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Will Tayshaun Prince play in Game Three tonight?
Tayshaun Prince Says

“I will give whatever I can give,” he said. “It felt better today (Thursday), but at the same time, I didn’t go at game speed. I am not the type of person to give excuses about injuries because I know both Rasheed and Rip (Hamilton) played hurt for us this season.

“But this is the pivotal game, so if I am not getting anything going early, I will let Arron (Afflalo) and those guys take the load.” Via The Detroit News

Read into this if you will, especially considering all that’s been going around regarding Prince’s playoff non production.

He’s not injured enough to not start (remember the streak), but if he’s not productive he will let Afflalo play (injury or not). Sounds a bit like an excuse is already in play for Prince.

I don’t know about you, but I would love for Tayshaun to have  huge game, we need him to, but with the injury and how he’s been playing lately I wouldn’t mind Afflalo and Herrmann for that matter to try to see what they can do.

Could Tayshaun be worried about being moved in the offseason? He may not be untouchable anymore.

With the Piston down two games to the Cavaliers in the first round and showing no fight whatsoever, what do Pistons fans do?  For one we admit to ourselves that the team we once knew is only a shell of its former self.  We may lay blame on Joe, Tayshaun, Curry, Rip, Sheed, AI or the lack of leadership.  But honestly what does that get us other than frustrated?  Sure it’s been a good run, but with the talent on this team it shouldn’t end like this.

I’m not claiming it’s over, but it’s hard to stay positive when you have watched this team go through the motions all season long. When you look back at the ’08-’09 Season can you think of one positve thing about it?

Let’s see…..

  • We lost our leader to Denver
  • We in turn received a Superstar that said all the right things when he got here, but didn’t make good on a single one.
  • We had a season with a new coach that was clearly over his head, especially after Joe D’s “BIG” trade
  • Dyess shipped and thankfully returned
  • A non existent rotation.
  • Sixth man beef!
  • Small ball
  • Defense disappearance
  • Offensive difficulties
  • Rodney Stuckey wall
  • Kwame Brown
  • Arron Afflalo, despite decent play getting buried.
  • Cap space
  • Hooper doing something….
  • A losing season
  • An end to a Sellout Streak
  • The disappearance of Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell
  • Barley making it to the post season
  • Chuck Daly’s fight with Cancer
  • The loss of a Great Man, Pistons owner Bill Davidson.

Should I go on?

The only bright spot I can think of right now is guy like Will Bynum making a name for himself after a long road to try to live his dream in the NBA. And helping Detroit along the way.

The Pistons compiled a video with a few bright spots, but does it take away the negative?


Now it’s your turn, vent in the comments.

As you may or may not know by now, I’m giving away some Arron Afflalo autographed goodies from my trip to see him at his appearance at ABC Warehouse.  As I mentioned yesterday, if you follow me on Twitter winning may be a lot easier than it has to be.

What do you win…..

First Prize – his sweet Autographed Arron Afflalo Pistons thermal shirt.

Arron Afflalo Autographed Pistons Shirt

Second Prize – an Autographed Arron Afflalo picture.

Arron Afflalo Autographed Picture

You can see him sign both things for me in the this video I took. Funny thing about me and my videos, I have been know to cause a bit of trouble wherever I go, just ask the good folks at the Palace.  So when I headed over to ABC Warehouse I decided to be on my best behavior.

Arron seems to be a quite guy so I figured I would tell him what I was doing and wish him well.  So I walk up and ask him if he knows me.  Who does that? Why would he know me? I meant to say do you know the site, but it came out me first….what an idiot.  I didn’t even realize how stupid I sounded until I watched the tape.  Maybe I was thrown off because of this.

More playing time would be nice Arron!  And by the way Thanks!

Arron was great, and now I’m handing the stuff over to you.

I will be randomly picking a winner from the CORRECT entries.  Just answer two questions correctly and you could be a winner.

What was Arron Afflalo’s high school teams nickname?

What is the name of the outstanding defensive player award Arron won while at UCLA?

Send the answers to me at

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If you follow me on twitter this should be easy!

I will annonce the Winners on Tuesday March 10th!

Yesterday by chance I opened up an ABC Warehouse sales paper that was sitting on top of my kitchen table for days and noticed that in an hour Arron Afflalo would be appearing not 3 miles away from me signing autographs.

So what did I do?

First I made sure everyone who follows me on Twitter know where Aaron would be and then I took my camera, and a brand new Pistons shirt and headed over to ABC.

Waiting in line I found out not only is Arron quite a nice young man but he’ll sign your baby if you ask him nicely. (Video)

Arron Afflalo Signs Babies Video

So Arron Signed a coupe of things for me and I will be giving them away on Want to know how to win?

Just start following me on Twitter and I will give you clues on how to win a Arron Afflalo Signed Pistons Shirt and Arron Afflalo Signed Photo.

This is starting to get a little tiring to write… after a third quarter of total domination by the Pistons they managed to once again blow a 15 point lead and the game to the Chicago Bulls.  This 107-102 loss to the Bulls is is a textbook example of everything that has been going wrong with the Pistons all season long.

Key Points:

  • How much more can Pistons fans take?  From the comments in the game thread and in the chat room, not much.
  • Too much talent to play the way this team is, period.  We expect losses, but it’s as if they are playing a game of NBA2K9 and think they can just hit restart when the game isn’t going their way (and yes I admit to doing that).
  • Blame whomever you want, we have a coach who’s clearly in over his head, players that look lost, a system that doesn’t work, an unwillingness to change that system that doesn’t work, a defense that looks brilliant at times and then on the next play looks like a disaster… and to top it off when they can’t score they don’t make an effort to get the ball in the paint for easy buckets! We could go on and on.
  • Think Joe is on the phone right now?
  • 15 down with 8:09 to play…was it Chicago or did the Pistons hand the game to the Bulls?  Me…silver platter.
  • Sheed utterly dominating, knocking down shots over everyone, and the Pistons stop going to him.
  • 95 Points off the Bench for Richard Hamilton in the last three games for the Pistons.
  • Rip led Detroit off the bench, but his 30 point game performance was all for nothing.

Photo/Getty Images
  • Is Curry actually calling a play in the last seconds of the game when Detroit has the ball down three?  Rip to the hole for the dish to Dyess is ok if it works, and if Rip doesn’t waste most of the clock. Perfect ending to the storm.
  • Richard Hamilton Highlights.
  • 15 careless turnovers.
  • And why the home whites in Chicago?
  • As for those of you who wanted to hear Curry’s post game comments, they were nothing life-altering.  He just looks like a deer in headlights who has no idea what to say.  Kind of like when you break your mom’s favorite vase and have to own up to it.  You stand there dumbfounded for a moment trying to grasp for words.
  • And what happened to the Defense in the fourth quarter?  Nocioni was blowing by Tay like he was invisible.
  • The only enjoyable part of the game…..Anytime Joakim Noah can be made to look like a fool by anyone other than himself can always put a big smile on my face. Tayshaun blocked the grin off Noah’s face.
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The good that came out of the bad Sunday afternoon.

  • Arron Afflalo putting up 16 points on 7-for-10 shooting in 25 minutes and doing a hell of a job on the defensive end helping Detroit claw back (unsuccessfully) after being down by 29 in New York.
  • This Tayshaun Prince drive and dunk that had George and Greg roaring. Prince led the Pistons with 23 points and a nice Highlight Reel. Make sure you take notice of the stuff on Thomas.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN