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Will Bynum has been causing quite a stir these days, and it’s not just for his play on the basketball court. His Arnie Kander approved “Bynum Blue” shoes have got everyone talking.

Bynumite Smurf


Tracy McGrady…”the smurf shoes….I find them disturbing.”

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Video courtesy of The Detroit Pistons

In Arnie Kander We TrustBasketball fans in the great state of Michigan don’t expect their players to go injury free all season long, but what they know they can count when they do is that the Pistons have one of the best, if not the best strength and conditioning coaches in the NBA.

Players with chronic injuries, possible career ending injuries or players that are playing in the twilight of their careers tend to know just what our behind the scenes gem can do.  Just ask Antonio McDyess, Chris Webber, Ben Wallace or (lets hope) Tracy McGrady just what Arnie can do.

Sure he may have some voodoo like remedies for what ails them, and he may push players to their limits, but the man shows results.

The newest member of the Pistons to be Arine’s patient/pupil is Jonas Jerebko.  The unfortunate injury in the Pistons first pre-season game that has sidelined The Swede for what looks like the entire season was something that both Jonas and the Pistons didn’t need.  Besides rooting for the speedy and full recovery for one of our favorite players, we can be confident in the fact that he’s in the best hands possible.

Arnie is on the job 24/7, literally.

It seems as though Arnie really has taken matters in his hands by inviting Jonas to stay at his home during his rehab.  Yes…Arie and Jonas are roommates.

If that’s not taking your work home with you I don’t know what is.

So the new friends will work and live together.  And if that wasn’t good enough…it will be documented .


Jonas Jerebko and Arnie Kander star in BOSOM BUDDIES – The Second Season  available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Jonas Jerebko and Arnie Kander - Bosom Buddies

Ok so that’s not entirely true, but this 80′s reference to Tom Hanks start was the first thing that came to mind.  Now I’m not implying anything when it comes to the cross dressing, but Arine really does make a for a handsome woman.

If you didn’t think that Kander was a special kind of guy, this is all the proof you need.  As we say in Detroit…In Arnie We Trust.

Arnie Kander
If there is one thing we have learned throughout the years as Pistons fans it’s that we can always rely on one thing and that’s the fact that Arnie Kander will do whatever it takes short of Voodoo to get The Pistons ready for action as soon as possible.

Getting Chauncey ready for action is probably his most important task in recent years. Maybe we should cut our Arnie Masks and wear them to the game on Tuesday.

Arnie Says:
“When he can run, sprint, cut, jump, play basketball,” he’ll be back, Kander said. “Basically, we really base it on him being able to do everything. We don’t give numbers like 85 or 90% because there really is no way to classify that. When he can do what Chauncey Billups does … then we’ll give him the go.”

Billups didn’t have an MRI exam because Kander said it wouldn’t tell him much. He said he learns more simply by feeling the injury. And he liked what he felt on Billups.

“The fibers felt great,” Kander said. “They were together. He was walking normal as he left the arena. This morning, he was looking good. If he feels as good in the morning as he did last night, to me, that’s tremendous. Usually, in the morning, you feel like doo-doo.” Via Krista Jahnke of The Detroit Free Press