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The #Pistons closed out their season series with a 96-81 over the #Celtics Sunday night at a sellout crowd at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The Pistons, who have now won seven of their last nine games could go into the All Star break on a winning note.

Key Points:

  • This game looked as though it may have been close, but soon after Detroit  broke a  26-all tie after one quarter to seize control firmly before halftime they never really let go.
  • Greg Monroe led the Pistons with 17,  and 10 boards.  Good to see Moose shake his offensive woes.  Greg was aggressive all night long.
  • No Kevin Garnett for the Celtics.
  • Defense! Detroit forced turnovers all night and capitalized on them.

Rodney Stuckey on defense: “It’s pretty much how we won the ball game. Defensively getting after them; our big guys did a phenomenal job of rebounding the basketball, we got out on the break, pushing the ball, and getting to the free throw-line really helped us. We didn’t shoot the ball well tonight, but just getting to the free-throw line and our defense really helped us tonight.”

  • I can’t remember the last time the Pistons dis so well with second-chance points. The Pistons with a  29-6 advantage over Boston.
  • The Pistons shot more than 30
  • The Pistons frustrated Rajon Rondo so much that he got tossed in the third quarter after two quick technical fouls.  FYI, after a few choice words you can’t throw the ball at the ref, just ask Sheed.
  • Rondo ejected via

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  • Five Pistons in double figures.
  • 40 points in the paint to 18 for Boston.
  • Jason Maxiell with six points and 10 boards, with one blocked shots and three assists in 21 minutes.  Jason is flourishing in the starting lineup.  He’s not filling the stats but he’s doing the important things to make teams win just like Jonas.
Jason Maxiell

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • Jason isn’t the only one who has been playing better. Since Jonas and Jason have switched places in the starting lineup they each have stepped up their game.  Jonas finished with 13 points, 6 boards, 2 steals and a blocked shot in 21 minutes.  That’s a Need4Swede.
  • How good does it feel to win the season series again the Celtics?
  • Daye in the doghouse.
  • Vernon Macklin gets 2 points in his 43 seconds on the court!
  • Brandon Knight with 12 points, 2 assists and 4 boards.
  • Nice game from Tayshaun who put up 13 with 6 boards and an assist.
  • Ben Wallace…Get that out of here

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  • Ben Gordon puts up 4 points, but am I imagining things or is this guy actually playing defense?
  • Pistons to the line 46 times on the night and made 29.
Jonas Jerebko

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • I wish I had Charlie Villanueva’s job. I could really use a paid extend vacation.
  • Stuckey with 16 points on 2-for-10 shooting, going 12-15 from the line.
  • The Pistons won the board war 43 to 40.
  • The Pistons led by 13 at halftime and 14 after three-quarters, had they made their free throws this would have been a blowout.
  • It’s fun to win and I’m glad this team is doing so.  They are actually fun to watch right now.  I hate to say it, but I’m hoping they don’t play well enough to ruin their chances of a high draft pick just to sputter out.  I am not about tanking at all but it’s a double-edged sword.  You need a good draft, especially when you have money tied up in players like Gordon and Villanueva.
  • Highlights via

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Greg Monroe: “I think our intensity and focus over the full 48 minutes has changed. Everybody has come into their roles, everybody is holding themselves accountable and we’re all playing together.”

  • Winnable game against the Cavs on Tuesday.

The 10-22 #Pistons will be hosting the 15-14 #Celtics for a rematch of their meeting in Boston on Wednesday. The Pistons, who prevailed in Boston, find themselves winners of six or their last eight games, while the Celtics have dropped four of five, managing just 84.8 points per game.

This will be the last time these two teams meet this season.

  • The good: Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight.
  • The bad: Rajon Rondo, the Pistons can’t let Rondo have a game like he did on Wednesday, especially if anyone else on the Celtics gets involved.
  • Who to watch: Greg Monroe would love to get back to putting up the scoring numbers he has been all season. Keep an eye on him early to see if he pulls out of his mini slump.
  • The unknown: Can Rodney keep playing like he has been, especially with Rondo on the floor?

