Pistons aren’t looking at Isaiah Thomas and aren’t running to dump Josh Smith

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According to NBA Insider and USA TODAY Sports reporter Sam Amick, the #Pistons aren’t looking at free agent Isiah Thomas anymore.

Later the twitter saga continued with Sam.

Josh Smith Pistons vs Celtics Motor City Uniforms

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Thankfully this is a good thing.  The last thing that the new regime in the front office wants to do is get nothing in return for Smith or Jennings for that matter if they were willing to take Thomas and find a taker for Brandon.

Van Gundy isn’t running scared from his roster, he’s willing to work with what he has, though I’m sure this isn’t his perfect scenario. It’s also refreshing coming from the almost scared tactics of Joe Dumars in his later seasons as GM.

As much as Pistons are dying for moves to be made now, it looks like SVG is being patient with his assets.

6 Responses to "Pistons aren’t looking at Isaiah Thomas and aren’t running to dump Josh Smith"
  1. Frank R says:

    Would love to see them Dump Smith in the worst way.

  2. Berdj J. Rassam says:

    I’m not so negative on J. Smith – he’s still a pretty consistent player throughout his NBA career. There are worse players on the Pistons team. But I get that since he makes so much money you want more out of him – not his fault the Pistons overpaid.

  3. ericdtaylor says:

    i want josh smith gone. He demands too many shots. Maybe SVG likes a challenge well he’ll find out soon enough how easy it is to change a tiger’s stripes.

    We got rid of Jorts, looks like Siva might be gone, no isaiah thomas, signed jodie meeks to a big contract that will put KCP on the bench.

    We are going to see the Jennings/Smith clown show just like last year.

    How obvious is it that we should dump Josh Smith right now keep Greg monroe don’t give up on Jorts, don’t give up on Siva, put KCP back into the starting lineup, and if we can grab isaiah thomas, we had an offer to dump josh smith for isaiah and a few bad contracts from sactown but nope, we like Josh Smith.

    If Greg Monroe walks I’m gonna be angry.

    • Tate says:

      no Jennings/Smith clown show with Stan Van…. you know he won’t allow that to happen for too long.. personally Im just waiting on the next and probably final move of getting a vet SF. I have a pretty positive outlook on this team this year.. watch

      • Markov7 says:

        dont get too positive…*sigh*

      • Jo-El says:

        We always enter the season with a positive outlook. But someway somehow the team always disappoints. I also want Smith out, but we shouldn’t jump at every opportunity. He’s a pretty consistent 4 (not a STRETCH 4 by any means, but a good defensive athletic 4) and we should get prime picks or a good SF in exchange for him.

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