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Around The Way Stuckey and Bynum

    This is what happens when I have some time on my hands, I grade our Pistons.

    Rip Hamilton

    Rip HamiltonPhoto/Getty Images

    His didn’t get consistent playing time because of injury, but Rip still has game left in him.  He’s a shooter that sometimes has very bad judgment when it comes to shot selection.  I blame some of that on the fact that he doesn’t have a “Billups like” point guard looking for him as he’s coming off screens.  He can put up 35 on any given night, but he can also go 2-for-17 another night.  He can’t create his own shot and I wish he would stop trying.

    I have to give him credit for getting his teammates involved lately, but that’s not enough to give him a passing grade just yet this season.

    Angry SheedGrade – Un-Sheedtastic


    Tayshaun Prince

    Tayshaun Prince

    Photo/Getty Images

    As much as Pistons fans love Tayshaun Prince, he’s been fading for the past couple of seasons.  You can’t help but blame this seasons shortcomings on injury, and you can’t blame his past seasons on anything but inconsistency.  Rookie or not, Jonas Jerbko is outplaying and out hustling Tayshaun Prince this season and looking at what he’s done for Detroit this year, J.J. even outshines what Tay did all of last season for the Detroit.   And yes, the Pistons are 1-10 when Tayshaun has played this year.

    Angry SheedGrade – Very Un-Sheedtastic


    Rodney Stuckey

    Rodney Stuckey

    Photo/Getty Images

    Stuckey is making strides, big ones, but is he the guy to build a team around?  The jury is out on that one, but as this point the Pistons don’t have much choice in the matter, he’s their guy. He has those shining moments that make you take notice.  He can take over a game and put his team in the position to win.

    He needs to work on getting his teammates more involved at times, but he seems to be working on that.  His jumpshot has improved and he’s getting more calls.   Like it or not, he turns the ball over….a lot.

    He’s improved each season but,  not as fast as Pistons fans would like.  Mark my words, he’ll be an All Star soon, but how soon is good enough?

    Happy SheedGrade – Potential to be a solid Stucktacular.


    Charlie Villanueva

    Photo/Getty Images

    Oh Charlie, I had such high hopes for you.  It’s either a huge game or a huge flop, nothing in between.  And the similarities between Charlie V. and Sheed are too close for comfort.  He’s one of the Pistons only scoring big men, we don’t need him to stand around the perimeter and jack up threes.  He hasn’t impressed me at all on court yet.

    We were told he was soft and allergic to defense and grabbing boards, and I think he’s really trying to do better in that department, but he’s not solid yet.

    Great guy off court, but until I see more consistency I have to be honest.

    Angry SheedGrade – No post playing Un-Sheedtastic


    Ben Wallace

    Photo/Getty Images

    When Dumars signed Ben Wallace I didn’t think he had anything at all left in his tank. I mean did you see him play in Chicago and Cleveland?  It was quite sad.  However I was fine with the signing, who can you really get for the price of an extra value meal now days anyway?

    Ben has been reborn.  As soon as he tiptoed back to the Palace, he turned into the 2003-05 Ben Wallace that we all remember.  He’s leading the team on court and showing the only presence on the defensive end that Detroit has to offer.  The flow of the games usually depends on Ben’s game.  If Ben is on, so are the Pistons.

    Of course he still has a miserable foul shot, but who cares.  The no fro’ed Wallace is the only consistent part of the team all season.  He’s above and beyond what anyone could have ever dreamed.

    Happy SheedGrade – A Benified Sheedtastic


    Ben Gordon

    Ben GordonPhoto/Getty Images

    If Gordon didn’t get injured I’m almost positive this grade would go different.  Ben was tearing it up in the beginning of the season.  His best games came when Rip was out and he was inserted in the starting lineup.  Pistons fans saw the Gordon that Joe Dumars and the rest of the league loved, but once he turned his ankle things just haven’t been the same.

    He may have come back a bit too early and re injured himself, but his shot has been nothing but streaky when he’s been out there.

    Happy SheedAngry SheedGrade: ½ Sheedtastic


    Jason Maxiell

    Jason MaxiellPhoto/Getty Images

    I went from being a huge Maxiell fan to constantly doubting myself wannabe Maxiell fan.  So what happened to the man I once called the Putback King? Didn’t he have some spectacular blocks that gave us so much hope?

    Maxiell went from being a zero to a hero then right back to a zero again.  He shows flashes of the player we thought he would be….but they have never amounted into anything other than a flash here or there.

    If he doesn’t come through soon, I’m going to have to give up on Maxiell and his horrible contract. Sorry Maxi, please prove me wrong.