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The Pistons, despite a big game from Greg Monroe, continued their woes with a 96-85 loss to the Celtics in Boston.  The Celtics Jermaine O’Neal led Boston with 19 points after putting up just 8 point in the Celtics previous three games.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons actually look like a decent team…for about the first 12 minutes.
  • All of Ben Gordon’s five assists were pretty, too bad he shot just 10.  After Wednesday’s game and his resurgence (if that’s what you can call it) you had to figure he was going to have more touches.  Ben finished with 9 points on 4-of-10 shooting.
  • Daye got  his first point of the season going 5-for-11 for 11 points and 5 boards.
  • Surprisingly the Pistons won the board war 35-30, but that’s not saying much considering the Celtics are rebound challenged too.
  • When Jermaine O’Neal is a +25 against you, that says a lot.
  • Starting PG Rodney Stuckey was 1-for-11  with 7 assists in 27 minutes.  If he can’t learn to finish, he needs to stay out of the paint.  Frustrating.
  • Tayshaun Prince with 10 points in 30 minutes.  He took a hit to his knee that’s been giving him trouble.  Let’s keep an eye on that.
  • Brandon Knight didn’t set the Garden on fire going 3-for-11 for 10 points and no assists in 16 29 minutes on the floor.
  • Ben Wallace didn’t come into the ball game ’till late in the 4th quarter for clean up minutes along with Will Bynum and Vernon Macklin.
  • Greg Monroe started the game off right, punishing the Celtics for his match up against Stiemsma.  Moose finished with a game high 22 points and 9 boards. He also added 4 very nice assists.  Thank you Mr. Monroe.
Greg Monroe Scores 22

Photo/Getty Images Editing

  • Jonas seemed to be his usual hustle, get to everything guy.
  • Love Maxiell, but if he’s what the Pistons are counting on for a presence down low, this is going to be a longer season than we all thought it would be.

Highlights via

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  • The way this team can let a game slip away in a matter of minutes is a huge concern. They were actually in this one for a while.

Quote from Austin Day last night after the game: “Im just trying to buy into what L Frank is saying”

  • It may not mean much, but all I could think of when he said it was…bad choice of words, especially after last season. #buffoonery

The 0-2 Pistons are in Boston to take on the 0-3 Celtics. Someone has to win this one and I’m not sure the percentage of you that think it’s going to be Detroit after their first two games.

  • The Good: Ben Gordon looks like he may have gotten out of his funk. Brandon Knight…is the real deal.
  • The Bad: Still no Charlie V and Paul Pierce may be joining his team for the first time this season.
  • The Unknown: Just how long it takes for Lawrence Frank to call on the Knight show. How long it will take Austin Daye to get his first point of the season.

The Scouting Report via

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A lot of moves have happened recently in the NBA, so let’s catch up on where our favorite former Pistons have landed:

  • Chauncey Billups was waived via the amnesty clause from the New York Knicks, and was claimed by the LA Clippers
  • Chris Wilcox signed a contract with the Boston Celtics
  • Richard Hamilton was waived via contract buyout from the Detroit Pistons, and was signed to a free agent deal by the Chicago Bulls
  • DaJuan Summers signed a contract with the New Orleans Hornets
  • Tracy McGrady has signed with the Atlanta Hawks
  • John Kuester was hired by the LA Lakers to be an Assistant Coach to Head Coach Mike Brown

A lot of you didn’t like what I had to say about Richard Hamilton’s time in Detroit, as a member of the Pistons.  Allow me to clarify:

  • I don’t blame Hamilton for the Pistons problems.
  • I don’t think Hamilton was the ring leader of last year’s buffoonery, but he was a willing participant.
  • Hamilton is one of the greatest Pistons in the history of the franchise.
  • Aside from Chauncey Billups, there is not a guy on the team I would trust more with a game winning shot than Hamilton.
  • It is not Hamilton’s problem he signed a virtually untradeable contract, he was offered the contract.
  • You can’t blame Hamilton for thinking he can still play at a high level, he was only 32 last year and is in great shape.

I believe Rip has the chance to be the “Rasheed Wallace” type of acquisition for last season’s #1 seed Chicago Bulls.  He will bring a veteran presence who has been through the wars, and could be a calming influence on Derrick Rose which will only make him better.  So many times last year, Rose was forced into being the go-to guy on a team with questionable backcourt support.  Kyle Korver and Keith Bogans are not as good as Rip Hamilton, who I think will give the team 25-30 quality minutes and is someone who should step right in and claim a starting spot based on ability alone.

The terms of the deal Rip signed with Chicago are 3 years 15 million (2 years fully guaranteed, 3rd year partially guaranteed).

I believe this deal puts Chicago over the top, and in direct competition with the Miami Heat for this season’s championship.  Even though I can’t go back and re-record the podcast from a couple of weeks ago where I proclaimed the Lakers to be the next champions, I will say that I believe the Bulls will be this year’s NBA champion now that some of the pieces have fallen (Chris Paul to Clippers, Dwight Howard staying in Orlando for now).

It’s clear by the comments on my previous Richard Hamilton post that the good lot of you will miss Rip even though the last few years have been underwhelming.  I wouldn’t be against seeing the Bulls or Clippers do well this season with the additions of Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups collectively.

In Chauncey Billups the LA Clippers acquired a guy who would’ve started and served as a mentor for Eric Bledsoe had they not been able to acquire Chris Paul.  Now Billups can start at shooting guard and backup Paul at the point until the offseason when the Clippers are able to acquire a pure shooting guard.

Chris Wilcox isn’t really guaranteed a spot in the rotation for the Boston Celtics, honestly he seems a little out of place on that team.  With the Celtics aging, and if Wilcox makes the team, he should play most of his minutes on the 3rd game of the back to back to backs and in the 2nd game of back to backs to keep KG fresh.  With Jeff Green missing the season with a heart aneurysm, Wilcox could step in with 15-20 minutes a night possibly at the backup PF and C positions depending on how Jermaine O’Neal holds up.

DaJuan Summers was never really given a shot with the Pistons, either by his overall lack of talent or with the coaches that were trying to keep their jobs by not giving him or Austin Daye playing time.  It’s hard to say that Summers wasn’t given a chance, because Jonas Jerebko stepped up and played important minutes as a rookie and would’ve played more minutes last year had he remained healthy.  Summers, known for his NBA-ready physique, has shown flashes in garbage time with the Pistons.  If he makes the New Orleans Hornets, he will be fighting for playing time with Quincy Pondexter and Al Farouq-Aminu behind returning starter Trevor Ariza.  Considering both Pondexter and Aminu are former 1st round picks, the Hornets would likely opt to keep their potential around than Summers, who couldn’t see playing time in a season where the main backup to the SF position on the Pistons was out for the season last year.

Tracy McGrady has signed a contract with the Atlanta Hawks, where he will serve as Joe Johnson’s primary backup with the departure of Jamal Crawford.  McGrady, who made the most of his time with the Pistons (while also being labeled a team cancer by Mr. Wieme), will be able to show the league that he is healthy and still can play important minutes in the league  on the playoff contending Hawks team.

McGrady spent time on the Pistons last season as the starting point guard, and first guard off the bench for the Pistons.  It was his first successful season since knee injuries began to de-rail his career with the Houston Rockets, and in his short stint with the New York Knicks where his expiring contract helped the Knicks line themselves up for the “Summer of 2010″ Free Agent class.

And John Kuester… LOL who cares?

Let me dust off the cobwebs…

Sorry you guys, Natalie and I have been busy doing life related things, and have not had a chance to update the site as frequently as we would like in the last few weeks. We both know that while there is not a lot of positive things going on, a coaching search still happened during this lockout downtime. While most of us weren’t thrilled with the options available for Head Coaching candidates, in my opinion we got the best of the available bunch.

So… Lawrence Frank, what do we know about him?

  • Born in New York and raised in New Jersey.
  • Did not make any organized basketball teams during his time in High School.
  • Volunteered to be a manager for the Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball for 4 seasons under legendary coach, Bob Knight.
  • Has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education.
  • Served as an Assistant Coach under current USC Men’s Basketball Team Coach Kevin O’Neill’s staff at the University of Tennessee after working as a staff assistant with O’Neill at Marquette University for 2 years.
  • Current Pistons’ Assistant Coach Brian Hill (my original recommendation for the coaching job) had Frank as an Assistant Coach on his staff with the expansion Vancouver Grizzlies team.
  • Frank was named Interim Head Coach of the New Jersey Nets during the 2003-2004 NBA season after Byron Scott was fired.
  • Frank became the permanent Head Coach after the season, in which he started 13-0 which set a record for most consecutive coaching victories to start a career.
  • Frank was fired from his position as Head Coach of the Nets during the 2009-2010 season, just after Thanksgiving. The Nets began the season 0-16.
  • Frank spent some time as an on-air analyst for NBATV during the 2009-2010 season.
  • Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers hired Frank to takeover the Assistant Head Coaching spot left vacant by Tom Thibodeau when Thibs left to become the new Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls.
  • Frank, alongside Rivers, helped the Celtics advance to the 2011 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals where they lost to Joel Anthony and the rest of the eventual Eastern Conference Champion, Miami Heat.
  • Frank has a career record of 225-241 which is a .483 winning percentage.
  • Frank’s style has always been balanced defense and offense. Motion based offense, primarily because of the backcourt he had in New Jersey. The offense will work in a halfcourt set, like we’re all used to seeing as Pistons’ fans.
  • The defense will likely revert back to a little of what we saw with Larry Brown, as far as sets are concerned. Frank ran a trapping half court set that would jump back and forth from zone to man according to matchups.
  • Frank has coached some good players in his time as a Coach in this league: KG, Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, Ray Allen and Vince Carter just to name a few.
  • Frank is highly respected around the league, as evidence to his hiring to be Doc Rivers’ primary Assistant in Boston, replacing Thibodeau.

