It’s Been A While

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It’s not like I don’t think about it, but I just realized as I was doing a long overdue computer cleanup, that I haven’t posted a thing here on Need4Sheed in over two years. It’s not for the lack of interest in my beloved Detroit Pistons, it’s just that I could not give enough time to the site and rather than post just to keep things going I just kept up with the team without spouting my sometimes crazy passion publicly.

While rooting thought my computer I couldn’t believe some of the things I’ve saved or in fact posted here. I also realized that Ive Tooned so many Pistons, some of which I had not e even remembered they even donned a Pistons uniform.

Shame on me for forgetting Viacheslav Kravtsov or DaJuan Summers.

Angry SheedOr the Angry Sheed.

But this is the thing that made me remember just how much fun I had in the early years of Need4Sheed. My Sheed vs. Stewie Family Guy clip. I remember this clip actually breaking the site due to traffic when I originally posted it. It took forever for me to do as I didn’t have any special software I just threw it together frame by frame.

I also remember just how many animated gif’s I made of really sweet play back before you could catch every single highlight you wanted on the internet. However one of my favorites, that I totally had forgotten was…dancing Sheed.
Rasheed Wallace Dancing - Detroit Pistons

SheedtasticIt’s been so much fun and as I dig though my computer Im sure I’m going to find some more things of interest. Have a SheedTastic day!

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