Josh Smith to the Kings

Josh Smith to the Kings is a real possibility

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Don’t start celebrating the 4th early, but there is a slight chance Detroit may be able to get rid of Josh Smith, his huge contract and his to affinity to shoot from the North Pole.  Put your Trade Machine scenarios aside, ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting such a possiblity. One source insists nothing imminent, but I'm […]

Rasheed Wallace Nike Tattoo Commercial

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If you’ve been a Pistons fan for a while you’ll remember this Rasheed Wallace NIKE commercial that aired in 2005.  If you didn’t notice it while it was on it’s because NIKE pulled the piece because the tattoo artist who inked Sheed decided to file a lawsuit for the art he did on Sheed’s arm.  […]


The Pistons have NO Need4Sheed as an assistant coach

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Many of you were wondering if the Pistons would retain Rasheed Wallace as an assistant coach when Stan Van Gundy took over the team. Well your question has been answered, but you may not like the answer. The Pistons will not have Rasheed on the sidelines entertaining or mentoring the Detroit big men during practices. […]


Pistons lose their Draft Pick – Cavaliers steal #1

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The Detroit Pistons and their fans aren’t too happy right now.  The NBA Lottery Balls did not treat them right.  In almost storybook fashion the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were to pick at 10 jumped spots right before Detroit meaning that the Pistons had to hand their #9th pick to the Bobcats thanks for the Ben […]