I’ve been hoping that Detroit would select Frank because, as you heard me say in the last podcast, it’s time for the Pistons to break out of their “roots”. It’s nice and sentimental to hire old, familiar faces from the by-gone era of the franchise. Allowing another 1st year Head Coach (Laimbeer) to come in and flounder in his first year or two not only puts Joe Dumars’ job at risk, but it doesn’t give new owner Tom Gores’ and his Platinum team a potential high reward. Frank is a low risk, high reward hiring.  He has shown he has the ability to “coach up” his teams, as evidenced by the 13-0 start to his career after the Byron Scott firing.  He will also be a good Head Coach to have in place while building a team, and re-establishing the “Piston Way” of doing things since he is a defensive minded coach, who typically runs a half court “motion” offense which has been the Pistons “bread and butter” for years.

He has coached teams that have had a lot of talent, and then some that have had little talent. Consider Frank to be a more experienced Rick Carlisle (pre Dallas Mavs, Carlisle), and take back what Joe said after he hired John Kuester, (and I’m paraphrasing) “This team is in the pre-Rick Carlisle stage. They’re poised for another run”.

This team is far from another run, unless the new CBA allows for them to not only dump a bad contract (via Amnesty Clause in the last CBA) but also to trade bad contracts to another team to clear cap space. A single player base of rookie sensation Greg Monroe is a strong start to build around. Monroe has shown that he truly does have the heart of a Piston and is willing to do whatever the team needs him to do to win.

Frank is a safe choice to be the next Head Coach of the Pistons. We’ve all read the negative things about him: “He lost the team in New Jersey” or “his last year started off 0-16″ or “He’s not as good as his 13-0 start” or “he should’ve gotten more out of that Nets team that featured Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson”. Frank will give this team the stability it has lacked in the Head Coaching position for the last 6 seasons because of his demeanor, work ethic, relative youth, and experience in dealing with the attitudes that come along with “entitled” athletes.

Rodney Stuckey was benched in today’s game against the Boston Celtics for refusing to re-enter the game Friday night against the Chicago Bulls.  What else does Stuckey have to do to lose the respect of Pistons fans?  Here he is, in his 4th year in the NBA and still acting like an immature young player in a season where leadership and respect is there for the taking.

I just hope the Pistons can get something for him this offseason when he leaves.  I apologize in advance for not shedding the same virtual tears when Rodney leaves as I did when Chauncey and Stuckey’s draft mate Arron Afflalo left the team. Now Kuester doen’t get a pass either, each one of us has a better chance at winning a million dollars playing blackjack online than John Kuester has of returning to Detroit next season.  Now on to the rest of the team, who are now playing out the string and earning time for next season:

  • The Pistons won the 1st and 4th quarters – but they lost the game in the 3rd by giving up 33 points to the (currently) 2nd seeded Boston Celtics
  • Shaquille O’Neal may have to hang it up this season after limping off badly in today’s game after only 5 minutes on the floor
  • Charlie Villanueva’s numbers are deceiving – sure he had a solid offensive game, but his points were canceled out as he scored 15 and was a team worst -15 on the night
  • Need4Sheed favorite Will Bynum started in place of Tracy McGrady, and ended up with 20 points and only 1 assist.

Photo Getty Images editing

  • Detroit got “Rondo’d” – Rajon Rondo finished with 14 assists and 5 turnovers.
  • I hate to admit it – Boston is pretty deep.  I know it’s hoping a lot that Jermaine O’Neal or Shaquille O’Neal stay healthy enough to give minutes but Baby Davis gives Boston a solid 6th man off the bench.  Delonte West is a solid guard off the bench.  This team can guard just about everyone on the perimeter, except maybe LeBron James – but we’ll see what Pierce and Jeff Green can do this postseason
  • Austin Daye must be in the dog house somewhat – either that, or he’s not worth giving much time on the floor at this point.  There’s really no excuse for him to play only 15 minutes when Prince and Rip play 30+
  • Super rookie Rodney White Greg Monroe had a down night – 11 points and 5 rebounds to go with a tough matchup all night – KG and Baby Davis
  • Hell, with all the turmoil going on on the Pistons sideline even Jason Maxiell saw some decent run in today’s game.  My how far this team has fallen in his time on the roster.
  • Pistons coach JKIAFI John Kuester referred to Stuckey’s benching as a “setback” in his “growth process” – aka “Stuckey is still immature, even in his 4th year in the league.  On a team dying for a leader to step up.”

