Detroit Pistons Fire Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

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cheeksThe #Pistons have fired Maurice Cheeks.

“Owner Tom Gores had become increasingly impatient with Cheeks, and sources with knowledge of his plans say that he had been pushing for a change in the coaching staff.” via Yahoo

Apparently no one told the players because they found out on twitter!

Looks like Rasheed Wallace could be the interim coach, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.
Listen to Coach Sheed

Looks like we’ll have to wait for Sheed as Coach

21 Responses to "Detroit Pistons Fire Head Coach Maurice Cheeks"
  1. Avatar Julian says:

    The Pistons either have been overrated or have underachieved. Gores believes the latter, so he will be cleaning house at the end of the season. Hiring a new coach at this point in the season does not make sense. One of the assistant coaches will take over as interim coach. I would love to see Sheed take over. Joe D. better start updating his resume.

  2. Avatar Jake says:

    We’re interested in Hollins.. He’s interested in the job.

  3. Avatar MF says:

    I saw on USA Today that the players found out via twitter. Not they need a say, but still…professional courtesy. There’s more than coaching wrong with the Pistons. To be honest though I’m not all that sad about this. I really hated it when I heard Cheeks was the front runner. Nothing about his coaching history made me feel he was right for the job. Still I kind of feel the whole hiring/firing is another “we don’t know what we’re doing, yet” moment for Detroit.

  4. Avatar MF says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I don’t want Rasheed to become the head coach. I love Sheed, and I’ve heard many times that he would make a good coach, but now is not the time to turn the team over to someone with such a short coaching resume…’Sheed may be great, but he could also be Michael Curry. I’m personally hoping for Lionel Hollins.

  5. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    Natalie I’m curious what was your first instinct reaction when you heard the news? Not how you feel after you calmed down, but right in the moment. Did it make you happy or sad or like just whatever?

  6. Avatar dp says:


  7. Avatar MF says:

    Doesn’t seem like Hollins is going to be the coach, at least this season. I’m really confused as to the direction this team as going to take the rest of the year. Why didn’t Dumars go too? Are they tanking or going for the playoffs? Gore’s had his mandate for the playoffs this year, but I think that’s the wrong goal. A .500 record or better should be the goal. Making the playoffs with a losing record is no accomplishment. That just means they sucked a little less than the other sucky teams in the east.

  8. Avatar edt says:

    wrong guy got fired. aint mo cheeks that made this team. Joe Dumars I hope ur pants feel hot because you are in the hot seat. You are not coming back.

  9. Avatar Bob says:

    Dumars definitely has to be feeling the heat. I think Gores was frustrated with Mo but also was so frustrated that he did this to send a message to Joe D. Interested to see if something happens at the trade deadline now. This could definitely shake things up. I never liked the Cheeks hiring, seemed like another stop-gap coaching hire. But dang, didn’t see him getting fired mid-season like this. I really do like Hollins as a coach. Just don’t know if it would be worth picking him up now, or waiting until the offseason. I would hate to see Hollins take over now, us not make the playoffs, then him getting the blame. Might be best to start fresh. But that leaves the possibility of another team picking him up this summer. So many questions. Either way, this is yet again a very ugly season to watch as a hardcore Pistons fan. And to think I was so excited for this season…

  10. Avatar edt says:

    actually now that I am thinking of how mo cheeks played this team a 6 man rotation putting 35 minutes on drummond night after nite, i think this is probably a good decision. Interim coach will feel more pressure to limit drummond’s minutes to prevent injury instead of just winning meaningless games to save his job.

  11. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    very good thanks. lol I kinda felt the same way. It felt like the pistons were kinda missing something with him as head coach

  12. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    yup great answer. I always saw him as too mild mannered for that spot, but without bringing in a coach i wonder if this is a maneuver to just move up in the draft lottery

  13. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    i actually find this interm coach as more exciting to see than mo cheeks as a hire. this could be fun

  14. Avatar Tycoon says:

    Knowing the team’s history of firing coaches, I don’t question this move. I only question the timing.

  15. Avatar Tycoon says:

    About time for John Loyer to make a wiki page.

  16. Avatar Markov7 says:

    its easy to be general after the battle but i m at least 90% sure that none of this would happen if they had the balls and took obradovic before the season started

  17. Avatar Julian says:

    Hollins can actually work on becoming better on defense and actually has a winning record on his coaching resume.
    He was fired only because of his team faltered in the playoffs his last few years in Memphis.
    If they hire a outside coach mid season it better be Hollins!

  18. Avatar Julian says:

    Assistant coach John Loyer looks like is going to take over as interim head coach until the end of the season when Gores will clean house with a new GM and a new coaching staff with maybe Hollins as head coach. Sorry Joe but you gotta go. Smart move since Sheed does not have much coaching experience and Hollins can implement his own offense/ defense next year.

  19. Avatar Farid says:

    the timing is odd. but the firing was necessary. but im curious about the manner in which it took place — the players reaction via social media is crazy!..that communicates that courtesy wasnt given. something had to happen…this team is way too talented and we have some great pieces. i dont feel Mo got much out of this talented bunch…i do feel a better strategist is necessary. oh and btw Trade Josh Smith now.. I ilike him and think he is talented with great potential but he doesnt fit. We need a slasher, sharp-shooter and a player with good size that can break their man down.. A Rudy Gay type player… Monroe and Drummond are enough down low…i like Brandon Jennings at point … we need a big that is a slasher with a consistent jump shot that people respect… that can space the damn court… Joe D should stay but Joe D needs to pull something off trade wise… i say lets get to the playoffs and see what happens… if nothing else making it to the playoffs will point the psychology of the team in a positive direction… the talk of tanking is dumb as hell! tank with the talent, potential and size we have–makes no basketball sense. lol

  20. Avatar Drew says:

    George Karl anyone?

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