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The #Pistons finished off their four game road trip on a high note with a 109-85 drubbing of the Charlotte Bobcats. The Pistons handed the Bobcats their 14th consecutive loss and the 19th of the season by 20 or more points.

Key Points:

  • Nice to get a solid win, but this Bobcats team is so bad that if they don’t win another game in their final nine, they’ll have the worst winning percentage in NBA history at .106.
  • Greg Monroe and Jason Maxiell combined for 28 first-half points and just kept taking it inside on the Bobcats.
  • A 15-1 run in the second pulled the Pistons away for good.
  • A 40 point third quarter for Detroit.
  • It seemed like there were more Pistons highlights in this single game than combined all season.
  • Brandon Knight dunking…check.
Brandon Knight Dunk Detroit Pistons

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • Brandon Knight smiling and having just about the best time I’ve seen in a Pistons uniform…check.
  • Brandon Knight finishing the game with 21 points, 7 assists, 3 boards, 3 steals and a +27 in 28 minutes on the floor…priceless.

Lawrence Frank: “It was a fun game to coach and to watch tonight. I thought our guys played very hard and really committed on the defensive end. We ran the floor and did a great job sharing the ball. Everyone made their minutes count and that makes it so much easier out there.”

  • Greg Monroe led the Pistons with a double-double. Moose finished with 25 points and 11 boards, a steal, a block, 4 assists and a +31. Nice to see Greg have a solid game after falling short the past month or so.
  • I see you Jason Maxiell – perfect 8-of-8 from the floor finishing with 17 points and 5 rebounds.
  • Even in a blowout Charlie V is a -12 in the box. He scored two points in 5 minutes going 1-for-4.
  • 28 assists on the night for Detroit.
  • Rodney Stuckey back in the starting lineup after a knee injury in Orlando. Rodney with 9 points and 7 assists in 27 minutes.
  • Highlights…and a lot of them, courtesy of

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  • Biggest Pistons lead 36.
  • You can’t forget Will Bynum, who also helped change the tempo of the game by playing good defense and helping Detroit go on a run. Bynum finished with 9 points and a +2o in the box.
  • Tayshaun just 3-for-14 on the night but one really nice jam. Tay finished with 6 points, 7 boards, 3 assists and a steal.
  • 56 points in the paint for Detroit.
  • Lots of oops!

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  • Tonight at home against Milwaukee.

So much for that five game winning streak the Pistons were hoping for.  The Washington Wizards came into the Palace and blew out the Pistons 98-77, on what you could call one of the least inspiring performances all year by the team.

I wasn’t at this one, (thankfully) nor was I paying much attention to the game after the Pistons started poorly.  You know it was one of those days that the game is on, but you’re doing  other things and listing for something enthusiastic coming from George Blaha so you can glance at the television.  Well the only thing I heard most of the night was, “JaVale McGee dunk,” “there goes another JaVale McGee dunk,” “Special K , now that was another impressive JaVail McGee.”

JaVale McGee, who attended Birmingham Detroit Country Day and is originally from Flint,  was all but unstoppable for the Wizards. He had eight dunks, scored 22 points and was a defensive menace, grabbing 10 of his 11 rebounds on defense.

It went on and on.

Nick Young also scored 22, and John Wall had 15 assists tying his career best, and all nine of his points in the third quarter.

The Pistons did however get my attention when the tied the game at the half 45-45 at the half,  and then took a 60-59 lead in the third after a Monroe layup. But then John Wall took over and they looked like they would have been happier eating a Happy Meal than playing an NBA game on their home court.

It was bad.

Greg Monroe against the Spurs

Bless Greg Monroe for doing what he could, leading the Pistons with 27 points and 6 boards.

It’s disappointing to watch, especially after the way they have been playing.  You win the games your are supposed to win.

This game showed one thing that most of us already know, this team needs SIZE. And for those of you paying attention and counting the days…another step towards the possibility of having Anthony Davis in red, blue and white.

The Pistons are on their way back to Detroit after getting blown out by the Suns 91-117. Stellar play from Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire really set the tone for the Suns, but Detroit’s lack of pretty much anything after the half did the Pistons in.