Stuckey: “Mentally, mentally, I’m mentally drained. Hopefully I can get through these six games and we’ll see what happens next year.”  Via The Detroit News

Up next on “As The World Turns” the Pistons schedule are the young and peppy Wizards lead by newcomers Jordan Crawford and John Wall.  Detroit will have their hands full if Ben Wallace does not play again because of the size the Wizards have on their front line with Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee.

I usually attend the Wizards game when the Pistons are town but this year, I’m going to save my money and watch it on TV.  Stay tuned this week as rumor has it Natalie and I are going to pump out another podcast – I will be there ready to apologize to you all for saying the Pistons would go 9-3 to close out the season and they would make the playoffs.  I’m sure we’ll also continue to talk about Rodney Stuckey, Coach Kuester, how Natalie’s dog saved her life, and more!

The latest incarnation of the Detroit Pistons’ rotation can be viewed as a bit of a “success” because of the success the team has had since the benching of former starting shooting guard, Richard Hamilton. Despite rumors saying he was benched to avoid injury for a trade, or for being benched for being a poor influence to a young group of players, it’s hard for one to argue that the team has not been better off without Hamilton in the lineup.

Tonight, however, the new lineup could not contain the defending Eastern Conference Champs in Boston. Detroit took a small lead at half after shooting 58% from the field in the 2nd quarter. It was an odd game all around for both teams: Tracy McGrady played 37 minutes for Detroit, Shaquille O’Neal was diving on the floor for loose balls, etc. At the end though, all the strange things that we saw resulted in a familiar sight for Pistons’ fans as Detroit lost to the Celtics in Boston, 86-82. Get to the highlights you’re saying? Sure thing:

  • Sometime during the 2nd quarter, Richard Hamilton got up off the bench and started stretching.  It was the most game action he’s seen in the last 4 games.
  • Stuckey has played well at the 2 since Hamilton’s benching – tonight he didn’t shoot well (5-14 from the field) in 28 minutes.
  • Mr. McGrady played 37 minutes and started at the point again for the Pistons.  Although he didn’t shoot too well from the field, he did provide 7 assists and has proven to be the most consistent backcourt player on the roster so far this season.
  • Ben Wallace was out with an ankle tonight which meant that Shaquille O’Neal basically had an open lane to the basket all night.  Shaq finished the game with 12 points and 12 rebounds.
  • Boston outrebounded Detroit 47-32. … lol
  • Rajon Rondo played a game high 40 minutes and did not register double digits in points, rebounds, or assists but he nearly had a triple double.  Rondo also picked up a technical foul in the game.
  • Charlie V played 30 minutes off the bench for Detroit – it seems as if my wishes of Charlie becoming a starter for this team are fading by the game.
  • Highlights of the game via

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  • How about Chris Wilcox?  He’s getting close to 10 and 10 a night per 36, which isn’t bad for a $3m per year power forward.  Wilcox added 9 points with 7 rebounds to go with 1 blocked shot.
  • It looked like Detroit was going to pull out the win until they were unable to score a point in the final 2 minutes 43 seconds of the game.
  • This loss ended the longest winning streak of the season for the Pistons.  Think about that… 3 wins in a row
  • My how far we’ve fallen
  • Bynumite with 2 points in 10 minutes off the bench.
  • Nothing came of the KG – @CV31 battle.  I was sure KG would get one or two cheap shots in.
Charlie Villanueva and Kevin Garnett

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • No playing time for Hamilton, Maxiell or DaJuan Summers tonight while Luke Harangody was the only Celtic healthy enough to play, but did not see action.
  • I really dislike the Boston Celtics and Tommy Heinsohn.

How fitting that the next game for the Pistons after the New Jersey Nets owner said “No deal” for Carmelo Anthony, is against the New Jersey Nets in New Jersey?

Hopefully Avery Johnson and Rip can share a good laugh during pre-game and maybe even a few pleasantries.  Detroit travels to New Jersey for a Friday night game against Kris Humphries and the New Jersey Nets.