    Angry SheedGrade – A non Baby Eating Un-Sheedtastic


    Will Bynum

    Photo/Getty Images

    Bynumite is not his name, it an adjective used when he’s well….Bynumite.    He’s surprised a lot of people this season and last, but we haven’t had enough of his this season for his game to be useful to the team.  He’s a spark plug when he’s on court, he gets the ball where it needs to be, and yes he sometimes is guilty of trying to do things himself, but do you blame him when he’s got the explosiveness to fly by just about anyone facing him and then dunk on a 7 footer?

    The Pistons need Bynum healthy.

    Happy SheedGrade- A Bynumite Sheedtastic


    Jonas Jerebko

    Jonas JerebkoPhoto/Getty Images

    Who would of thought that this Jonas brother like Jonas would do more than have the young ladies swooning.  I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only on who said….Dumars just drafted a Swedish guy nobody heard of.

    Boy what a pleasant surprise.

    The injuries opened the door for Jerebko and he made sure it’s not going to close any time soon.  He’ll hustle, scrap, scrape, steal, rebound, tip and dunk his way up and down the court every minute he’s standing on it.  He’s been asked to guard the leagues best and he’s been up to the challenge.

    Does he make rookie mistakes?  Sometimes, but his heart and hustle make up for them.

    Throw in his very gelled, never  a hair out of place look and he makes the grade.

    Happy SheedGrade – Swedetastic


    Austin Daye

    Austin DayePhoto Getty Images

    The very tall, very thin, very Tayshaun like Austin Day hasn’t had a ton of time on court this season, but he done well when he’s called upon.  He’s not afraid to take the big shot, and he’s been known to make a three here and there.  He can play 4 positions on the floor and at 6’11 is the second tallest player on the team,  tallest if you don’t count Kwame.

    He’s had his moments, and in fact I would like to see more of him.

    Happy SheedGrade – Sheedtastic


    Chris Wilcox

    I was hoping this Chris Wilcox would be the Chris Wilcox that used to wear yellow and green for Seattle.  Remember that guy, he used to be a Piston killer.  Instead we got the Chris that mainly rides the pine and has a killer quarter or two when he finally gets on court.

    Angry SheedGrade – Un-Sheedtastic


    Chucky Atkins

    Chucky AtkinsPhoto/Getty Images

    A little more PG Chucky and a little less taking shot Chucky.  Yes he’s made a few big shots this season, and he did come up huge when the Pistons were on that winning streak early in the season, but I would rather he him deferring to the guys on court that don’t need Just for Men.

    Angry SheedGrade – Almost-tastic


    Kwame Brown

    Kwame BrownPhoto/Getty Images

    Bless his heart he tries, but the hands will never catch up to the pass.  Great guy, but he’ll never be more than what he is.

    Angry SheedGrade – Un-Sheedtastic


    DaJuan Summers

    What happened to the rookie that was touted as the one that was truly NBA ready?  DaJuan can’t get playing time and when he does, he’s unable to keep it.  I see potential, but I’m not willing to watch him play through his mistakes right now.  Have we not suffered enough this season?

    Grade – Un-SheedtasticAngry Sheed


    John Kuester

    Photo/Getty Images

    The only coach that would have us, has done a admirable job.  Yes we went through a miserable 13 game losing streak, but I don’t blame that purely him.  Heck, he had this team winning with Chucky Atkins at starting point guard and three all stars sitting with injuries.

    When he can get this bunch to play a full 48, he’ll be a winner in my book.

    Angry SheedGrade – Record Don’t Lie Un-Sheedtastic




    Arnie Kandor and Mike Abdenour Cartoon

    Special recognition goes to Mike Abdenaur and Arnie Kandor, who have to be as overworked as ever infusing the fountain of youth serum to Ben Wallace while trying to heal ankles with voodoo.

    Jakob TöRnell, who works in PR for The Swedish Basketball Federation visited Jonas in December to interview him. With all the press Jonas has been getting in Detroit, the man is a Rock Star Sweden.

    In Arnie We Trust - Arnie KandorIt’s not shocking that we have a Need4Swede, and that they have an even bigger appreciation for Jonas in his home country.

    What surprises me is that Arie Kandor’s Magic knows no boundaries.

    Bad news Pistons fans:

    “The Pistons say forward Tayshaun Prince will be out of the lineup indefinitely due to a small rupture of a disc in his lower back.

    The team said Saturday that the injury was confirmed following an MRI exam and evaluation by team doctors this week. The Pistons say Prince will continue to receive treatment for the injury.” Via ESPN

    I’m not going to try to put a bigger cloud on this than there already is, but I know from first hand experience that ruptured discs are nothing to sneeze at (literally a sneeze can take you down).  Now it all depends on how serious it is, and if there are nerves involved, but trust me when I say Tayshaun isn’t gong to be on the court for some time.

    Best case scenario is rest and some Arnie physical therapy, and worst case is surgery. Only time and more evaluations will tell, but it looks like Jonas Jerebko and Austin Day will probably be more important draft picks than we could have ever imagined.

    This is so NOT Tayriffic.

    Get well soon Tayshaun.