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Thanks to my up close and personal seat behind the Celtics Bench and my awesome Pistons themed Flip Video, here is Sheed’s return to The Palace of Auburn Hills for the very first time in green.

Straight from my unsteady hand to you in HD, with a special bonus, the Pistons opening intros.

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I am sincerely apologizing for my whistling, I know I can get pretty loud at times.

Palace/GardenYou know I’m usually not one to do Podcasts, I have two of the best doing one for Need4Sheed, but when JP and Dave over at Palace/Garden contacted me about doing their Podcast I couldn’t resist.

See Dave is a Pistons fan and JP is a Celtics fan…hence the name Palace/Garden, and what comes out of it is two friends doing a weekly podcast about their need4sheed_alt_smallfavorite teams.  It’s just too bad JP doesn’t know any better, I’m pretty sure he was dropped on his head when he was a child.

Talking Pistons, a little Sheed, causing trouble, ripping on all things Celtics….good times.

Head over to Palace/Garden to listen to the Podcast.

The hate for Brian Scalabrine is still alive Pistons fans.

Forget the fact that Detroit has now lost 4th straight, forget the fact that they haven’t beaten the Utah Jazz since 2005 or in Utah since Karl Malone was on court, what you should remember is this current Pistons squad gave us one heck of a game to watch.  They may have lost in OT 97-100, but they left their hearts on the court from tip to buzzer.

Key Points:

  • We thought the key to their success was going to be putting up points since the acquisitions of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva… We play D!
  • They play Defense, but let the Jazz get to the line 44 times.  Detroit just 25 attempts at the stripe.
  • Never liked Boozer, but it’s got to be rough to get booed by your own fans.
  • Nice outing by the rookie DaJuan Summers, who scored 5 points and assist and a really nice block.
  • Austin Day played just a minute twenty seven.
  • Wilcox still too much noting.
  • Another game another filling of the box score by Ben Gordon, who lead all scorers  with 25 points in 47 minutes of play.  Add 5 boards, 3 assists and 2 steals and I dare anyone say this man was overpaid with a fat contract.
Photo /Getty Images
  • I am surprised every night at the Points in the paint stat.  You would think that since we don’t have Sheed or Dyess or a solid center that Detroit wouldn’t be able to score down low.  Our guards, plus CV31 had 44 down low.  Shame on you Rasheed Wallace for living outside the three point arc, Boston fans still think you’ll play in the paint (silly Celtic fans).
  • Fun to see Ben Wallace with so much passion again. Ben scored 8 with 9 boards.
  • Detroit looked sharp all the way through, sharing the ball, executing played and playing good D.  This was a tough loss, but when you watch this team play with the heart that they do, you still come away happy.  Thanks boys!
  • Sweeeeeeede with 4 points, 6 boards in 19 minutes.  If he can get a little better on the defensive end, he’s going to make Dumars look like a hero.
  • Rodney Stuckey scored 18 points, and Charlie Villanueva had 17 points.  Both played well, unfortunately we missed Charlie in OT after he fouled out.
  • You would think we had a chance last night, Utah dressed just 9 players and our old friend Memo wasn’t one of them.
  • Bynum continues his stellar crunch time play.  Will scored 16 points in 32 minutes with 2 assists, 6 boards and 4 turnovers. Bash me all you will but Will should be the starting point guard in my opinion.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think Stuckey is great, it just means I think Will plays the PG position better.

Photo/Getty Images
  • Curse you AK47, your clutch shots won the game for your team.
  • We continue to win the board wars. Detroit is out-rebounding almost every team the play 40 to 34 in Utah.  Another reason why we are in just about every game.
  • Utah has a VERY big center Fesenko, who started in place of Memo.  This 300 pound plus player looks more like the kid down the block that wears shorts in the winter than he does an NBA player.
  • With the score tied at 90, Milsap had a chance to win it but missed his jumpshot to send it to OT.
  • Highlights of the game Via

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  • Rip and Tayshaun back on court doing light practice.  Still timetable when they will return.
  • They have to bounce back quickly to play the Suns tonight in Phoenix.  What a trip!

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You know I always catch something when it has to do with Sheed, so when this popped up in the Detroit Free Press this morning it had me asking this question.

Why Does Brian Scalabrine think he’s good at Basketball?

“I’m loving Rasheed Wallace,” Celtics small forward Brian Scalabrine said last week

“I’m incredibly psyched,” Scalabrine said. “Winning championships is something I want to continue to do.” Via The Detroit Free Press

Really Brian? Really?

Not only did he contribute less than nothing to the Celtics Championship run but he looks awful in green and the dude has no sock on…come on.

Maybe it’s the same reason Robert Swift thinks he hardcore.

Put it this way Pistons fans…it’s like saying Darko Milicic saying the same thing.

Via Yahoo Sports.

“Boston did offer Davis and guards J.R. Giddens and Gabe Pruit to the Pistons for forward Jason Maxiell and a first-round pick, but was quickly turned down.”

Now this doesn’t say what year that 1st rounder would come from but maybe that was and issue as well as the signing of Wilcox to fill Detroit’s need in the front court.

I know I don’t have to ask, but how many of you would have like to see this one go down?

Though Sheed is gone, I still get a kick out of the video I made of Sheed vs. Stewie.

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We have to keep ourselves busy with something while Joe D is working on what this team is going to look like.

Thanks go out to Need4Sheed reader Dominic Mirabella who made my day with his post on my Facebook page.

Dominic Mirabella: “Funny story… this was the tagline of my buddy’s Facebook status at 9 AM this morning. Thought your follower’s would get a kick out of it”

Steve Schaefer:

“…just ate breakfast at a coney island with 2 police officers, 3 regulars, and Rasheed Wallace…now that’s a morning crew. Rasheed was whistling to “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” on the radio…unreal.”

And that’s what we will miss….SHEEDTastic!

This had to be done…

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