The 15-26 Pistons are in Boston to take on the 31-9 Celtics.  Both teams will be going for their 4th straight win Wednesday night.  Though that’s not a big deal to the Celtics, the Pistons are looking for their first four-game winning streak since a five-game run Dec. 4-12, 2009.

Besides the Rip ‘DNP” drama that the Pistons can’t seem to get away from there is one question that still needs answering. Will the Kevin Garnett vs. Charlie Villanueva drama unfold or will it turn out to be a lot of nothing. My money is on at least something happening, since Charlie got away with an uncontested shove when he walked off the court in their last meeting. Garnett didn’t get to retaliate because he left with an injury and never returned. I wonder if Sports Betting sites are taking odds? If they have a bet on backpedaling or cheap shots put your money on KG.

Make us proud Charlie V.

If you’re unaware of KG’s antics please take a look at this YouTube video appropriately titled Kevin Garnett the Vanilla Ice of Big Men.

Looks like the Pistons again won’t have Ben Wallace, who’s still nurturing his ankle.

The Scouting Report via

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If you’re looking to catch a game, the Pistons will be back home Saturday the 22nd.  Get tickets for as low as $6 to see Detroit take on Phoenix.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit . If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.

No, you didn’t hear it wrong at all, the Pistons handed The Boston Celtics their sixth loss of the season Wednesday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Detroit, without Rodney Stuckey in the lineup who was ill with a stomach virus, started Tracy McGrady in his place at the point and he led the team to victory, putting up a season high 21 points.

Key Points:

  • Tons of Boston fans in the building, that really could be heard every time the Celtics scored in the first few minutes of the ball game. They were quickly silenced in the middle of the first quarter by the play of the Pistons. The Detroit fans took over along with the Pistons.
  • The Charlie V and KG thing never really materialized because of the quick 2 fouls Villanueva picked up, but when he left the court he “accidentally” bumped into Garnett when he was leaving. You can see it in the Highlights of the game in the video in this post.
  • Did the Pistons just find their new point guard? T-mac really took charge of running the offense and put up his best numbers of the year and in Pistons blue, red and white. McGrady finished with 21 on 7-for-11 shooting with 8 assists, 4 boards, with 3 steals in 30 minutes on the floor. I’m sold.
  • T-Mac Highlights

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Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • As many Pistons said last night at the game and for KG and his knee. Karma is a…
  • Excuse me…where has this Chris Wilcox man been for the past 2 seasons? Another great performance from Wilcox, who’s play has glued Maxiell to the bench. Wilcox with some key plays again for Detroit and a great stat line. Wilcox finished with 10 points, 8 boards, 3 steals, and a blocked shot in 27 minutes on the floor.
  • Is it wrong that I sat in my seat at the Palace waiting for my team to blow it?
  • Austin Day with a HUGE game coming off the bench and lighting things up with a dozen points in a dozen minutes on the floor. His emotion and fire was evident while he was on court. Let him play!
  • Give it up to Tayshaun Prince who was about to check into the game when Daye was on fire. He told Q, keep him in there he’s hot…and walked back to the bench.
  • Unsung hero highlights, Austin Daye and Chris Wilcox

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Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • I’m not the only one who was excited after Detroit’s win. I must have high-fived 30 people on the way out of the Palace. I’s just a regular season game, but we just lost to the Bobcats and then we beat Boston. Let us celebrate.
  • Pierce, who put up 33 points, single handily tried to win this one for his team.
  • I know I’m going to hear this so …. let the Stuckey talk begin. No he’s really is not a PG.
  • Great night for Tayshaun with 18 points and the unselfish act. He finished with 18 on the night.
  • Ben Gordon started the game hitting nothing but the bottom. He finished with 12 on 5-for-8 shooting.
  • Unselfish play all around for Detroit. Sadly this was the first time in a while they played like a true team.
  • 27 assists on the night for Detroit.
  • I don’t care that Boston was without Rondo and KG for most of the game. This win was impressive.
  • Watching the Highlights of the WIN make this Pistons fan smile.

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Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • Charlie V comes up big night after night for the Pistons. Charlie with 14 points on the night, 11 of them coming in the third quarter. Charlie V for three is becoming a Mason tradition now.
  • The Pistons biggest lead was 16.
  • Boston fans are sick today.
  • Pistons fans feel fantastic. For now.
  • Don’t forget, you can still win the T-Shirt of your choice. Make sure you follow Danny and myself on Twitter for swag and the latest Pistons info.