Pistons Finalizing Trade with Celtics – Joel Anthony for Will Bynum

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bynumite_interviewLooks like one of my favorite Pistons is on his way out of town. Will and his Bynumite antics will no longer be exciting crowds at the Palace.

The Boston Celtics are working to finalize a trade that will send center Joel Anthony to the Detroit Pistons for Will Bynum, according to a league source.

It’s not clear if Bynum will stick with the Celtics. It could hinge on whether the team makes any additional moves before the season tips later this month.

Anthony, 32, had played sparingly, including this preseason, since being acquired from the Miami Heat in January. Via ESPN

You’ve got to believe if the Celtics release Bynum, someone will pick him up.

As for Anthony, he’s not likely to get much playing time given he’ll be playing behind Drummond, Monroe, and Aaron Gray.

Good Luck Will…you’re Bynumite!

7 Responses to "Pistons Finalizing Trade with Celtics – Joel Anthony for Will Bynum"
  1. Avatar Piston_Fan_Phls says:

    Good luck to you and your next team Will. Thank you for giving 100% heart and effort every time you step on the Pistons court.

  2. Avatar Adam Trudeau says:

    Thank you Will for playing all 48 mins against Philly in the “Player Mutiny” game.

  3. Avatar Adamd says:

    I am still so upset by this. Doesn’t help that I really dislike anthony. we are gaining a player who is roughly 1mil more than bynum and yet bynum equTes to more than half of anthonys rebounds. Why did we target a ANOTHER backup C over a backup PG. Even with gray out I do not like this move and our preseason has not been putting of my fears to rest.
    Just another season as a Piston fan.

    • Avatar Markov7 says:

      i wouldnt be if i were u its svg type of player stretch 4 it was obvious he ll take a player tzhat can perform abd obviously anthony was available not too happy but hey i d like if we could get that guy from orlando thats now in hornets (cant remember the name lol) but pistons will survive hopefully joel anthonyy what worries me is that pistons nation is celebrating pre-season win against sixers and noone but me (looks like it) is asking WTF did the sixers score 103 points!!!!!!?????????????????

  4. Avatar edt says:

    i’ve watched all the preseason games, usually via just the jumbotron feeds my feelings about this season

    1) svg is the real deal. I didnt think he could tame josh but I think he will sit him if he jacks it up

    2) jennings looks 100% better this year. again I think it’s svg. augustin looks great too.

    3) drummond is having plays called for him!! except him to be 15/10 every game

    4) moose is great, he looks motivated. I dont expect he’ll be back but for $5 m this is a great rental for a contract year player

    5) we have three point shooters. it is going to rain from downtown and that’s good because 3 points is more than 2 and the league is changing. 3 points is where the future is, even the cavs know that.

    6) it is hard to believe but it is true. Jonas Jerebko is the longest tenured piston on staff other than arnie kandor. Jonas Jerebko, pistons veteran? It seems like we only drafted him a year or two ago. That shows one thing and that is point #7

    7) this team is young and hungry and is going to eat other teams alive. This is our year. It’s been worth the wait, let’s go pistons!!

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