Perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel

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Need4Sheed Guest Writer: Rashid S. Umar Okay Pistons fans, I know it was tough to watch. I was there watching from the opening tip hoping for a more aggressive and passionate effort too. “There’s no way they will not bring it tonight” I thought. It’s the playoffs right? Well again the game started off with [...]

What kind of Nation are we Piston Fans?

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Need4Sheed Guest Writer: Rashid S. Umar As the 2009 playoffs get underway, it seems as if no one is giving the Pistons any chance of competing with the mighty (at least record wise) Cleveland Cavaliers. Whether the series plays out to be as predicted, or if the boys from the “D” pull off the monumental [...]

Don’t Let This Year Get You Down

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I know you’re frustrated.  I know your expectations were higher.  I know you can’t take the losing. Despite the disappointment that has become the 2008-09 season; I think we as Pistons fans should be more proud and thankful. We should be thankful to have had the joys of watching a team make a run of [...]