Joe Says No to Maxiell for Glen Davis

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Via Yahoo Sports. “Boston did offer Davis and guards J.R. Giddens and Gabe Pruit to the Pistons for forward Jason Maxiell and a first-round pick, but was quickly turned down.” Now this doesn’t say what year that 1st rounder would come from but maybe that was and issue as well as the signing of Wilcox […]

Nesterovic and Wilcox ahead of the Pack

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From ESPN’s Mark Stein “It’s believed that the Pistons, as of Thursday, have Rasho Nesterovic and Chris Wilcox ahead of Drew Gooden as their next free-agent targets, since it appears that they can’t assemble an offer sheet rich enough for Glen Davis to keep the Boston Celtics from matching.” My thoughts..they are Centers, a position […]

Sheed vs. Stewie is Timeless

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Though Sheed is gone, I still get a kick out of the video I made of Sheed vs. Stewie. [flashvideo file=videos/flash_videos/sheedvsstewie_1.flv /] We have to keep ourselves busy with something while Joe D is working on what this team is going to look like.

Sheed Loves Wang Chung

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Thanks go out to Need4Sheed reader Dominic Mirabella who made my day with his post on my Facebook page. Dominic Mirabella: “Funny story… this was the tagline of my buddy’s Facebook status at 9 AM this morning. Thought your follower’s would get a kick out of it” Steve Schaefer: “…just ate breakfast at a coney […]

Live On Air – Need4Sheed and The Enemy

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Calling all Pistons fans, (and Need4Sheed fans for that matter) I will be Live on air from 9 P.M EST to about 10 with Celtics Blog RedsArmy on their BlogTalkRadio Call in Show The Two Man Game. Don’t think I’m switching sides, I will be there to talk Sheed and REP the D! Tune in […]

Ainge Talks about the Rondo – Allen Trade Rumor

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Danny Ainge weighs in about the Celtics-Pistons trade rumor. Via “When asked about the rumor this morning during a press conference at the team’s facility in Waltham, Ainge did not offer a denial of the specific report, but strongly indicated he does not expect to deal Rondo, the remarkably talented but erratic 23-year-old point […]

Pistons vs. Bulls

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The Pistons host the Bulls tonight in a battle for playoff position. Chicago comes into the Palace tonight on a four game winning streak a game ahead of Detroit for the 7th seed in the playoff race. “Simply put, a win Monday would give the Pistons a leg up on Bulls, whether they’re settling […]

A Sign of good things to Come in Boston?

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Things have really changed around here when we are celebrating a two game winning streak. The Pistons closed out their tough five game road trip with a solid win in Boston against the World Champion Celtics. The Celtics were without Kevin Garnett, but Detroit’s 105-95 road victory was impressive regardless of the former league’s MVP […]

The Pistons vs. The Celtics

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The Pistons are in Boston for an early Sunday afternoon game with The Celtics. If Detroit’s past has anything to do with today’s game, the Pistons are in a world of trouble. The Pistons must overcome the past because they have some obstacles to deal with this afternoon. An early afternoon Sunday game. A Nationally […]

Pistons vs. Celtics

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The 38-9 Celtics come into the Palace on a 9 game winning streak. The Pistons, have one under their belt. The Celtics have quite frankly, put the beat down on the Pistons in both of their meetings this season. And we know how we fared in the playoffs last season. If you haven’t been keeping […]