Name That Tattoo – Who The Hell Is That On Josh Smith’s Arm?

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Chris Anderson Tattoo Miami vs DetroitThere is a whole culture around NBA tattoos, players have gone from almost none, to walking statements of themselves.

Some even go overboard.

It’s almost hard to find a player in the NBA now that doesn’t have at least one.

While watching the Pistons beat the Pacers Monday night, I picked up on something I hadn’t really noticed before.

Josh Smith had just picked up a technical foul and was sent to the bench. As he was sitting down the cameraman got a close up of him, and there it was staring me in the face.
Who it was was a totally different story.
Josh Smith Pistons - Tattoo

Who the hell is that on Josh Smith’s arm?

At first glance to me it looked like the 1970’s version of the Motor City’s own Bob Seger.Bob Seger

So I took to twitter to ask what everyone thought and I got some valuable responses.

David Crosby?
David Crosby

Grizzly Adams?
Grizzly Adams

Gregg Allman?
Gregg Allman

Or Jesus?
Jesus with a Basketball

I found this picture of Josh on the interwebs when he was a Hawk that shows the whole tattoo, but it still isn’t really clear.  Your guess is as good as mine, but it’s really starting to look like a 70’s Jesus with a basketball scepter.
Josh Smith Hawks Tattoo
I wish Josh was like Rasheed Wallace, who explains his. Take a look at this oldie but goodie from a Nike Commercial.

Someone “in the know” needs to tell us who that is. I’m reaching out to all Pistons fans, players and Pistons employees who drop in on the site from time to time to tell us what that is.

And if Josh wants to tell us himself that’s fine…we’re just curious.

Who do you think it is?

16 Responses to "Name That Tattoo – Who The Hell Is That On Josh Smith’s Arm?"
  1. Just Guessing says:

    Thor or Odin? Looks like a Nordin god to me!

  2. Ryan Walters says:

    It looks like there’s a necklace of a cross. My guess is Basketball Jesus.

  3. edt says:

    definitely jesus.

    Basketball Jesus is my favorite jesus. JR Smith has a crown of thorns black jesus, it’s kinda blah, then there’s Stoudemire with the simple script of “Black Jesus” which I think refers to himself? Lebron James has “Chosen 1” in giant type on his back, which is the worst, Jennings has “Young Money” which I kind of like but sadly he won’t always be young, lol. Kevin Durant has a gigantic Jesus tattoo on his back, and an entire chapter of James 1.

    As for Josh Smith, his tattoo seems to imply that if Jesus came back, he would not be adverse to shooting some hoops with the fellas. I totally approve of Basketball Jesus.

    To cut a long story short, it is definitely basketball Jesus.

  4. Wait…would Jesus have a necklace of a cross on? I bet not

  5. edt says:

    Jesus is a baller. He would be all like, “I coming back and wearing a cross and you can’t stop my crossover neither.” I like basketball Jesus.

  6. edt says:

    in my opinion Jesus is the only one who can wear a back tattoo that says “Chosen 1” and get away with it. He can also wear a cross if he wants.

  7. edt says:

    I like to picture Jesus as a ninja fighting off evil samurai.

  8. Nathan says:

    Nat!!! You know how much this commercial means to me 🙂 This (in my mind) will always be my “link” to you!!

    Cant wait to finally meet you next month when I come in town and catch the game with Mike.

    Take Care


  9. Jake says:

    I bag Bob Segers groceries lol.

  10. GolfGod says:

    Maybe Basketball Jesus (or Bob Seger) should tell Josh Smith to stop taking unnecessary 3 point shots!

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