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It seems like just yesterday that Pistons fans were celebrating a Championship.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that Detroit had a starting five that were familiar, solid, loved and envied league wide.  It really was just a short time ago that we continually got ready for a long playoff ride filled with joy and anguish.

There are highs and lows with every team, in every league, but as Pistons fans we have come to expect excellence and comfort.

Comfort in a style of gritty play, comfort with the one of our own running things,  and comfort in an owner that we knew loved his team above all else.

Last night I sat in wonderment at the Palace of Auburn Hills as my team took on the Boston Celtics.  This would normally be a huge game, even without the fact the Rasheed Wallace was returning to Detroit, in green for the first time.  Instead the place was littered with empty seats and quite a few that were occupied, were donned in green.

I watched my ailing team, in heart and body, pull off a pretty inspiring win.  A win that they not only dearly need for the sake of moral and pride.  I watched a reborn Ben Wallace take charge on the defensive end and Rodney Stuckey do what he needed to do to lead his team to victory.

The highs of the big game come with bittersweet sadness as I watched Mrs. Davidson have a mini press conference at halftime in front of her very familiar courtside seat and announce that she’s looking for a buyer for the team.

It’s her team and she can do with it what she wishes.  We as fans shouldn’t judge her, we just have to hope that she hands over the team to someone who loves it as much as Mr. D did.

Bill DavidsonI may be a bit sentimental, but I can still see him sitting in his seat with his beige windbreaker enjoying his team.  I see him with a mini television in front of him watching his hockey team on their way to a Stanly Cup, while he was watching his Pistons win a championship.  I can see him standing on court with Ben, Rip, Chauncey, Tay and Rasheed as they raised his banner in the rafters at the Palace.

I can still see his face as he was getting doused in champagne in the locker room by Isiah Thomas during the Bad Boys Championships.
Bill Davidson Isiah and Championship

I watched him embrace Isiah on court, when it was clear his health was failing at the All Time Pistons Ceremony.

Bill Davidson Thomas

One of my favorite memories is looking at his face in 2004 when they were presenting the team with the Larry O’Brien Trophy.  He may not have been able to hold that beautiful gold piece of hardware over his head, but his team made sure he could.

Bill Davidson Trophy

And how can we forget his very “Detroit” styled parade speech.

Bill Davidson

He may not be with us anymore, but he will always be remembered.  The Hall of Famer was a pioneer in professional sports and in love for his team.   If the new ownership has one tenth of the love that Mr. D had for The Pistons, things will be just fine.

Bill Davidson

As always, The Detroit Pistons 2009-2010 Detroit Pistons Introductions followed by a very heartfelt dedication to Pistons owner and Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame Bill Davidson.


Ben Wallace with a HUGE ovation and being there I can tell you that he had to have felt the love in the building.  Ben Gordon, who started in place of the injured Richard Hamilton got a nice ovation, but overall I was impressed by the love for Will Bynum….BYNUMITE.

No Sheed, no post intro dance, that I missed.

As a Pistons fan in what seems like unfamiliar territory watching this seasons’ NBA Playoffs, it took me back to a time when things changed for the Pistons. You can say as fans that we are spoiled, six consecutive ECF appearance with a two Championship showings and one NBA title.  I don’t call it spoiled, in fact I call it a bit of domination.

That team of journeymen who soared to great heights over accomplished according to NBA standards. Chauncey, Rip, Wallace X2, Prince, Memo, Elden, Corliss etc… started something that didn’t suddenly come to an end.  A little bit of that special something died when the Pistons lost to the Spurs, when it looked like they were going back to back.  A little more so when Ben Wallace bolted for Chicago and the final straw was the Chauncey Billups trade.

We should have seen right then that it was over, but that’s what we do as fans.  We root and hope and we stand by our team even though we know the ship is sinking.

