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Hard to argue with today’s Daily Dime on this one.

Allen Iverson, Pistons: I guess this coming off the bench thing isn’t working out too well for Iverson, huh? He went 1-for-8 from the floor, finishing with four points in just 17 minutes of action in Detroit’s 111-98 loss to the Nets.

And I’ve got to hand it to Adande for this paragraph of gold:

The Pistons have asked Iverson to come off the bench for the three games since he returned from a back injury that kept him out for a month. He’s reacting about as well as if they’d asked him to come in early for practice.

If it’s any consolation, there’s only seven games left in the regular season… and we’ve only got to win six of them to finish above .500!

For the tenth time in his career, Allen Iverson is heading to the All-Star game and has earned a starting guard spot alongside Dwayne Wade. From the Free Press:

There’s something to be said for being a tough little guy.

Though his production this season is well below his career averages, 6-foot Pistons shooting guard Allen Iverson will again start an All-Star Game, Feb. 15 in Phoenix.

Though his production this season is well below his career averages, 6-foot Pistons shooting guard Allen Iverson will again start an All-Star Game, Feb. 15 in Phoenix.“It’s always an honor to be named an All-Star and it’s a blessing to be in this league,” Iverson said in a released statement. “Being named an All-Star starter makes it that much more special. The fact that the fans have voted me onto the team makes this a great honor and it’s truly appreciated.”

This will be Iverson’s 10th trip to the midwinter event. He got 1,804,649 votes, good for second among Eastern Conference guards. Miami’s Dwyane Wade will start alongside him. The East’s frontcourt is forwards LeBron James (Cleveland) and Kevin Garnett (Boston) and center Dwight Howard (Orlando).

Will Tayshaun finally see the All-Star light this season? Will Rodney play himself in as a reserve? Those ideas certainly have been tossed around in these parts before.

Do you think any other Pistons have a shot at an All-Star appearance?

Alright, I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but I see no other choice. Five losses in a row? Losing by ten to the freaking Thunder?!? Alas, I’m preaching to the choir.

Dear Coach Curry,

Small ball must die. Now. Well technically this should have occurred weeks ago, but us fans would be happy just to see some semblance of activity in your cranial matter so now shall suffice.

What on earth is it doing for us that is good? Outrebounded, outhustled, outworked. Five in a row. Five! That’s the most consecutive losses in five years for our beloved Pistons. Five is not a good number right now, my friend.

We’ve tried to be patient. We’ve made every excuse in the book. “Well, Rip and Sheed were injured so maybe they just needed to get back in shape.” That didn’t do it. Amir might not be the second coming of Jesus but he’s certainly active on the boards and has a discernible effect on the game whenever he’s on the floor. Yes he fouls too much and yes he isn’t Rodman in his prime but he isn’t going to learn by sitting courtside. Why in the heck is Maxiell riding the pine when we can’t control the glass? The sheer idiocy (again, we know you’re the professional and all… but sooner or later things just don’t add up) of the moves – or lack thereof – is mindboggling!

This whole Rip / A.I. telenovela (due credit to DBB commenters here – great title, guys) is worse than the fact that 90210 is back on television. If you’re the player’s coach that they respect that holds everyone accountable and makes the right moves… well, MAKE THE RIGHT MOVES! It’s one thing to play around with lineups when you add a new player mid-season (hey, we understand no training camp affects the whole shebang) but it’s another to consistently keep throwing out five (see? i wasn’t kidding – five’s a bad number right now!) guys who don’t fit together. Whoah, sorry about all the parenthesis there. You can’t even manage a lineup so I don’t mean to do anything else to confuse you right now.

Factiousness aside, we’re only acting like this because we care. We truly care about this team and know we’ve been spoiled with so many consecutive trips to the ECF. But we also hold people accountable (novel idea, eh?) for our team and want to see results. So please Coach Curry, please start acting like, you know, a coach. We’ve already gotten rid of Matt Millen once around these parts and don’t need a second coming.


Pistons Fans Everywhere

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