Andre Drummond Can Catch Blocks

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Andre Drummond Catches a Block against the Rockets

The Pistons really had nothing to boast about in their 114-97 loss to the Rockets at The Palace of Auburn Hills Saturday night, Andre Drummond however does. Despite Dwight Howard getting the best of him, Andre dropped some jaws when blocked a Greg Smith shot by catching it with one hand.


As Pistons fans, we know Andre can do super-human things, but does the rest of the league yet?



3 Responses to "Andre Drummond Can Catch Blocks"
  1. terry says:

    Too bad bad he never got a chance to work with Hakeem in the off season though. He should give big Ben a holler this off season to make him a better on the ball and help side defender. I’m not criticizing him though it’s all about natural progression, and his ceiling seems to be somewhere in the stratosphere.

  2. rascal says:

    thats a goaltending???

  3. Matt says:

    All I see is goaltending. Huge pistons fan, but thats not a legitamate block

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