I remember another sinking ship called The Bad Boys.  It first started taking on water when the Pistons lost to the Bulls in the first round of the playoffs after winning back to back championships.  The release of Vinnie Johnson started the take down, and the rest is what it was, the end on an era in Detroit Basketball history. This video will bring it all back….


As we hope NOT to repeat history of years of mediocrity, we have a common thread that may keep us afloat.  Joe Dumars was there through it all, let’s hope he will do whatever he can to right wrongs and start a new trend instead of following an old one.

We don’t have much longer to wait to see just what we as Pistons fans have to look forward to.

  • The Pistons have a Need 4 Sheed, but he wont be back just yet.  No Texas swing for Roscoe.
  • George Blaha reflects on Mr. Davidson on the Deminski and Doyle show. (Audio)
  • 10 most hated players in the NBA
  • Mr. D did things the right way.
  • Still a little upset by this. But you have to give credit to Darko.
  • Bynum adding a spark.
  • Iverson to be reevaluated on Wednesday in Georgetown…should we start taking bets on his return? “Every day I come in here, we ask about Allen,” Curry said. “He knows that. He’s almost in a no-win situation. He doesn’t want to be the story. He doesn’t want his injury or him coming off the bench to be a distraction or anything to the team. He just wants to win, get into the playoffs and compete for a title.” Via MLive
  • Still can’t believe we lost to Memphis.
  • The Pistons are one game back of the Sixers, the standings don’t look good for Detroit right now.  Especially with a back to back in Texas Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • This is just one of the reasons why I appreciated Mr. Davidson. And that’s no Bullshit.


It was a sad day at the Palace.  The Detroit Pistons played their first game after the loss of beloved owner William Davidson.  The Pistons honored him in many ways Sunday afternoon, but none fitting as much as the rose and his picture that adorned his regular courtside seat at The Palace he built.

Rip Hamilton made it known in more ways than one.

Richard Hamilton Remembers Bill Davidson on his Shoes

The Detroit Pistons Remember Mr. D

The Pistons take on the 16-48 Memphis Grizzlies in an early afternoon game at The Palace of Auburn Hills. An early Sunday game shouldn’t play a big factor in the outcome of this game, although the fact that the team is down two key players in Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace may, especially since the Pistons’ last two games went to overtime.

The good news is not only do the Pistons look like the team we are accustomed to, they are starting to feel like it.

“Some games we do feel like the old Pistons,” forward Antonio McDyess said. “We’ve got each other’s backs, playing free and having fun. For a while it’s been that way, since we’ve had Rip in the lineup.”

McDyess wants Hamilton to keep his starting job even when Iverson returns.

“We’ve got to keep it the way it is,” he said. “We’ve only lost (two) games with him in the lineup. He’s been sharing the ball like a point guard, which is not his strength, and really scoring, also. With the energy he brings, it’s like we have more confidence in ourselves now.” Via

Meanwhile Richard Hamilton is putting up monster numbers since his return to the starting lineup averaging 24.9 points and 7.6 assists.

The Good/Bad and More

  • The Grizzlies haven’t beaten the Pistons since a 101-79 home victory Jan. 6, 2005.
  • The Grizzlies have lost four straight and 12 of 13.
  • Darko can’t even get time on the Grizzlies although he did put up a double-double on Wednesday for them.

Tip off 1:00 PM at the Palace of Auburn Hills and will be broadcast locally on FSN Detroit. If you can’t watch the broadcast you can listen live on 1130 AM WDFN or follow the game audio or watch the live stats over at

A moment of silence for Mr. Davidson at The Palace he built.


The Pistons once again let a fourth quarter lead slip away that led to a too-easy Calderon layup that sent the game into overtime. Detroit pulled away with a 9-0 run to begin OT, but Marion’s free throw pulled Toronto within 97-94 with 52 seconds left. Rodney Stuckey turned the ball over on the other end, but with Antonio McDyess on the bench after fouling out…Jason Maxiell saved the day.