Key Points:

  • That was not a fun road trip for Detroit who are now on their way home to face the Cavs on Wednesday… on a 5 game losing streak.
  • 13 in the first half for Charlie Villanueva and nothing in the second.  He was 5-for13 on the night with 8 boards and a blocked shot.
  • Nash is still doing his thing.
  • Just 3-for-11  for Gordon, 1-for-6 from downtown.
  • The Suns played well and took advantage of every opportunity the Pistons gave them. Can’t let anyone shoot 57% from the floor.
  • Yeah… was that bad coach Q.
nov_22_09_kuesterPhoto Getty/Images
  • Great quote from Will Bynum, who scored 11 in 26 minutes with 4 assists 2 steals, 4 boards and three turnovers.  When asked in the locker room how the ankle was…

    “I don’t make any excuses for anything, if I’m out there on court playing then I’m 100%”

  • Looks like DaJuan Summers has pushed himself ahead of Austin Daye in the rotation.  Summers played well, knocking down threes as if they were nothing.  He went 5-for-11 for 13 points in 22 minutes on the floor.  He’s fast and he’s doing dirty work… I like.
  • Though the Pistons kept it close in the first half, you could see the gas running out.  Nothing much in the second, especially when Phoenix got blazing hot.
  • Longest winless road trip since going 0-5 from Feb. 24-March 2, 2003.
  • I know many Pistons fans were in Phoenix….sorry your only game of the year ended like that.  If you were there, by all means leave ‘em in the comments and tell us how it was.
  • Sweeeeeeede!  His hustle every night is evident to us all.  Jerebko scored 9 with 6 boards, an assist and 2 blocked shots.


  • Rodney Stuckey 4-for-15 on the night for 8 points, 5 assists, and 2 boards.
  • What’s up with Kwame Brown? DNP today and little play on the road trip altogether. It doesn’t help that Chris Wilcox shamed the Pistons by getting blocked by a pony-tailed dude.

Highlights via

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  • Comment away, go ahead get it out before the Pistons take on the Cavs Wednesday.

No, it’s not a nightmare Pistons fans. The Pistons actually got a smack down from the Minnesota Timberwolves at home. It wasn’t just another loss, this one was even harder to watch than the beating they took in Boston. How does this Detroit team lose at home by 26 against a team that was 2-9 and had not won a game on the road yet this season?

Key Points:

  • Sure they traded baskets to start the game, but you could tell from the tip that Detroit wasn’t into the game.
  • Can’t score 80 points and win, especially when you’re not doing your job on the other end of the floor.
  • Detroit shot just 37% from the floor and let the Timberwolves shoot 53% on the night.
  • The Wolves led by as much as 28. OUCH!
  • Tayshaun Prince was the only Pistons starter in double figures. And the rest had miserable shooting nights.
  • Rasheed 3-for-10, Iverson 3-for-11, and Rip Hamilton 2-for-11. Add a 0-for-5 Rodney Stuckey and that spells disaster.
  • High point was Tayshaun Prince who, as bad as it was, kept Detroit in the game. Tay led the Pistons with 20 on 8-for-13 shooting with 4 boards, 2 assists, a block and 2 steals.

Tayshaun Prince


  • You could see the frustration mounting with a Sheed Tech in the third quarter.
  • Detroit’s bench did nothing in the second quarter except let the Timberwolves’ lead grow. Afflalo , Maxiell and Amir Johnson missed 7 of 8 to start the second quarter leading to a Timberwolves 11-2 run and a 12-point lead.
  • Board war lost 45-36.
  • Maybe if we close our eyes long enough we can pretend that the whole game was like this.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • Maxiell did do his best to make this miserable game more watchable. In fact I had to make a Maxiell HL reel to make us all feel better. Jason finished with 12 points and 8 boards.
  • No ball movement for Detroit who look almost miserable on court. A little cohesiveness would be nice, but right now they don’t have much of anything going for them.
  • How does this happen after the showing they had out West?
  • It hurts, but they should get things going. Right?
  • Exposed again? Randy Foye had a huge night with 23 points and 14 assists against AI.

Allen Iverson


  • “I stunk up the gym tonight,” Iverson said. “I couldn’t do anything right.” Via The Detroit News
  • Rip can’t create his own shot and he doesn’t have Chauncey to feed him the ball in his spot. He may be better suited to be out there with Stuckey for a while until he gets things going. Just a thought.
  • I miss the D.
  • Coach Curry believes Detroit just wasn’t up for the game, in fact he’s changing things around when it comes to game day shootarounds. Listen to what he had to say in his post game presser. Audio courtesy of FSN

Curry Press Conference Audio

  • Could it really be a Sunday issue? I know coach Curry takes the blame but the players need to show up.
  • So if you can’t knock down a jumper, get in the paint for easy buckets. That issue has got to be addressed.
  • Wasn’t easy for me to watch this one considering I knew the outcome before I turned on the DVR.
  • If you dare, Highlights.
  • We hope this as bad as it gets.
  • Remember Dyess is coming back!
  • Let’s hear it in the comments…..I know you need to get it out.