Videos: 24 Seconds with your favorite Detroit Piston

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Here goes another addition to my Video section on  As I was rifling though my archives I didn’t realize just how funny some of these 24 seconds bit were.  Who knew Sheed disliked cauliflower so much? What I didn’t realize though was if I went through a  list of online sportsbook reviews  that Jason […]

Could Rip Have A New Role?

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With Rip possibly coming back for tonight’s game against the Bobcats, Pistons fans are still wondering just how he’s going to fit in the new lineup.  Some say AI should be the sixth man, some think it should be Rip, some think their time should be split.  The thing is, Curry may not know what […]

Bill Laimbeer Loves Fishin and Himself

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The Pistons do a fantastic job on their 24 Seconds video segments, but when I caught this one with Bill Laimbeer I couldn’t help but get a huge kick out of it. I promise you that I knew exactly what he was going to say when asked who his favorite basketball player was. It’s just […]

Jason Maxiell Is Brutally Honest

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If you needed another reason to Vote for Jason Maxiell this may be it. Maxiell would give the Obama a run for his money with this kind of honesty. Forget answering questions that may keep him out of hot water at home. Jason makes no bones about who comes first in his personal life. And […]

24 Seconds With Rodney Stuckey

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Rodney Stuckey gets his chance to tell us what he likes in 24 seconds. I have really come to appreciate the Pistons 24 Seconds segments, I just wish our Slovenian friend had a chance to do one in his short time with Detroit.

24 Seconds with Tayshaun Prince

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Please take a second and VOTE for Detroit’s Children’s Hospital a click goes a long way for Sickle Cell. Let’s do this, Detroit’s a bit behind Houston and voting ends today. To honor Tayshaun Prince on for his Birthday(Feb 28th), here is his 24 seconds segment.