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The #Pistons may not have dominated the second half of Monday night’s game against the Cavs as they did in the first, but the 79-89 win extended their home winning streak to five games.  That may not seem like a great accomplishment, but considering their start to the season and their overall record, they’ll take any milestone that they can.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons had a 22 point lead at the half, and it looked like there was going to be a blowout at the Palace.  The offense however stalled a bit and the Cavs closed the gap to ten by mid third quarter.
  • Cleveland didn’t have Kyrie Irving or rookie Dion Waiters their two scoring threats.
  • Being at the game (with the other 13 people) I didn’t realize just how many blocked shots the Pistons racked up.  The Pistons recorded 13 blocked shots on the night, the most they have since 2007.
  • I did mention before that with Andre Drummond the Palace is DETROIT BLOCK CITY.
  • Andre finished with seven points, 12 board and three blocks in 20 minutes.  It was great to see Frank utilize the Twin Towers Monday night. It may not happen every night, but when he makes an impact on a game it’s just so obvious.

Brandon Knight on Drummod: “He’s just playing with energy. He comes in the game and blocks shots, fights for rebounds, and he just provides a different type of energy we need with the second unit. When the first unit guys see that, they want to come in and provide that same type of energy. He does a great job of doing that.”

  • Jason Maxiell is still pouring it on do you realize he’s blocked 13 shots in the last three games?  He finished with 12 points, six boards and five blocked shots on the night. It’s nice to hear the crowd gasp when Maxiell gets a nasty block.
  • Tayshaun Prince and Kyle Singler each with 15 points. Kyle scored seven consecutive points to held Detroit to a 14-point lead late in the first quarter. ROY?
  • Highlights via

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  • Anderson Varejao with 17 points and 18 boards.
  • Best part of my night at the Palace, you’d think was the victory, but it was the 20 something D-Bag Cavs fan with the Varejao jersey on and NO shirt underneath that literally walk down every section of the Palace to try to get a closer seat. When he’d get turned away by the ushers the Palace crowd would laugh and then he would try to taunt them with by popping his jersey and waiving his hands. I’m surprised someone didn’t pop him in the face.
  • Brandon Knight led the Pistons with 17 points, five boards and five assists. It sure looks like whatever slump he was in to start the season is long gone.

Brandon Knight-Pistons-vs-Cavaliers

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  • Moose with 14 boards, five assists, two steals. two blocked shots and nine points.
  • Charlie V is still getting time on the court, but his shot didn’t fall Monday night. He was just 1-for-6 with two points.
  • They won this one, but their second half play was alarming.  It was the a depleted Cavs team, so they were lucky to finish this out.  I was almost waiting for their “Lions” moment late in the fourth quarter.
  • A win Wednesday night at home against the Warriors would be a nice.

Just got back from the Pistons 92-99 win against the Nets and I just had to put up the Swedetastic highlights.

Yes, we had a perfect Swede Saturday night – Jonas Jerebko 9-for-9 with 7 boards for 20 points.

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and the NBA

And I witnessed Ben Wallace’s 2002nd, 2003rd, 2004th and his 2005th blocks.