeke” Thomas, Michael “Air” Jordan, etc.  Now that I’m a little older, I don’t really associate “nicknames” for guys like I used to.  Sure there’s a few still out there like: King James, CP3, Dwyane “Flash” Wade, CB4, Richard “Rip” Hamilton, etc.  But I much rather call a guy by his name unless, you know, I’m hanging out with my boys and we’re having a good time watching a game or something.

So I put it to you, Need4Sheed Nation (are we a nation?)… What are some of your favorite nicknames of all-time and current players?  My personal favorite is still Jason Maxiell’s “Baby Eater”, and I use it quite frequently when I reference a dunk or a blocked shot during a game.  I like “Ice Man” for George Gervin too… but enough about what I like, what do you guys like?

Here is a list of NBA nicknames for players both past and present to help out, in case you can’t remember: Both Teams Played Hard.