Final Score – Pistons 99-95 OT

Key Points:

  • Turnovers! A miserable 18 for Detroit on the night.
  • When Sheed is out, plenty of paint points are given up. Toronto scored 48 down low.
  • How about Arron Afflalo who twice hit HUGE (3 point) shots to help the Pistons in this one. After a Pistons timeout, Hamilton found Arron Afflalo for a three pointer from the corner, giving Detroit an 88-84 lead.  From virtually no playing time, to solid go-to guy.
  • I just like saying Pops Mensah-Bonsu.  In fact I think I may just start using it as a part of my everyday vocabulary.  Now I just have to think of the meaning to give to it.
  • Detroit shot 49% on the night to Toronto’s 40%.
  • Detroit caught a break when recently hot Raptors center Andrea Bargnani left in the first quarter with flu-like symptoms and did not return.
  • Did Rip and Rodney just switch positions? Another career night for Rip Hamilton with 16 assists.

Photo/Getty Images

  • “I just told myself to keep trying to make plays, not just for yourself but for your teammates, and I thought guys did an excellent job of knocking down shots,” Hamilton said. Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Rip did lead the Pistons with 24 but he had an awful shooting night going just 8-for-26. He did have another career assist night, but 6 turnovers and 8 against the Knicks, that has to stop.
  • Hoops Addict was in the locker room post game with Detroit. Though Ryan touched on something we have been talking about for what seems forever, he did mention to me that he caught Mr. Blaha in the bathroom making sure his locks look perfect on the air.
  • Rip did start to get hot in OT and jump started the team to a 9-0 run.
  • Another DD for Antionio McDyess who quite frankly is the MVP of the season for Detroit.  Dyess put up 16 with 13 boards and was probably robbed on the Tayshaun putback that may have won the game for Detroit.  Looked close but off the cylinder it was if you ask me.

Photo/Getty Images

  • NBA TV Highlights of the Game.
  • Do you realize Rip has been putting up career numbers since he was put back in the starting lineup? 30 assists in two games….move over Isiah.
  • Jason Maxiell 16 points on 8-for-9 shooting, while saving the game with the block and the jam in OT.  I questioned him starting, but he did more than fine. He added 6 boards, a steal and 2 blocks on the night. A +14 for the game for the Baby Eater!
  • “I thought Max’s energy was off the charts,” Curry said. “I thought our guys didn’t have their legs tonight (second straight overtime game), but Max and Arron Afflalo really gave us a lift.” Via The Detroit News
  • Stuckey scored 17 in 40 minutes with 4 assists, 5 boards and 3 turnovers.  I know he’s learning, but is it just me or do the turnovers he does pick up come at the worst times?
  • Tayshaun Prince, 11 points on 5-14 shooting with 8 boards, 4 assists, a blocked shot and a takeaway.
  • Antonio McDyess has played 89 minutes the last two games.
  • We are mourning the passing of a great man so I did my best to show that we miss him here at N4S with the ribbon at the top of the page. He was a class act and a Champion of a man that left one heck of a mark on the World.   Mr. Davidson will be missed.
  • A very fitting and touching comment that holds true for me from Benjo in the comments “One of my only wishes in my lifetime is to be able to make the world a better place than it would have been without me. I know you don’t like accolades but YOU ARE MY HERO, Mr. D. Rest in Peace and God bless you and your family.” Indeed, he did leave the world a better place.

UPDATE “All details are not known, but it’s safe to say that Bill Davidson’s wife, Karen, will succeed him as owner of the Pistons, according to Palace Sports and Entertainment president Tom Wilson” Via The Detroit Free Press

“Bill Davidson, Managing Partner of the Detroit Pistons and 2008 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, has passed away at the age 86.”

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family on this very sad day. He was a innovator that touched many people in more ways in one.  He will be missed.

William Davidson,  A Champion of a Man.

“All details are not known, but it’s safe to say that Bill Davidson’s wife, Karen, will succeed him as owner of the Pistons, according to Palace Sports and Entertainment president Tom Wilson” Via The Detroit Free Press