The Pistons vs. The Hawks

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The Pistons vs. The Hawks

The 4-6 #Pistons are in Atlanta Wednesday night to play their first game of a home-and-home with the 6-5 Hawks. This will be Josh Smith’s first return to Atlanta after spending his entire career with the team before signing with Detroit as a free agent this summer.

  • The good: Look for Josh Smith to have something to prove in Atlanta. When he was with Atlanta Josh helped lead his team into the playoffs on multiple occasions and holds plenty of franchise records. To make matters worse, Smith claims they did very little to resign him.
  • The bad: The Pistons have lost nine straight on the road to Atlanta. The fact the Detroit is still vulnerable on the defensive end, giving up the most point per game in the leagued doesn’t help the matter. All Horford and the rest of this teammates will be sure to exploit the Pistons D if they don’t buckle down. Al Horford averaged 21.0 points and 15.7 rebounds against the Pistons last season.
  • The unknown:It’s still not known if Chauncey Billups or Will Bynum will be back, they are each listed as day-to-day.

Stat: Andre Drummond still leads the NBA in field goal percentage with 67.4%
Fact: Josh Smith became the first Pistons’ player to record 20-plus points, eight rebounds, seven assists, five steals and four blocks when he recorded 21 points, eight rebounds,seven assists, five steals and four blocks at Sacramento on 11/15.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

8 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Hawks"
  1. Avatar edt says:

    The unknown: Atlanta has a love hate relationship with Josh Smith, which detroit is just beginning to discover. They loved his defense and human hilight reel. But every time he jacked up a poor jumper they booed. I don’t know if detroit will go that far to boo a jumper, we never booed ‘sheeds jumpers did we? Ok, maybe once or twice.

    The unknown is whether or not Atlanta will boo josh when he jacks up bad shots . . . because they feel sorry for us, or cheer Josh when he jacks them up because hey “Not my problem!”

  2. Avatar edt says:

    the answer is in. They cheer every time Josh jacks up a shot. How is it that the only person in Atlanta that thinks Josh Smith is a great jump shooter is Josh?

  3. Avatar edt says:

    that was garbage, coach mo made no adjustments at the half and hawks just pick & roll we had nothing to stop them and just jacked up awful jump shots

  4. Avatar pistonsfan101 says:

    I see all the intangibles Kyle Singler brings to the team but he hasn’t been shooting well at all and he keeps turning the ball over. I’d bring him off the bench for “us” and maybe give Datome a shot at the 3 instead of the 4. Siva has looked good in the last two games. Increase his minutes!

    Not sure why Cheeks got ejected. If someone can explain, that’d be great!

    • EDT is correct Datome can’t play defense and is a liability especially since he can’t hit a shot.

      I’d love Singler to start hitting as well as Datome, but if they aren’t maybe Jonas gets a little time to see if he can add some offense. I do know he brings hustle just like Singler does.

  5. Avatar Edt says:

    I believe mo just had enough and said something that would get him kicked. datome’s defense is horrible even worse than out starters I don’t need to see Charlie v part 2 at least his contract is decent. singlar is horrible just give those minute to jerebko. stuck was fantastic once again mo will have to start stuck if he wants to win. contract year stuck will be amazing to trade best year ever

    • Avatar Jake says:

      Didn’t watch the game but it seems Luigi was guarding Millsap on multiple occasions. Not really fair to call him a liability. I think he would have more success guarding other second tier small forwards then top tier big men. Also he has a beautiful shot, the more time he gets the more it will start to fall.

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